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nothing personal, prologue (part one)

May 29, 2010

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.


It began with a suggestion.

‘How do you feel…about domination?’ John asked.

Lacey’s eyes narrowed.

‘Not sure I know what you mean.’

Rimming the top of his coffee cup, John’s eyes suddenly met Lacey’s.

‘You know – bdsm…D/s…all that stuff.’

The light dawned.

‘You mean….kink?’

John smiled, lifting his cup. ‘Yeah.


‘Never really thought about it,’ Lacey said, finishing her coffee and waiving to the waitress.

‘More coffee?’ ‘Estelle’, as noted on her nametag, enquired brightly.


‘I’ll have more, too,’ John said, lifting his cup toward the Estelle’s carafe. Estelle smiled, her eyes glinting as she poured, giving John a none-too discreet once over. John, ever-the red-blooded male, couldn’t help noticing, his cock appreciatively rising below the formica tabletop where he and Lacey had been playing footsie. Estelle’s cafe cream cheeks would taste good, smothering John’s face as she went down on him, he thought as he watched her return to the counter of the cafe he and Lacy were in.

‘Focus, darling,’ Lacey said, her sinister grin meeting Johns when he returned his gaze to her. ‘You were saying?’

‘Yeah…I was.’ Focusing, John thought to himself. ‘Just…you know…I’ve been doing a little on-line perving, and have run across some…stuff…that I thought maybe we could…try.’

‘Oh, like what?’ Lacey sat up straighter, propping her elbows on the table. The light summer dress she was wearing – ALL she was wearing – did nothing to conceal her stiffening nipples. Not that she cared. If she had cared, she’d dress like her momma wanted her to: one of those straight-jacket style, white bras with underwire, overwire…ALL overwire mesh that was as suffocating as they were unattractive.

Damn Momma, anyways.

‘It’s about…’power’…or so I understand,’ John continued, distracted again by Estelle as she took the order of a customer in a nearby table.

‘Power, huh’, Lacey said, brushing her naked foot against John’s ankle. ‘You want to overpower me?’

John’s gaze quickly returned to Lacey, then down at his cup. Lifting it and drinking, he replied, ‘No. Not exactly.’

Lacey’s eyebrow raised. ‘Hmm?’

John did his best to suppress a smile, but was unsuccessful.


‘I’ll be honest, John…I’m not getttin’ ya,’ Lacey said, extracting her wallet from her purse and pulling out some cash.

‘Perhaps if I…showed…you…things might be…well, you know. Clearer.’ Rising from the table, John caught Estelle’s eye, motioning to the money Lacey had left as they headed out the door.



‘So…what the FUCK you on about?’ Lacy asked, as she lounged on John’s bed when they returned to his apartment. She’d wasted no time removing her dress, and the breeze from John’s humidifier was pleasantly arousing on her stiff nipples and slick, moistening cunt. ‘D/s…domination…bdsm bullshit…you want me to whup your ass? ‘cause, bro’, I think I’m up for it.’

‘Now you’re talking!’ John exclaimed, his stiffening cock now free to taste the air as he joined Lacey on the bed, naked.

Lacey lay motionless, her unfocused gaze travelling, subconsciously acknowledging John’s throbbing member, but otherwise lost in thoughts of her own.

‘You…WANT me to…whup your ass.’

Pulling the laptop which was lying at the end of the bed toward them, John popped it open. A few keystrokes later, Lacey was staring, not unappreciatively, at various pictures of whipping, bondage, and other forms of domination.

Her clit twitched. John’s dick throbbed, looking from Lacey to the screen, noting her apparent interest.



‘You’re showing me a side of you I never…never knew about, John.’

‘Didn’t know it much myself, actually. Until…recently…’

Reaching under his bed, John pulled out a riding crop. Absorbed as she was, scrolling through the pictures, Lacey paid no attention – to the crop, that is. Her fingers, on the other hand, had travelled down to her pussy, where she had begun stroking.

‘You think?’ John said, stroking his own cock.

Lacey looked up. ‘You…WANT? Oh…’

Noticing the riding crop, Lacey started, her fingers involuntarily pulled out from her cunt. ‘How recently, exactly’?

John merely grinned.

‘So,’ she said, putting her hand on John’s head and squeezing, ‘is that a riding crop on your bed or are you wanting me to whup you?’

Rolling over, John’s tanned and toned ass dimples seemed to wink at Lacey. Sitting up and taking the crop in hand, she ran her fingers along its length. ‘You’re sure about this.’

John merely humped the bed, his body language doing the talking.


Well, isn’t this an interesting turn, Lacey thought as she weighed current events – and the crop in her hand – with equal measure.

‘John…WTF?’ she whispered, half to herself; half to see if by saying so she might awaken from a daydream. Closing her eyes and then opening them again, there she was, crop in hand, and there he was, the hair on his sideways smile slightly bristling. Was he clenching? O well…here goes nothing…


John looked up. ‘What was that?’

‘My first attempt?’ Lacey smiled.


Maybe if you stood…’ John offered.

‘My, you ARE a font of knowledge,’ Lacey said, rising from the bed.

‘Just trying to be helpful.’

Bracing herself with one hand on John’s leg, Lacey raised the crop higher this time.


‘Oww…shit!’ John exclaimed. ‘Maybe somewheres in-between?’

‘Did I say I knew anything about this?’ Lacey said, her heart rate beginning to climb. ‘This was YOUR idea, pal…’

‘Ok, ok…just…ok. Have ‘atter…I’ll be good. Promise.’


‘Word as a boy scout.’

