three little words

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


The message blinking beside his cursor was brief, but to the point.

With his jaw having dropped STRAIGHT into his lap, he couldn’t believe what he was reading.

So he read it again. And again.

Same reaction.


…aah, the power of words. And such small ones! Perhaps the tiniest, and most poignant expression ever uttered. Had the power to change minds, change hearts…

Change LIVES.

Why did it stir him so? Why did it have the power it did?

Knowing the answer, if indeed there were one, wouldn’t change anything, however. Some things were meant to be accepted as a gift, and leave it at that.

…or perhaps return the sentiment?

Why not.

One thing was certain: seemed there were mysteries enough in the world to keep his interest piqued for yet another day…

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