swordplay, part 3

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

The oil between your cheeks provided a slippery channel for my cock as I slid along it while massaging your shoulders. As anxious as I was to drill straight down to your rose, I contented myself – for the moment- with at least giving the semblance of calmly stroking your neck, back and shoulders.

‘…lost in reverie, are we?’

I returned to the reality of Dee, sitting across from me at her kitchen table, her tee, sadly, covering her breasts again.

‘Mmm…sorry. Got carried away – lost in thought.’

‘You DO have some rather nice thoughts, sometimes,’ she said, smiling. ‘Shall I make more coffee?’

‘Umm, think I’m ok, actually. Don’t want to be buzzing TOO much!’

‘Ok. So…where to next?

Was that a twinkle in Dee’s eye? A double-entendre, just waiting to be acted upon?

‘Well, I just mean that, I was wondering where your thoughts might take your story now.’

‘Aah. Of course. Well…’

Thinking back to my earlier reverie, I…avoided Dee’s eyes for a moment. Good thing she couldn’t read minds!

At least I think she couldn’t. Since she once considered herself a witch (albeit a white one), I figured anything was possible, but…still. For the sake of my own peace of mind…perhaps I should be thinking of something else.

‘I know what you’re thinking,’ Dee said, placing her forearms on the table and leaning, almost seductively, toward me.

Busted? Not likely – at least not from what I could read on Dee’s face. Time to test the theory, though.

‘Oh really.’

‘Not hard to deduce.’


‘You’d like to do what you’ve imagined doing.’

Perceptive. ‘You think so.’

‘Well, if I were you, I certainly would.’



‘Little chance of that.

– Right?’


You think, because of the things I’ve said…or who you think I am, that there’s…no chance. Right?’

Was that an eyelash bat Dee just flashed at me?

‘Umm…yes? Well, pretty much.’

‘But if I were someone else – for awhile – would that change things?’

I blinked. Maybe. ‘Someone else.’

The heroine in your story. For example.’

‘You mean the one I based YOU on.’

Dee smiled – a smile I certainly WANTED to take…a certain way…

‘Yeah. Like that.’

‘Hmm…not sure where you’re going with this, Dee,’ I said, decidedly unsure of her intentions, but optimistic nonetheless.

‘Well, say, for example,’ Dee said, rising from her chair and moving seemingly seductively toward me,’ I was…someone else – ‘that girl’, even if she wasn’t me, in your story. Just for example.’

I could feel her body heat even from the distance between us – which was closing rapidly.


‘Just confusing?’ Dee said, slowly unzipping her jeans without breaking eye-contact.

My cock responded accordingly, as if ‘he’ couldn’t break ‘eye contact’, either. ‘Nice panties,’ I said, alternating between them and Dee’s eyes as her jeans shimmied down her legs. Was that a damp spot, right there in the cleft?

No time for distraction! Particularly when another distraction in the form of Dee’s top rising over and off her head, err, ‘distracted’ me further.

‘What was that you were saying about ‘the complications…or whatever?’ I asked as Dee doffed her panties and proceeded to sit in my lap.

‘Shh,’ Dee replied, touching a finger to my lips. ‘Life is complicated.’

Got that right! And, as desperate as I was to unzip and release my cock, I held fast, concentrating on NOT thinking about what was behind that – thankfully- plain bra which was now at eye level. As long as she didn’t remove…

Shit. Read my mind again. As Dee squirmed, rather blatantly, in my lap, she did indeed unclasp her bra, allowing her hot and slightly sweaty 38DDs to tumble out, her nipples just within tongues’ reach.

Well, no point in ‘my’ presuming decorum now. Reaching down, I unzipped, my cock grateful to taste the humid air that Dee’s moist cunt was generating. Taking my cock in her hands, she began stroking. I wrapped my hands around her cheeks, gripping them firmly as I dove in-between her tits. Licking and sucking, I took first one nipple, then the other, in my mouth, nibbling gently, then more forcefully.

‘Gaa!’ Dee exclaimed, but seemingly not in discomfort if the stiffness of her nipples were any indication.

‘Now isn’t this better than merely imagining things?’ she gasped. By now her pulls on my cock had increased in proportion with the intensity I applied to her tits. As good a time as any to change focus, I thought.

Stroking toward her bum’s cleft, my fingers began grazing betwixt. Finding her button, I pressed – and Dee jerked. She didn’t stop – or admonish, though. Instead she reached in-between my legs, stroking toward my hole.

‘Two can play that game,’ Dee said, and indeed she was correct. Just as I was on the point of cumming, Dee and I both pressed our advantage. Entering our respective assholes, I felt Dee shudder. She released my cock just as my wad shot between us, and she collapsed overtop of me as I wrapped my arms around her back to steady her.

‘Much better than merely fantasizing,’ I gasped, giving her tits a final gnawing.

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