cutting isis (part one)

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Part one


“Waiting for Christmas?”

isis smiled – a coy, seemingly omniscient smile.  With blindfold on and wrists snugged securely in cuffs attached to the metal bed frame, she gave no other sign; no indication that what was to come either frightened – or excited – her.

That made one of them.

“You’re in a hurry,” Sean replied coolly, attempting to match her calm.

isis clanked the cuffs petulantly.  “Just…wondering…how long you’re gonna take, is all.”

Sean smiled.  “Patience, my darling…all good things come.”


Sean’s cock was throbbing, truth to tell. T’was a strange, disquietening feeling, too – not that a throbbing cock was unfamiliar.  The stimulus for it, though; that was the trick. There she was…and there they were, about to do…all SORTS of wild and wonderful things, and it was Sean who – was having second thoughts?

…what was his problem?

The cuffs rattled again.  “*sigh*”

Such a plaintive little chirp; SOO adorable!

Maybe THAT was his problem.

He cared too much.

Would have to work on that.

isis had brought all her toys, and said to take his pick.  Knives of various lengths – some serrated, others sharp enough to cut through tin cans – were displayed in a valise beside us on the bed, along with various other implements of pleasure.  Sean had supplied the first aid kit, which she laughed at when she first saw it.

“Planning major surgery?” isis chided.  Had that been a look of hopefulness in her eyes?

“If you’re lucky,” Sean  quipped.

In truth?

All he wanted to do was fuck her senseless.

Ok – perhaps that’s not ALL he wanted to do, and – who knows?  Maybe fucking her once she reached unconsciousness – if that indeed be the outcome – might appeal to his more corpulent tastes.  Maybe even satisfy them.

At any rate, having her here, chained like a caged animal certainly brought out a side of Sean that he was previously unfamiliar with.

“Hello?  Anybody home?”

Anybody home, indeed.  Such a little dickens.


isis gasped, and Sean smiled.

“You chose ‘stubby’,” she said, exhaling.

“That I did.”

Tracing a line just underneath her left breast, Sean watched with a detached curiosity as her perfect flesh separated, revealing a beautiful, thin line of crimson.

The clanking in her cuffs had stopped.  In fact, she seemed to have become rather rigid as Sean finished the arc.

“You all right?” he asked.  Sean was nothing if not an empathic sadist.

isis released her lower lip from between her teeth long enough to moan softly, and Sean fought the urge to laugh.  Sick fuck.  Was getting more out of this than he’d anticipated.

Though isis hadn’t bled much – yet – Sean wanted things to be as sterile as possible.  Who KNOWS how sanitary she kept her toys anyway, and we certainly didn’t want any complications due to infections.  Grabbing an antiseptic wipe from his bag of healthy goodies, he ripped open the packaging and removed the moist towelette.

“Gah!” isis squealed as Sean swabbed the cut clean.

“Shh…” he cooed.

Hmm.  Sean’s cock was throbbing again, laying as it was against her isis’ thigh.  Was it because of her reactions, or in anticipation of the next incision?

The devil certainly was in the details…

Sean wondered what she’d look like sans nipples.  Just…lop ‘em off ‘n see.

naww!  What would he have to twist and torture, were he to do that?

No fun whatsoever.

Ok.  Defining boundaries here; that’s what Sean was doing.  Can mark, scar, torture and bruise – but leave all the bits in a healable state – for next time.  We certainly wanted there to be a next time, didn’t we.

You betchy.

The second breast was clearly a more intense experience for isis, if her moans between clenched teeth were any indication.  She writhed and twitched – this time with hips bucking – as Sean carved the crimson smile beneath the companion boob.  Despite all of the fun, Sean seemed to be softening a little.  Oh no!  Was he losing momentum, or merely bored?

Perhaps removing her nipples wouldn’t be such a bad idea, after all – if only to keep things *interesting*.

*Kidding* (…maybe…).

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