the spare room (prelude)

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


‘Just turn out the lights when you’re ready to leave, ok?’

I suspected, from the way Carl avoided looking at me directly, that he suspected…or was at least sensitive to the situation that was about to unfold.  Wasn’t often that Katie and I were able to get together, so it was awfully nice of Carl to provide us the space – in every sense of the word – that we needed.

‘Thanks, dude,’ I said, waving as he headed upstairs, leaving Katie and I on the sofa in his living room.

Wow.  What were the chances?  And how long had it taken to get here?  Fraught as it was with fits and starts, pitfalls and pratfalls – even up to the last minute, it seemed touch and go whether we’d have this time together.

Katie and I had been friends since…forever.  Going as far back as our teen years, there had also been a spark between us that…well, quite frankly, in those wasted years of youth, was overlooked, putting it one way.

Time and circumstances being what they were (meaning: capricious and temperamental, so like my anima…), the love, and lust, we’d overlooked half a lifetime ago…just wouldn’t let up.  Or perhaps circumstances did allow for – brief respites?  An opportunity to tempt the fates?

Whatever the case, somehow we’d wound up alone, as we had on too-few occasions in the past.  Not one to argue nor waste time in idle speculation, I turned to Katie…and all-but jumped her bones.

She was waiting.

Arms and lips connected, with equal gusto- me playing aggressor to Katie’s, well, hardly the damsel in distress or willowy submissive, as it turned out.  Her tongue, as greedy to invade my mouth as I was to enter hers, indicated she had enthusiasm to more than match mine.

‘Mmmf!’ one of us exclaimed – or grunted.  Perhaps we’d both uttered it, but as our kissing – and groping – reached a fevered pitch, so too did our pulses.  Made it hard to SEE straight, much less hear.

Now, it should be noted that whenever I was near Katie, I became aroused.  Sorry, but no apologies.  With her perfect, perfectly BBW body, how could I not?  Her gorgeous hips…deliciously round derriere, and more than ample bust line were the icing on my cock – creating icing, FROM my cock.  Not to mention her beautiful face, her perpetual smile and sunny demeanour.  Yes, a complete package that, when combined was…well, let’s just say it was a good thing I rarely had an opportunity TO touch her.

…and so, here I was. TOUCHING her…and in no uncertain terms, as she touched me.  My hands clasped her head as I sucked on her mouth; her tongue fucking my mouth the way I’d like to fuck…ALL her holes…

My cock…my COCK, now.  Had a complete mind of its own.  The head which wouldn’t be tamed.  No amount of ‘down boy!’ or ‘cool it, buddy’ would convince ‘him’ when push came to shove (or vice-versa).  No, once Cock decided it was time, or he’d had enough…or whatever was on his mind at the time of…well, at ‘that’ time…there was no convincing otherwise.

Didn’t dare touch him, either.  Pressed as he was against Katie as we stretched uncomfortably beside each other, trying not to fall off the couch, any further connection would’ve resulted in…well, in fact, I pretty much had to begin the chantra I used whenever I found myself at odds with my prick.  Mentally reciting my times tables usually helped.

One times one is one…one times two is two…one times three…

But it was an uphill battle – particularly when Katie did what she did next.

‘I’ve been waiting so long to do this,’ she gasped when our lips de-locked.

‘Me, too, darling…me, too,’ I groaned while we shifted positions.  What I meant, and what she meant, turned out to be rather different things, however.  Yes, just as that nanosecond of cooling that was offered my nethers when we parted lips seemed to suggest I might be able to hold off awhile longer, Katie revealed her Master stroke…her ace up her sleeve (or tee, as the case may be):

Her hands went down her front, and her ‘Molson Canadian’ tee…went UP.

Holy Mother of Pearlies!

Now, I’d had the opportunity to grope Katie in the past.  That much she’d allowed in times gone by, and grateful was I for such indiscretion on her part.  A good little Catholic guurl was she, but even Catholic grrls got horny – from time to time.  Or so I understood.  Well, here was the proof – and ample evidence it was!

Yes, despite the fair, and fairly modest, covering of a typical white bra o’er top of her delicious orbs, Katie had indeed provided at least some indication that…she was looking for more – was looking to offer more…wanted ME…to…

‘….been waiting SOO long…’ she said.  To reiterate – at the risk of belabouring the point.

So.  There you have it.  I mean, in my situation, would you have reacted any differently?  Or your cock, in particular – assuming I’m speaking to the male portion of my audience.  In either case, it was enough.  It was MORE than enough!

‘Little head’ could take no more.

But he did!  At least until the exploratory continued.  Yes, as fingercocks began groping beneath bra, exhuming and bringing into the tepid air stippled areolas and stiffened nips, Cock twitched, and throbbed – but held off.  Held ON!

‘Five times Five is…umm…’ I mumbled, as I fumbled.

‘Huh?’ Katie panted, her arms wrapped tightly around my back.

‘Nothing,’ I gasped.  Mentally now, ‘fuck…I mean, five…times…’


Any number of factors could be blamed for what happened next (assuming crystal balls are even necessary in order to discern it).  I blame Katie, of course – for the softness of her skin, the feeling I got as I squeezed, and DUG my nails into her tits…how she did NOT recoil when my teeth gnashed her bosom…

But, in the end, it all amounted to the same thing.

I came.

Squirted ALL inside my jeans…rendering me catatonic, briefly, as I held one of Katie’s nipples between my teeth.

Holy petit mort, Batman!

Well, I’m ready for a snooze now.

…was it good for you?  Φ

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