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I felt badly, is what.  Sitting naked in front of my monitor, with fingers drying but still sticky, a post-orgasmic rush of guilt washing over me.

This wasn’t right; THIS was…dishonouring!  Unfaithful!

…oh, the things he got me to do.  My nipples were still stiff!  The fucker…treating me like so much fuckmeat…having me put on a show like some stripper whore…

‘Remove your sweater,’ he asked.  Why did I do it?  Was it because of the warmth between my legs…the desire to BE desired…or simply because I was curious to see where things were headed?

As if that was a mystery!  I knew full well, from previous examples, what he had in mind.  And yet, I went along with it.

‘Take off your bra’ came next.  Big surprise there!  And, whether he could tell from the other side of his monitor or not, the first signs – the first visible signs – of my arousal were about to be revealed.  Yes, even if the bumps on my areolas wouldn’t be obvious, surely my stiff nipples would give me away.

…still, he said ‘nothing’.  Well, of COURSE he said nothing – he was on the other side of the monitor – might’ve been a billion miles away, even!  For all the difference it made.

To HIM, at any rate.  Meanwhile, here I was…topless.

And excited – FUCKING excited!  God it felt good….AND bad…oh, shit…should I stop now?

‘Play with your nipples.’

So predictable.  They did feel like the cliché about pencil erasers, though – hard and…well, hot!  As the rest of me was getting…

What came next was so obvious, I was almost standing up before he asked.

‘Turn around, and pull down your pants.’

Considering my zipper was already down, I was already halfway there.  Fuck I wanted him – wanted his cock inside me!  Ooh, just the sound of that – admitting it aloud – caused the burn inside to almost well up to the point of explosion.  I could cum in an instant – and, now, with my jeans down at my knees…

‘I WANT you!’ I yelled.  For all the good it did.  I mean, not only was he unable to hear, I was facing away from the monitor…which actually wasn’t a bad thing, really.  Could say whatever the fuck I wanted to, and he’d be none-the-wiser.  I think…

‘Spread your cheeks.’

Had to crane my head around to continue reading, but that was more for the timing as much as anything. I mean, really:  what ELSE was he gonna ask?

Spreading my cheeks, I kneaded them, too –not so much that he would notice, but it sure felt good to me.  Facing away from the camera also meant he couldn’t see the reaction on my face – which was good because I was biting my lower lip and obviously flushed in my other reddening cheeks. 

‘Wet a finger and insert it.’

…erm, in which hole?  Guess I either had to ask by turning toward the keyboard and typing in my query, or take a wild stab in the…dark.  *heh*.  Like I really needed to.

Licking several of my fingers, I began rubbing up and down my crack.  Wishing I could see his reaction – if only to gauge it against my throbbing heartbeat – I sloooooowly pressed my middle finger inside.  Mmm DAWGGY that felt good!  And, OH-so dirty!  Yes, though asshole had known a few intrusions in its time, I never seemed to get over the feeling of…violation…invasion…degradation…

…it was ALL good!

‘The dildo.’

…except perhaps for that –particularly if I was right in where he expected me to place it.

‘Ensure it’s well-lubed.’

…yep: my suspicions were, erm, ‘bang-on’.  As my clit throbbed – as much in anticipation as from neglect – I squeezed some lube from the tube I had waiting.  Soo predictable – SOO not disappointed!

Anticipating what was next, I nuzzled the pink rubber end into MY pink, rubbery end.  Oh god – I came!  Just like that!  Well, truth was, there would be more where that came from, and like he’d know: that good ol’ ‘thank gawds I’m facing away’ thang again…

‘If you came, there will be consequences…’


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