swordplay (part two)

Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.


You smiled, a knowing smile.

‘Pretty clever,’ you said.

Sipping my coffee, I smiled back.  ‘Wasn’t it.’


Setting my cup down, I said, ‘ok, I’ll bite:  what’s clever?’

Rimming the outside of your cup, you replied ‘getting into my pants that way.’

‘Oh.  That.  Right.

…did I really?’


I drained the last of my coffee.  ‘Merely through the power of words.’

‘Wonders never cease.  More?’

You got up and brought the carafe to the table.


Pouring yourself another cup after filling mine, you returned the carafe to the stove.  I stole lustful glances at your ass as you did so, but not discreetly enough that you failed to notice before sitting down.

You smiled again, blushing.  ‘Not sure which is more of a turn-on, though.’

‘Mmm?’ I sipped, twitching a little from the view I’d just had.

‘Reading your story or actually imagining…doing it.’

‘Just imagining it?’

‘Well, you know how I feel.  There are overriding factors to consider.’

‘No matter HOW you feel.’


‘Real, or imagined.’


‘In the interest of research for the story, though, your insight and…input…has been MOST valuable.’

‘Thanks.  I aims to please.  Not so bad yourself, you know.  Or your story, certainly.’

‘I’m blushing, really.’

‘Funny – that’s how your story made ME feel.’

‘And in all the right places, I gather.  Did you manage to spend some…er, ‘quiet time’ with it, after we spoke, like you said you wanted to?’

Your pale complexion was unable to hide the creeping crimson that filled your cheeks.

‘Yes,’ you smiled.

‘Was it good for you?’


‘I’d really like to see the sword, you know.’

‘It’s just a cheap plastic thing – nothing like you imagined.’


Smiling at me, you then ducked under the table.  When you reappeared, the sword was in your hand.

‘Thought you might ask,’ you chuckled, setting it down.

‘Indeed.  ‘Be prepared’, as the saying goes.  All for one, and one for…?’

‘Ha.  Yeah, well -it’s a bit cheesy, I’ll admit, but does the trick.’

‘Mmm…the ‘trick’.’

‘Wards off evil spirits – ‘may the force be with you’ – like that.’

‘Luke – I am your father!’

We both laughed.

Picking the sword up, I held it in front of me.  ‘Seems smaller than I imagined – lighter, certainly.’

‘Well, it IS plastic.’

‘Yeah.  So you’ve not actually done anything with it.


When I raised an eyebrow, the light dawned.

‘Oh – DONE…anything…right.  No, not really.  Thought about it, though – particularly after we talked.  And after reading your story.’

‘Thought about it.  Thought about what?’

‘Well, you know…the part where you pressed the hilt into my…and when the blade cut my…’

‘You can say it,’ I smiled, setting the sword down.  ‘Cunt.  And tits.’

You paused.  ‘I’m not the big prune you make me out to be, you know.’

‘Whoever said I thought that?’

‘I can play.  I can…masturbate…told you that already!’

‘No need to get upset, love.  I’m sorry if I offended you.’

Taking your hand in mine, I gave it a squeeze. You sat there for a moment, but then slowly returned my squeeze.

‘No problem, dude.’

Returning my attention to the sword, I said ‘doesn’t look like it’d do much damage.  Doubt it could even slice water.’

‘Oh, I dunno – the unfinished bits around the edges were rather…ouchy.’

‘And you know this how?’

‘Well – and not that I make a habit out of it – but, after reading your story, I just kinda…experimented, a little.’


‘A little.’

Another pause.  ‘It left…marks.’

‘Mmm?  Really, now.’

‘Honest!  Don’t believe me?  Here…’

My zipper twitched as you lifted your sweater, revealing that, between your bra-covered breasts, were indeed some…well, rather pithy red lines, truthfully, but no less admirable for the effort.  Fact was, I was more…focused…on your glorious orbs than the marks, but I still managed to squeak out: ‘Oh.  I…see.’

Noticing my failure to be completely impressed, you said ‘Oh.  Well.  If that’s all the reaction you have, I guess I’ll just…’

‘No – no,’ I replied, staying your hand before you could cover yourself, ‘they’re nice – IT’S nice…I mean, thank you.  Thank you for…well, showing me, and – gosh: what possessed you?’

Taking my hand in yours (but leaving your sweater above your tits), you said ‘Well, du-UH!  Sorry, don’t mean to be rude – but it’s YOU, silly – or your story, at any rate.  As I said, I’ve never been the subject of a story before, and that was, well, rather…nice.’

‘Mmm…nice,’ I said, trying not to stare TOO intently at your breasts – even IF they were covered in a rather modest white bra that appeared more functional than sensuous.

‘…you know what I mean,’ you said, the focus of my gaze not lost on you in the least.

‘Umm, so you said you’d be interested in my continuing the story.’

‘Indeed I would.’

‘How would you feel about returning to the scene of the crime, then – to evoke the proper setting, of course.’

Read my mind.’


As you slumbered, post-coitus, your cunt still throbbing and slick with cum, I extracted the cuffs I’d brought with me from my pack.  Rolling you over, I affixed them to your wrists as gently as possible.

‘Whaa?’ you said with a start, half-awakening.

‘Shh!  Just another…experiment,’ I cooed.  Having slipped out of my clothes, my cock was now fully erect – pulsing, as I lusted after your gorgeous ass.  Rolling on top of you, I pushed back your hair from your neck.  Licking your nape, I began nibbling – gently, at first, then with increasing intensity.  You moaned as my teeth dug in, but seemed otherwise content in your bindings, so I continued.  Reaching down, I slid my index finger into your crack, working my way from the top, slowly toward your rosebud.

‘Oh, god,’ you gasped, as more of my fingers snaked around your cheeks, pressing, squeezing, kneading and scratching.  Oh how I longed for a taste!  To dive in, right NOW, licking and sucking your asshole ‘til you screamed.

…not yet, though.  I wanted you primed, ready – and BEGGING for it.

…if only my cock could hold out…

…what could it hurt?  Since I was already there, I directed my groin overtop of your ass.  Nestling my cock between your cheeks, I rubbed along your cleft.  And, though I hadn’t actually pushed inside your asshole, even masturbating against your bum was…well, it was pretty fucking heavenly.

‘Oh, darlin’,’ I moaned.  Wrapping your hair in my fingers, I gripped your head tightly.  And as my cock slowly did make its way inside your rose, I kneaded your scalp as I pushed into your bum.

‘Oh, shit,’ I moaned, my gyrations inside your ass increasing.  You gasped and shuddered, but seemed to enjoy the ride –at least you didn’t vocalise any complaints.  Perhaps you’d be more receptive to the notion of D/s than either of us had realized.

My cock throbbed inside your tight asshole, expanding to fill the space with every thrust.  You were panting heavily at this point, and I shifted my hands from your head to your shoulders to get a better grip.

Pounding you unmercifully, I was unable to hold back any longer.  Slamming myself inside you as deeply as I could go, I came in a great spurt.  You gasped as I grunted my last, extracting my cock from your ass before collapsing overtop of you, my throbbing cock slick between your cheeks.

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