Well, how did I get here?

…a most interesting posit, and so glad you asked.  As importantly (and true to my habit of lateral thinking), what AM I doing here?

It’s been a process of progress (or vice-versa); limping in fits and starts (as opposed to emerging, fully formed).  Perhaps progress is even a little presumptuous, but since one has to begin somewhere, this works as well as any.

…funny:  SOO many concepts and considerations have swirled through my head concerning how to approach this journal while slumber was kept at bay, but now that I’m actually down to it…thoughts  – and particularly lucid, eloquent ones – are elusive.  Or perhaps I’ve become uncharacteristically shy about revealing my true self – or at least the part of my true self that I dare only reveal in a place such as this; who knows.  Perhaps I should have another lie down ‘n see if, against the comfort of my pillow, better thinks come my way.

Worth a try…

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