Tuesday (the first)

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


You don’t fucking deserve me
You fucking laid me waste
You’ve taken me for granted
Seems, in your absolute haste

To throw down to your fan club
Giving credit, where it’s doo
You left the one person, in the dust
Who loved – nay, utterly worshipped you

So – whatever
Just one more soul
Who made the mistake
Dropped into a hole

Always more
Where that came from
They’re all dime-a-dozen
Easy go, and easy cum

When superficiality
is all that matters
Who cares who hates or loves ya
And whose blood that gets spattered

It’s all about the superficial
Matters knot when life’s torn apart
Always easier to kill another’s soul
When one doesn’t have a heart

So, onward! And forward!
There’ll be no looking back
When it’s all about the conquest
The thrill’s in the attack

Leaving others to pick up the pieces
And clean up in your wake
The lesson learned as follows:
When they give; you’ll gladly take

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One Comment on “Tuesday (the first)”

  1. HP Says:

    One of my favorites.

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