the spare room

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


Part one

‘Cozy,’ I said, admiring the somewhat spare furnishings.  Before me lay a bed, a lamp sitting on a night stand, a bookcase with a few books and magazines on it and a solitary chair.

‘Well, it doesn’t get a lot of use.  We don’t…entertain…a lot, you know,’ Katie said, apologetically.

Katie stood in the doorway, just behind me as I took in the sights, sounds…and smells.

‘Hmm.  Is that poutpourri?’

‘Is it too strong?  Sorry – I do like flowery things, you know.’

‘Mmm…think I can handle it,’ I said, trying not to make my nose wrinkle TOO obvious.

Moving to the bed, I sat down.  ‘Springy.’

‘Not the best mattress, but, again…’

‘I know – doesn’t get a lot of use.’


Entering the room and softly closing the door, Katie turned to face me.

I smiled.  ‘Expecting someone?’

‘No – I guess.  James won’t be home until tonite, so…I…well…’

‘You’re blushing, Katie.  Come,’ I said, patting the mattress beside me.

‘Yes, sir,’ Katie said, stumbling a little as she approached the bed and sat down.

My hand gripped the hair at the back of her head before she’d barely settled.  Turning her face toward me, I pulled her down onto the bed.  Leaning over her, I stifled her gasp with my mouth, assaulting her tongue with a swift volley of my own.

‘Mmmf!’ Katie squirmed – but neither in discomfort, nor resistance.  She reached around to grip my head, drawing me so close that our lip-lock actually hurt.

Not that I minded.  Her enthusiasm was a lovely indication – and reminder – of the passions we shared, and were about to continue exploring, as we’d done on all-too few occasions in the past.

‘You’re sure we won’t get any unexpected company, then,’ I said, taking a gasp while my hand moved underneath her fiery red, ‘Molson Olympics’ sweat.

‘Pretty sure,’ Katie, gasped, removing my glasses before removing hers and setting them on the bed.

‘We always DID like living dangerously,’ I smiled, gripping one of her big and beautiful breasts.  Her nipple was hard, her areola dotted with goose bumps.

‘Aah…maybe YOU do, but – aah!  Honestly…we should be fine.  Don’t worry, love!  And don’t stop!’

Kissing her again, I gnawed on her tongue.  Her eyes widened as my nails dug into her tit, but fluttered closed as my kneading continued.

‘No bra today – I like that.’

‘Well, I was expecting company…earlier, you know.’

‘Mmm.  Let’s have a closer look.’

Pulling Katie’s tee above her head, I let it cover her face.

‘S’cuse me?’ Katie said, her voice muffled by the tee.

‘Shh!’ I replied, my cock straining at the sight of her beautiful 42DDs.  ‘A moment of reverential silence, if you would.’

Katie hesitated, then clawed at the tee, finally pulling it off.  ‘I’ll thank you…’ she gasped.

‘No…thank YOU,’ I laughed.  Squeezing her tits together, I began licking them.  Nibbling on her nipples, I gripped first one, then the other, pulling on them roughly.

‘Is that the best you’ve got?’ Katie gasped, breathlessly.

Reaching between her legs to the dampness in-betwixt, I delighted when she let out an involuntary gasp.

‘THIS time,’ I said, ‘there’s no excuse, my little slut.’

‘SLUT, am I,’ Katie panted.  ‘How dare you!  Ooh…’

‘MY slut…MY darling…MY love…’ I replied, my fingers digging deeply into the fabric of her jeans.

‘…oh…my…I think I’m gonna…’

Katie shuddered under my fingers, confirming my suspicion that I wasn’t the only one having a good time.  Actually, it was all I could do not to cum in my pants, as I’d done the last time we were together.  Yes, when she flipped up her tee that day, to finally reveal to me her wondrous, delectable orbs, afraid that was all it took.  Boob flash and: BANG!  Mess in the boxers.  Just like that.

Perhaps it was true that familiarity bred…a certain level of contentment, though, because this time, I knew what was coming – at least, in the visual sense.  Yes, not that Katie’s tits were any less delicious to behold, but having been there, perhaps I could hold my ‘o’ until I got into her PANTS this time.

Hope sprung eternal…

‘Oh god…oh god…oh god…’ Katie stammered while I lowered her zipper.  Yes, darling – THIS time, we were really gonna do it.  Slipping my hand inside her panties, I groped her damp tuft, down toward her slit.  She was so slick!  As damp as I was hard, we made a fine pair.

Going onto my knees, I reached around her, placing both hands on the side of her jeans.  Despite being a quivering mass, Katie somehow managed to lift her bottom for me.  A brief struggle around her ankles was the final bit of resistance, but soon she was naked, except for her socks.


Taking her ankles in my hands, I lifted her legs upward.  ‘Aah,’ she gasped as I brought her feet toward her ears.  Resting my forearms on the back of her legs, I basked in the vapours emanating from her slit.  ‘Ooh,’ she moaned when I lowered my face to her muff.  ‘Shiiiii…’ she exclaimed, writhing as my tongue connected with her lips.  Katie shuddered then, and I knew another orgasm had escaped from her.

Continuing my massage of her nethers with my face, I slowly lowered my mouth toward her taint.  Taking one final lick of her cunt, I mingled her juices with my saliva before flicking her rose with my tongue.  Katie started then, softly whispering ‘no…’ – but I knew that, despite her better intentions, I had her in my grip.

And, like it or not, her resistance from this point onward would only be verbal.

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