Surrender (Part one)

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The entire time she was being eaten, Linz’s mind was elsewhere.

Her fingernails contained samples of skin and blood from where she’d been digging into her slut’s scalp, pounding his face and tongue as far inside her cunt as it would go.  And yes, it felt nice.  Of course she enjoyed it.

While it lasted.

She was looking for something else, though.

“Turn around,” she commanded.

Reluctantly, Linz’s fuck toy extracted his face from her crotch and faced away from her, silently and obediently.  Her claw marks covered his entire back, and she smiled at her handiwork.  She’d stopped just short of his ass, though, preferring to leave his cheeks unspoiled today.  She knew how much he wanted her to gouge him there, and decided to let him suffer instead.

Besides, she had other things on her mind – better things, she surprised herself by admitting.  Moving quickly to finish off, the quiver she felt wasn’t the result of the tonguing she’d just received.  Nor was it from the thrashing she proceeded to give her slut’s bony ass with her leather riding crop.  Hell, it wasn’t even the sight of the foot-long dildo buried so deeply that only a couple of inches stuck out from between his cheeks …

No, Linz quivered for quite another reason, and from quite another longing.

Finally shooing slut out the door post orgasm with a kiss blown hastily (‘fuck off and leave,’ she’d said, noting the look of disappointment in slut’s eyes when he replied ‘Yes, Mistress’ and making a mental note to discipline him later), Linz wasted no time peeling out of her leather and chains.

Jumping into the shower, the sting of the cold water did nothing to lessen her burn.

…nothing would.  Nothing short of what lay ahead – if that would even do it.

Silly guurl – of COURSE it would.  It always did, at any rate – to spite sometimes hating herself for it.

The bastard.

She almost missed the buzz of her cell upon stepping out of the shower, but managed to catch it just in time.

“Sorry – was in the shower,” Linz said regaining her composure, knowing who it was without having to check her call display.  Her nipples stiffened, and her snatch ached involuntarily while she dabbed her body awkwardly with a towel.

Control, she thought.

Easier to maintain in others than it was in herself, it seemed.

“Sorry…” he echoed in a mocking tone.  A pause.  “Are you ready?”


“I’m downstairs.  Waiting.”


“uuh, ok – give me 5?”

A shorter pause.  “I’m coming up.”

God, she hated it when he did this – giving her no advance notice, and no time to prepare.

Hated it and loved it.  Sent shivers down her spine.

And then she realized: all she needed to do was unlock the door and go on all fours.

Piece of cake.   A fait accompli, as the French might say.  Let her eat cock!


“Saw your slut exiting before I called.  Looks sweet.”

Linz crouched at his feet, blindfolded and wrists resting at her lower back, awaiting her shackles.  She knew better than to reply unless asked a direct question, though, so remained silent.

“Did you…extract…from him what you desired?” he asked, kneeling and affixing his cuffs.

“No…I couldn’t.”

*SLAP*!  His bare hand against her upturned arse shocked Linz’s system, and it was all she could do not to cry out.

“That’s twice tonite you haven’t said ‘Sir’.”

“Sorry…Sir,”  Linz gasped.  “And sorry for not waiting to be asked a question.  What I meant was…I was thinking of you, and just…couldn’t…think of…or do…anything else.”

“Too sweet.”

Linz could hear him as he moved to sit down directly behind her, and her holes throbbed in anticipation.  Moaning slightly at the touch of his thumb against her asshole, she bit her lower lip, bracing herself.

“Such a fine ass,” he said.  “Tell me again why haven’t I violated it?”

“Because you know how…uncomfortable…that would make me feel…Sir,” Linz replied, squirming as his hands pried her cheeks open.

“Yes – SUCH a nice Master, aren’t I.  Especially knowing how keen I am to claim your rosebud.  What reason do I have for being so nice?”

“Because I’m a hot piece of ass and you…aah…god!”

The burn BOILED inside Linz when she felt his tongue against her rosebud.  Alternating between her shaved pussy and dark hole, he slathered her nethers liberally with his saliva.  So dirty!  So arousing!  How she longed to feel his cock buried deeply in her cunt, to feel him slamming his hips against her ass…

But he didn’t – and wouldn’t.  He’d made it plain what truly turned him on, and that was it.  No, he wouldn’t violate her without permission, but neither would he give her what she wanted until he had gotten what he craved.

Fair was fair.

Meantime, she would simply have to content herself with the orgasmic aftershocks brought on by his tongue and hands as he dug his nails deeply into her cheeks.

The price she paid…

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