Another notch (in her snatch)

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


There he goes, writing again.


…after e-mail…

after E-MAIL!

Such a wimp.

Can’t he get a life?  Doesn’t he realize I’m busy?  That I’ve moved on?


…ever since that fateful weekend, in fact.  I was there; where was HE?

Aah, yes – that fateful weekend –  when, admittedly, He did cause me to break free of my shackles…

Prodding…coaxing…nudging…encouraging…he sure had a way with words!  MMM…oh, yesss…

…and *only* words!  Will wonders never cease.  Couldn’t have gotten to me better if he’d actually been in the same room!

Geeze – snap out of it, guurl!

Guess I shouldn’t have lead him on, though.  Especially given the whited sepulchre my body was…IS…and always will be.  Yes, even as his words swooned over me…causing an entirely uncharacteristic orgasm to burst forth…well, it was just a bit of sleight of hand, wasn’t it?  A trick of the light; smoke and mirrors…nothing to take seriously!  I was still in control, wasn’t I?  MY body; MY decision…to let go…

In any case: caveat emptor, right?  I mean: fer crissakes!  He knew what he was getting into.  Thinking I’d be there beyond that little guilty ‘petit mort’.    For  – what?  Love?  Marriage?  A baby carriage?

Silly goose.  Been there; ain’t doin’ that again.  No Sir!

And I WARNED him! “ I am not who you think I am!  I am DEAD inside!”  How loudly should I have SCREAMED it?

…umm…I did warn him…didn’t I?

Aah, the mind can play such tricks.  …well, what ever.  Even if I didn’t, what difference does it make?

Besides, stringing guys on is FUN!  Especially the gullible ones.  He certainly qualified in *that* category.

Saying he loved me.  Pshaww!  How is that even possible?  Get serious!  I’m so sure!  Totally!  Saying something like that is just ASKING for it.  So he gets what he deserves, doesn’t he.

…bet that’s what he’s writing to tell me again…I LOVE you!  I MISS you!  Cum back to mee!


Enough to make me lose my lunch.  And I haven’t even had breakfast.

…perhaps I shouldn’t have opened up the way I did, tho’.   Exposing certain soft and tender bits that…well, I’d forgotten I had, actually.  Telling him things I’ve never told ANYONE…what was I thinking?

Must’ve hypnotized me, that’s all there is to it.  Seduced me with his words!  The MezMerizer!

Mybaad for allowing it.     Gawd DAMN; how could I?

Damn Him!

Damn ME!

Have learned my lesson since then, I tell ya.  Not going there anymore – no way; no how.  The ‘no entry’ sign is nailed on, like a virtual chastity belt,  sutured securely at midriff.

Oh, the men at ‘The Klub’ can beat me –and whip me.  Those guys can mark me, black and BLUE!

Anyone can abuse my body.  Cum one; cum all!  Won’t make no difference, nohow.   No way!

See, when you’re dead, you’re dead.  For ever and ever, aye-MEN.  Do with the carcass what you will.  Might even be interesting to see what WILL result – if anything.

…a twitch?  A flinch?  Maybe even a pulse?

Don’t hold your breath.

…but…in any case, there it is.

Another e-mail, staring me in the face.  Tempting me; teasing me – just the way it began in what seems like a lifetime ago now.

The more things change.

Ignoring him doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, though.  He just keeps coming back for more.

Aah. Whatever.

Perhaps I’ll have a wee boo at what he’s written after all, even if I have absolutely NO intention of responding…

What could it hurt?

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