Copyright 2009.   All rights reserved.

I don’t want to
break your heart
don’t want this to
tear us apart

but you think my love is
somehow less true
because I love others
as well as loving you?

what you’ve told me
is that you will not submit
cannot submit

…we’re not a good fit…

so where do I turn
and what should I do?
when that which I NEED
isn’t offered by you?

not to impugne
that which you give
see, you’ve given me hope
and something to live for

and you offer much more
don’t think I don’t know
sometimes I just can’t tell
which way I should go

is it selfish of me
to want it all?
your mind, body
and subby soul
is that an order, too tall?

‘cause that’s what I want
won’t stop ‘til it’s offered
not just tits, ass and cunt
your very breath must be proffered

unrealistic, this may be true
only time may well tell
it’s ultimately up to you
will you offer me heaven

…or will I forever remain in hell?

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