Lolita Twenty-twelve, Prologue (pt. 2)

Copyright 2012 M2B


Carmen and I talked up a storm as our journey continued. Turns out her area of teaching was as much based on past studies as it was on, shall we say, ‘practical application’. Yes, Carmen was, herself, a member of her local BDSM community, a concept I more than delighted at the prospect of learning more about.

‘So…if you don’t mind my asking’, I said after our stewardess had passed by and both Carmen and I had indulged in a drink (plus the obligatory salted peanuts), ‘that…necklace…of yours…’

Carmen smiled, with both her eyes and lips, while taking a sip of red wine. ‘I see nothing gets past you,’ she laughed. ‘Yes, it is…a collar. And, as it follows from that, I have a wonderful Master awaiting me at home. And, no, I don’t mind telling you.’

‘Thank you for your honesty,’ I said after a sip of my beer. ‘It really is beautiful – and I admire your willingness – and bravery – to be so…well, ‘brazen’ has negative connotations, but you know what I mean…being so ‘out’, particularly in public.’

Carmen laughed. ‘Oh, darling – I’ve had many a year to wrap my head around this, believe me. Thing is, if I am to truly teach, and embody that which I’m trying to impart, it just doesn’t make sense to me to try and hide it – or even try to slip it back in my pocket after I leave the confines of the classroom – OR the bedroom.’

‘Understood. I still admire you for it.

Hey – I wonder if…would you mind…I have a few things I’m bringing for Daphne and, well…I’d like your opinion. If that’d be ok.’

‘Certainly! Whatcha got.’

Pulling out my own carry-on, I double-checked to see if anyone was paying attention to us. Noting that most people were ensconsed in either film viewing or snoozing, I carefully extracted a box from my bag.

‘I’ll be giving this, to Daphne,’ I said, opening the black leather covered box.

‘Oh…my.’ Carmen was clearly impressed. ‘Is that pure silver?’

‘So I was lead to believe – it certainly appears to be. You like?’

‘It’s beautiful…may I?’ Carmen reached over and extracted the collar from the crimson velvet lined box. ‘Mmm…my…very nice.’

Noticing that an older woman was looking in our direction, I said ‘umm…maybe we should put it away…’

‘Oh, never mind!’ Carmen laughed. ‘Old fuddys. As I said, I’ve had to overcome…a LOT…of prejudice…and being judged…it’s ok. But…here,’ she said, returning the collar to me. ‘I’m sure daphne will be very excited to receive this. I know I would be. Are those nipple rings?’

‘Shh!’ Still couldn’t overcome my own self-consciousness, despite Carmen’s attitude. ‘Yes,’ I whispered, looking down at the other box I’d opened to show her. ‘Bit over the top?’

‘Well…depends on what you two have agreed to, really. As for ME…’ Carmen said, turning to face me directly and unbuttoning her blouse, ‘I got mine done…YEARS ago. Wasn’t even a particularly subby thing to do…not at the time, anyway. Perhaps in retrospect…’

COCK STAND! If fuddy lady could only see – but fortunately, Carmen was turned so that only if someone in the seats in front of us stood up and looked over…

Sure enough, though it wasn’t immediately apparent when I was perving through the opening in her blouse, her nipples were indeed pierced – and standing straight on end, too – much like my cock. On top of that, her auroleas were stippled, making it quite clear that I wasn’t the only one enjoying the show.

‘Ja think,’ Carmen smiled, breaking my reverie. DAMN she was good at doing that!

‘Ohh…lovely,’ I croaked, tightening my legs around my balls.

‘They are, aren’t they,’ Carmen agreed. As she buttoned up again, I finally managed to exhale properly, smiling weakly in the process. ‘Had ’em done to commemmorate my 40th birthday – how long ago that seems now. But if you haven’t talked to daphne about this yet, well…you just might want to…or be prepared for the possiblilty that she may not go for it. I certainly didn’t mind the pain, but it IS a huge step, particularly in connection with the direction you’re taking.’

‘Thanks – agreed,’ I said. ‘We’ll have a fair few things to talk about, I’m sure…’

‘Is that a dildo?’

Carmen’s eyes had trailed to the rather phallic-looking object that accompanied the rings in the box.

‘A vibrator, actually – and not just any vibe. This one, purportedly, barely makes any sound.’

‘You haven’t tried it.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I meant, at least turned it on!’ Carmen laughed.

‘Well, I was kind of in a rush when I got it…and it was at the last minute…I guess I…’

Carmen laughed again, slapping me on the thigh playfully. Which actually felt pretty good, coming as it was so close to throbbing cock.

‘I’m just teasing, love. I realize that not everyone swings both ways…’

…just…leave…it…alone…I thought.

‘I’m sure daphne will be delighted. You are obviously a very caring and considerate Master – one any aubby would be delighted to be owned by.’

‘You’re too kind.’

‘Not at all. I know a keeper when I sit beside one.’

Our mutual smiles were filled with meaning.




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