Fool (for love)

Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.


Just wanted you to know – I could’ve met up with other women today.

But I didn’t.

It’s YOU I want.

Finally realized that.  Yes, profound epiphany that it be, of all the ladies in my life, it is YOU I covet most.

…why is that?

Certainly isn’t because of anything you’ve done.  Not overtly, anyway.  Nor am I suggesting your neglect is out of malice aforethought.  It’s just – well, it’s ‘my’ thing, baybee.  And what my ‘thing’ reacts to – which just happens to be the memory of what we shared.

Not that I’m blind to all the stuff we HAVEN’T shared – you know, coffee confabs, intimate discussions around the weather and your health – all that ‘polite’ stuff.

As if it matters.  It does have its place, however – just never seemed to find a place within OUR confabs, huh.

How’d we manage to skip all that stuff?  I guess, if memory serves, we DID have some intimate discussions, on-line, whey back when, didn’t we.  Ran across some replies I meant to send – or did send – in response to our earliest, ‘getting to know each other’ discussions (talkin’ YEARS ago now…).  Don’t ask me why I still have ‘em – much less that I found them on my work computer, but…suffice it to say, they were there, and they reminded me.

So we’re not EXACTLY strangers – in the non-sexual sense, I mean.

Isn’t that a relief.  ;~>

At any rate – here I am, thinking of you, wanting you, and WRITING to you…when I could’ve been fucking someone else.

What kind of a fool am I, anyway?  ;-D

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