beauty marks

Purples.  Reds.  Yellowish tinges ’round the healing…

It’s all good – and something that genuinely turns me on.  Not just seeing the marks (for one usually has to wait, sometimes several hours, before the best results reveal themselves), but in their very creation.  And while creation, and subsequent enjoyment of said, may well be (read: IS) an acquired taste, for the purposes of this journal I will be assuming I’m ‘playing’ to an appreciative audience – one that need not require a handbook on the psychology behind S/M – though subsequent posts may well examine the phenomenon, too.  For now,  the rainbow that I’m personally celebrating here is one I hope is shared by others.  With that in mind:

Skin.  The softness of it.  The warmth to the touch.  The feel under the fingers; the malleability between the teeth – could ANYTHING be more delicious?

A lick, to begin.  A gentle nuzzle of lips – against cheek,  with breath, warming while heart rates climb and breath is caught in throats.  It’s enough to raise cock and stiffen nipple…

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