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‘Where are we?’

‘In the depths of our imagination, love.’

‘There’s that word again.’  *shiver*

‘What…’love’?  Hmm…gets you EVERY time, does it?’

‘Seems to.

…why am I naked?’

‘Well, since it’s my fantasy…need I say more?’

‘But I have a say in things?’

‘Of course.  So if you’re uncomfortable, well…look again.’

‘A bra and panties.  Nice.’

‘I aims to please.’

‘Just one problem.’


‘I don’t normally WEAR a bra.’

‘Suit yourself.’



‘Gone.  Just like that. Neat trick.’

‘Neat.  Nice tits.’

‘Thanks.  Grew ‘em myself.’

‘My compliments to the farmer.’

‘Good genetics played their part, too.  So why aren’t you naked?’

‘Was waiting for you to ask.’


‘Poof.  Nice.’

‘I likes ta work it; work it.  Has to, actually.’

‘Seems to be paying off.  Not getting easier in this ‘middle age’ we find ourselves in.’

‘Got that right.  Face the other way and I’ll give you a back massage.’

‘Just a massage?  Promise?’

‘Hey – it IS my fantasy, but the gentleman in me can’t help but incorporate at least a little reality into it.’

‘You mean, like observing my wishes, or acting against them?’

‘SUCH a cynic. When have I EVER done something you didn’t want?’

‘Maybe not in person, but I do seem recall certain e-mail exchanges…’

‘Wondered if those’d come back to haunt me.  Memory like an e-lephant, huh.’

‘That omnipresent e-lephant, yes – didn’t we agree that it’s not going to go away?  Nice touch, by the way…your hands are warm…’

‘…if a little sore and feeling vaguely arthritic, thanks!’

‘Oh, I’m sorry – don’t mean for this to be an ordeal.  This is your fantasy, after all…’

‘Call it the price I pay for chivalry.’

‘And here I thought it was just an excuse to touch me.’

‘There might be a little truth to that, too, yes.  Is that a complaint?’

‘…mmm…might be – don’t stop!’

‘…you said…

‘Yes, I did.  And EVERYTHING I believe in – if it isn’t actually being challenged – is screaming at me, at least putting up the alarm…saying…slippery slope!  Slippery slope!’

‘Mmm…very perceptive – even if it IS within the confines of my imagination.’

‘You did say I had a voice in this, didn’t you.’

‘Yes – just  wasn’t expecting it to be so…’

‘…much like me?’



‘You like.’

‘I like.’

‘Despite your misgivings.’

‘Just shush and keep workin’ it; workin’ it…’

‘Yes, dear…’

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