letting go

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


have to imagine

She wasn’t who

I thought she was

Who she said she was

Who I wanted her to be

have to find a spot

Where I am, and she’s not

Or where she is, and I’m not

Same dif, really

A liar?  Deceitful?

A player?

May have to go there

In order to rationalize




Leaving my heart

and my soul


without a prayer

She’s gone!  She left!

Not a word, since then

No howya

I miss ya

I care

I wish ya’d

Still be there

Still give a fuck

Seems we’re out of time

And out of luck

How could she?

Why did she?

With a rationale, so flimsy

Just excuses, really

Had she wanted to stay

She’d have found a way

Instead, as before

She’s left me dead

Left me cold

Left me numb

Another day, older

The time I spent

The lengths I went to

The love, the worship

The sleepless nights

All wasted

All for naught

Guess she didn’t care

Or has a slippery mind

Just forgot

Just dismissed

Just deserts

Was justice done?

The ties no longer bind…

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2 Comments on “letting go”

  1. Very good blog post. Keep writing.

    • phlye Says:

      Thanks, Saul! I am constantly writing, actually – haven’t added anything to my blog in awhile, but that’s owing as much to laziness as anything. Appreciate your comments! ;~ p

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