‘You were never a boy scout, darlin’…’




At this point, the combination of the exertion from hitting John’s ass and the arousal it created in her was giving Lacey no small amount of…pleasurable discomfort. Who could’ve predicted?

‘Mmm…baby,’ John moaned as Lacey’s enthusiasm increased with every stroke.


By now, John’s ass was a veritable tic-tac-toe of markings…just RIPE for adding X’s and O’s to. Lacey wasn’t about to search for a pen, however. Nor was she going to stop, now that she’d hit her stride.


‘Oh…god…’ John moaned. He had just reached down to grip his cock when Lacey exclaimed:

‘Don’t you…DARE!’

She was really getting into this!

…the FUCK was this coming from?

e[lust]: e-dition #14

May 25, 2010

HOT out my pant-legs or sommat… ;->


photo courtesy of Lila

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Answers with an Agenda 1- FistingOnce you’ve gotten started using two fingers for a bit, then it is time to build until four fingers are sliding in and out of the person, and you are on your way.

GaggedI think it’s got to be a combination… fingers sliding into your cunt, a merciless tease of your clit, and yes, it’s going to have to be, lining my cock up with your ass.

MineI feel you stir beneath me as I create a rhythm, your breathing changing growing more shallow as you slip from sleep into arousal. My eyes lift to yours as you smile and try to move your arms and then freeze.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Puppet MasterWhen I was right next to them and they still did not notice, I put my lips to his ear (loud music, you know) and whispered “Touch her boobs, I bet she’d like that” and I backed up a foot.

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Shaping Some Limits “If you ever did that to me, I promise you would never see me again”.Those words were spoken to me this past weekend by my pet during one of our overnight dates. The subject was face slapping.

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three little words

May 22, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


The message blinking beside his cursor was brief, but to the point.

With his jaw having dropped STRAIGHT into his lap, he couldn’t believe what he was reading.

So he read it again. And again.

Same reaction.


…aah, the power of words. And such small ones! Perhaps the tiniest, and most poignant expression ever uttered. Had the power to change minds, change hearts…

Change LIVES.

Why did it stir him so? Why did it have the power it did?

Knowing the answer, if indeed there were one, wouldn’t change anything, however. Some things were meant to be accepted as a gift, and leave it at that.

…or perhaps return the sentiment?

Why not.

One thing was certain: seemed there were mysteries enough in the world to keep his interest piqued for yet another day…

three words

May 22, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Three words
which will not be coaxed
never be coerced
but so desired to be heard

Three words
though small in number and size
mean so much
while damning those uttering them
to a purgatory of their own making

Just three words
whispered in a breath
a gasp
…a sigh…

open sesame
opening the doors
feel the heat
the intensity
the intoxication

as the doors quietly shut
behind us
sealing our entwined fates
our minds and bodies interlocked

three words
which should never be uttered
but would mean everything
in the world
if they were

early distant warning

May 22, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

I’ll tear you apart
tear out your heart
pull on your strings
and make your heart sting

make you scream
the stuff of bad dreams
no relief; no release
no panacea from the grief

that you’ve chosen
you thrilled for
craved and have killed for
and now, here it is

the spoils; the soils
the decay we’ve begun
as your old world has spun
out of control

control that’s no longer your own
reaping seeds that you’ve sewn
it’s the end of the day
so cum; let us play

climb into the darkness
show me your inner core
while revealing your innermost
to be hidden no more


May 22, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.



Christ how he grovelled!

…could get used to this, I think.

“Forgive me…’

Oh, just grow up! What did he take me for? His mommy, begging forgiveness like this?

I didn’t mean it…”

Yeah, yeah – that’s not what you said at the time, bucko.

“I’d do anything…”

Hmm…has possibilities, does that. What could we devise here?

“Bend over.”

“Oh, gladly, Mistress! Thank you!”

“Did I say you could talk? Especially after all your grovelling…just…shut…UP!”

…aah, the sound of silence.

Almost as satisfying as the sound of him trying to contain himself when the paddle finally descends.


“Are you a good little whore?”

“Yes, Ma’am…”

*thwack!* Harder this time, and he made a satisfying wince, too.

“No, you’re not!”

“I’m not a whore, Ma’am…”

*thwack!* *thwack!*

“That’s not what I said!

You…are a TERRIBLE whore.”

*thwack!* *thwack!* *thwack!!!*

“…oh, shit…thank you. Thank you, Ma’am…”

“useless…worthless…not worth using as a toilet…”

Oh, he was getting hard now. Good little fuck.

“you LIKE this abuse, huh? Did I say you had permission to enjoy yourself?”

“I…can’t…help…sorry, Ma’am…I…I just….”


Mmm…the feel of tight scrotum, and stiff shaft. Gotta love that. Perhaps I’d allow him to jerk off for me.

Assuming he survives my torture, that is.

…poor little fuck.

What’d I ever do to deserve him?

slumber interruptis

May 14, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


She awakened
with him on her mind

lifting her nightie
she silently exposed
her increasingly heated


Under the covers
with hub snoring softly beside her
she touched

very unlike

how He would touch her

and the tiny hairs
on her arms

closing her eyes
she fought back slumber
competing with thoughts

of his less-than gentle caresses

pressing her clit
she rotated
as her nipples


down further
where moistness threatened
to soak the bed
pressing inward

a moan
just under the surface
a groan
as fingers
reached for the darkness

the spot
He would claim
with fingers


and tongue

…dare she?
…could she?
without him knowing?

she was His now
her orgasms no longer
her own

entirely given up
offered freely

she would!
she did!

she’d apologize later
fully cognizant
of the potential


and willing

…to celebrate them…