S/M journal

Apr 1 (no foolin’)

You were on my mind this morning – as you were at the end of last evening.  Having thoroughly dressed you down – at least in my mind – during our verbal intercourse the night before, by the time I’d slipped between the sheets I was ready for YOU to be ready.

Arriving at my bedside, naked and on bent knees, you would of course be given permission to ask ‘what would you wish of me, Sir?’ – and I would be most agreeable in my response.

‘Play with My titties.’

Gripping your breasts, you’d squeeze – as tightly as you could.  Taking nipples between thumb and index finger, you’d pull on them, stretching them toward me invitingly.  By this time, my cock would be tenting under the covers, wondering which of your holes would provide the most lube.  And while it’s your back door that I covet most, your other two holes would certainly be good for providing initial lubrication.

Presumptuous cunt that you be, you DARE to lift up the covers.  Meeting my gaze for reassurance, you take me in hand when met with no disapproval.

‘Suck me, bitch,’ I command, lying back – and, like the mischievous little slut you are…you tease me with barely a lick.

Grabbing your hair, I force you down.  Saliva pools at the base of my cock as you get to work, pumping me with mouth and fist.  In another act of inspired insolence, your free hand begins tickling my balls.  I groan when your fingers slowly slip inside my crack.

Just as my fingers tighten around your head, my little head gives way with a tremendous explosion.  Your fingers, which found my darkest hole, had pressed in deeply, finding my release button with barely a protest from me.

…at least initially…

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