Apr 02

Blue Man Group – Above

A ‘down’ (boy) day – nuttin’ doin’’; not even betwixt the bedsheets.  Cudda got it up, but certain differences of opinion rather blew the bliss…and that was that.

…in case there was any doubt about the ‘m’ part of this post’s delineation.  Yes, sometimes it’s good but, more often than knot, it’s about…unfulfilled expectations, desires left wanting…self-flagellation, by any other name.

Oh, at one point?  There were hints of nails, scratching down back…whispers of ‘lick my asshole…please!’ – but by that time?  ‘Don’t you fucking TOUCH me!’ was the response – and could you blame me?  Particularly if you knew what lead up to it?

Of course not.  How could you?  Hey: use your imagination!

Or trust me – it’s all the same in any case.

Will tomorrow be a better day?  Depends on whether the cyber world holds more promise than r/l, better known as ‘realityville’.  Sometimes, you know?  The touch of a keyboard holds more promise – latent or otherwise – than the cold light of dawn.

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