Surrender (Part two)

Copyright 2008.  No part of this may be copied, edited, folded, spindled, or mutilated without the express written permission of the author.


Two fingers, already in.  She gritted her teeth as he twisted.  Would the thumb come next?  Aah, shit!  Yes, accompanying the index and middle was now that notoriously large digit, fresh and wet from her dripping cunt.

At least it was well lubricated.

Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…Oh, FUCK!  Linz could barely stand…the pressure, the sensation…not pain, exactly, but – the absolute violation.  Curious that what she’d expected to be excruciating actually turned out to be…not so bad after all…hmm…

Oh god- the ring finger – but without a ring, of course.  He’d long ago abandoned that – particularly after his wife had discovered his infidelities and demanded he choose.

Her loss.  It truly was, but more importantly – it had been Linz’s gain, that was for sure.  Not that he came running exactly – or even demanded that she come running to Him.  But somehow, some way, after all the time they’d spent together – whether cyber or otherwise – their coming together like this seemed a foregone conclusion.  And come together they did, as surely as they were, skin to skin, at this very moment.

And losing the ‘ex’ certainly had made for ease of ring finger passage!  But why the FUCK had she agreed to this?

Good thing he’d pre-greased her with plenty of lube – ooh, that felt nice.  Yes, actually it had, Linz was surprised to admit.  Who woulda thunk something as dirty (and thereby potentially painful) could be so ultimately orgasmic?

Oh, the things she was learning.  The things Master was teaching her!

But…ooh, could she take any more?

“You doing all right?”

He really was a considerate Dom, all things considered.  Yes, he enjoyed bestowing pain on his sluts – YES, he liked things rough, even to the point of skin, split, but…he still had a WAY about him that, somehow, made things easier – made it such that any demand, no matter how scary-thrilling it sounded, wound up being more thrilling than scary.


So far.

…so good?

“Mmm…aah…” was all Linz was able to say in response.  Of COURSE it was intense; YES it skirted the edges of her tolerances, and yet…

There she was, taking it – LOVING it – thrilled to have the blindfold off so she could see his glans, throbbing in his delight at doing to her that which he so longed to do.

The fuck was wrong with her?

“If you can handle my fist,” he said, “you’ll have no trouble with my cock.”

How reassuring.

“Yes…Sir.”  Linz said, gasping in relief as her pucker briefly receded when he removed his hand from it.  And, although she knew her response was tantamount to giving permission, she really didn’t care at this point.

No, that’s not true – she DID care.

She just cared to give Master what he desired more than she cared about her own desires.

What was wrong with this picture?

Linz watched as M slowly slathered his cock in lube while smiling at her, his excitement clearly evident.

“Pucker up, love,” he said, positioning his glans at the crest of her rose and gently prodding inward.  ‘This won’t hurt me a bit.”

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