Lolita Twenty-twelve, Prologue (pt. 3)

Copyright M2B


The sun had been down for awhile, dinner had been served and was now happily being digested, and Carmen was snoozing along with many of the other passengers around us. I’d been surfing and reading on my I-Book, but was gettng drowsy myself.

Deciding that it would probably be a good idea to catch a few winks, I snugged under the blanket Carmen had offered to share and was herself currently keeping warm for the both of us.

…strange dreams…of daphne, kneeling before me, head bowed, arms extended; wrists within her cuffs, her collar glistening around her neck…

‘I am yours, Master…to do with as you please. My flesh is your flesh; my love, timeless and unending…love me as I love you…use me as you see fit..’

I snorted, barely stifling a full-on laugh. ‘Sounds like you got that from a book on Gor or something…’

‘Hey!’ I worked…really hard…on memorizing that!’ daphne exclaimed, breaking the mood by looking up.

‘I’m sure you did, love. And, don’t get me wrong – I love you…for everything you do. I guess what I’m looking for, well, simply has to come from the heart. From YOU.’

‘Kinda new to this, you know? And what part sounded insincere? I meant every word, even if it wasn’t original…’

‘Perhaps it’s just me. Come…up…’

daphne got up and climbed into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss. ‘Sometimes…just sometimes…I wonder about just how ‘Masterly’ you really are…’

I laughed, kissing her forehead. ‘Guilty. I must admit, I’m not all that ‘Masterly’, as far as that goes. One thing I AM sincere about is my love for you, though, d. Of that you must never doubt.’

‘Nor you of ME…’Master’..’ daphne said cheekily grabbing my upright cock. ‘Permission to climb aboard?’

daphne straddled me, placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt, slowly easing down as we both sighed…

I awakened, disoriented. Eyes still closed, I gradually remembered, based on the humm of the airplane engines, where I was. Still partially swaddled in Carmen’s blanket, most seemed to have moved back to seat 13B. Not only that, but on top of the vibrations of the airplane, a…new…different…vibration seemed to be coming from underneath the very blanket I was once warmly snuggled under.

Opening my eyes a crack…I couldn’t help but notice…Carmen’s crack. She was turned away from me, but was obviously very – if discreetly – rubbing herself. Massaging herself. With her mini-skirt now well above her hips.


Holy fucking SHIT what an ass. And if she hadn’t been wearing panties when she first arrived, she certainly wasn’t wearing any now. I wondered if…with the sound of the plane and her concentrating on…well, HER business…if I just…unzip…quietly…pulling out from MY boxers…

There. SUCH a relief! So close, too…with my glans mere inches away from those ripe, full cheeks…


…pretty obvious what Carmen was doing, though. And was that a gentle…whrrrr?

Looking down, I noticed the empty spot in the box where the vibe once was.

‘Ahem,’ I said, and Carmen started.

‘Oh! Sorry,’ she exclaimed in a whisper. ‘Didn’t mean to wake you.’

Turning around, Carmen had her blouse entirely open. Judging from the red marks around her aureoles, it appeared she liked things rough, too.

…self-mutilation. Hmmm.

‘So…I see you took things for a little test-drive.’

The vib, still quietly whrrring in her hand, glistened with Carmen’s juices.

‘Works well, too,’ Carmen said, a litle breathless. ‘The hype was true, though…it hardly makes any noise!’

‘I’m sure daphne will be pleased to ‘hear’ that.’

‘No, seriously, listen.’ With her vibe-free hand, Carmen reached between her legs, pulled apart her cleanly shaven lips, sticking the vibrator back inside her cunt. ‘Hear anything?’ she asked, pushing the vibe in and out repeatedly.

‘Oh…my…’ While not being entirely sure if eloquence was required at this point, it was lost on me either way. Pulling on the blanket so it covered us both, I slipped my pants down from my ass. I gripped my cock, stroking it in time to Carmen’s vibe thrusts, quite aroused at the sight of her masturbating.

‘Oh…oh…OH…’ Carmen moaned, her eyes closed. Fast and faster her hand thrust against her cunt, the vibe all-but lost inside her except for the part that she was gripping. Just as I was about to cum, I leaned over her. My cum squirted over the seat rest and onto her tum as Carmen herself seized up, her own orgasm obviously taking hold.

‘It works,’ Carmen gasped, letting go of the vibe while it continued its almost-silent whirring inside her.

‘Nice,’ I replied, my eyes half-closed themselves as I collapsed back into my seat, my own ‘vibe’ still clenched in my hand.



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