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e[lust]: e-dition #41

November 16, 2012

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The 2 weeks of my sex life I lost to Zoloft“My G-spot felt non-existent. My clit felt numb. The masturbation didn’t hold my interest, and my mind wandered.”

Baby Girl“You fill me with a desire to learn so that I can teach you. I push you to trust yourself as I trust you.”

Denial ““Not yet,” he says, pulling both of my arms back, leaving my clit screaming for attention.”

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Dangerous Lilly

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Thoughts: Contractual Considerations

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Lolita Twenty-Twelve, Part Sex, (eh and bee)

November 1, 2012

Part Sex,eh

Copyright 2012 M2B


I was hard. How could I not be? Leaning against the bathroom vanity just behind Marcele as she bent over while adjusting the temperature in their huge, jacuzzi-sized tub, all I could think about was doing to her what she’d recently been doing to me. Despite having cum myself only minutes before, I was still incredibly turned on.

If it weren’t for one thing.

‘Umm, Marcele? What about Carmen?’

Splashing the water a little to make sure it was the correct temperature, Marcele then stood to face me. She, too, had a raging hard-on, and when she smiled and wrapped her arms around me to give me a kiss, it felt like a shock of static electricity passed between us when our cocks rubbed together.

‘Don’t you worry any, honey,’ Marcele cooed after extracting her tongue from my mouth. ‘There have been times when I’ve left my possession all night on the cross, and she was fine…just fine!’

I couldn’t help but grip Marcele’s ass, pulling her closer to me when our kissing continued. She moaned, placing her cock underneath my balls and then stroking her cock between my legs. Her nipples felt hard, burrowed into my chest hair – possibly even harder than my own.


FUCK I was hard!

‘Come…tell me if you think the water’s hot enough…’ Marcele said, taking my hand and guiding me into the tub.

‘Ooh…yes…yes, that’s very nice, Marcele. Thank you.’

The water wasn’t the only thing that was hot. Shit!

‘My pleasure, darling,’ Marcele cooed, reaching to turn off the taps. I found the soap and began lathering her, first between her legs and up into her cheeks, then – as she turned to face me – around her balls and over her glans and shaft.

‘Ooh, baby,’ Marcele sighed, closing her eyes and gripping her breasts. ‘I want to feel you…inside me…’

Was more of an invitation required? Hardly! As Marcele turned around, we both went on our knees. Ensuring that my cock was just as soapy as her ass, I pushed between her cheeks.

‘Oh! Oooh….’ Marcele moaned as I gripped her hips and began thrusting. Her own cock bobbed and slapped up and down while I pumped her bum, her largish tits swaying to almost connect with her glans. Ramming my entire length into her ass, my hips made a squishy, soapy sound against her bum, and I rammed her for all I was worth.

‘Ooh…fuck me, bitch,’ Marcele cried…and, at that moment, I shuddered my load up inside her.

‘Umm…ohhh…oh-kay,’ I gasped, releasing her hips and slipping back into the soapy water, my cock, slick and throbbing with soapy cum.

‘Mmm…that was nice, baby,’ Marcele gasped, her heart-rate pounding as hard as mine as she lifted my legs and propped them against her chest. Taking her still-hard cock in hand and rubbing some of the soapy cum from my cock on it, she positioned herself between my cheeks, thrusting inside.

‘One…good…turn…’ Marcele said, measuring each word against every thrust. Pressing her lips to mine, she forced her tongue inside my mouth, the same way her cock was assualting my ass. ‘Ooh…baby…’ she cooed, slamming harder and harder into me until…


Marcele froze, shuddered, and then collapsed on top of me, thrusting a few extra times inside my ass for good measure.

‘One…good…turn…’ I moaned, digging my fingers into her cheeks and squeezing her harder.


Lolita Twenty-Twelve, Part Sexbee

Copyright 2012 M2B


After extracting myself from the jacuzzi and bidding Marcele goodnight (this time furnished with a towel), I was finally able to collapse into the wonderfully soft linens adorning the four-poster bed in my room. I was so exhausted by this point that I don’t think…ANYTHING…could break me from the slumber I so desperately needed.

*…as dreams…of daphne…filled my REM sleeplessness…*

She curled up behind me, spooning cunt against my ass; her breasts mashed tightly against my back. Hot breath, lips…and teeth…into my nape as one hand played over my shoulder with my chest hair; the other tightly gripping my vertically-raising cock.

…as wet dreams went, this was a doozy.

…and then, like Marcele, of a sudden a hardness from daphne’s midriff did prod between into asshole, glans finding rose and POP! She was inside.

Sliding between slick and slippery cheeks; one hand PULLING on my chest hair while the other yanked and jerked at my cock until…*

*damn*…THAT was gonna leave a stain…

It wasn’t early-morning whisps of dawn creeping thru the window shades which awakened me, when morning finally arrived (which seemed like only minutes after I hit the pillow). No, what caused me to start was a slight jostling of the mattress. When I opened my eyes, there sat Carmen, a tray with coffee and baked goods carefully balanced in her hands.

‘Master Marcele wanted to ensure you started your day properly,’ Carmen said, not meeting my eyes.

I could see redness around her wrists from where the cuffs had secured her to the cross last night, but what really caught my attention was what I’d been unable to get a good look at, so few hours ago – namely, her taut, perky nipples. And, sure enough, just as they’d been when I’d glanced at them as she hung, splayed and straddled in Marcele’s rec room, it appeared the fonts atop her gorgeous breasts were ready to burst, as if…well, as if she was just as turned on as she’d been, a few tepid wet dreams ago?

Naww…how could that be?

‘Thank you, Carmen,’ I said, smiling. ‘Please – set the tray down. How are you? I must admit, I was a little taken aback…well, concerned, after we just left you last night. I assume Marcele took good care of you after he left me?’

Carmen met my eyes briefly, then focused on pouring the coffee. ‘She…Master…ALWAYS…takes care of me. GOOD care…cream and sugar?’

Hmm. Perhaps it’d be best to just leave it be. ‘Just cream, thanks.’

Mmm…Colombian coffee…the richest kind. Wonderful.

‘Would you like to fuck me?’


‘Oh! I’m sorry!’ Carmen exclaimed. Reaching for a serviette, she helped dab up the dribbles down my slackened jaw.

‘Beg…*gak*…beg pardon?’ I said, attempting to find my lungs – and bearings – again.

Carmen hesitated, as if having a hard time finding the right words.

‘Master said…I am to be at your disposal. She is out for the day, so I am to entertain you…make you as comfortable as possible…you can use me in any way you so choose…’

Cock tenting! Perhaps I could use it as a cup stand…

The rise wasn’t lost on Carmen.

‘…may…may I?’

Not waiting for me to say aye OR ‘you may,’ she carefully slid the light cotton top sheet from between cup and cock.


Holy Mother of Manna!

But, before I could say as much out loud, Carmen’s nipples were tickling my leg hair as her lips reached the base of my shaft.

…how was I to focus on enjoying the world’s best coffee now?

The coffee had actually become rather luke-warm, anyway, and I’d finished half of it as it was. So…what to DO.

…surprise MYSELF. It seems.

‘C…Carmen?’ I said, a LOT more tentatively than I’d meant to sound as I gently put a hand atop her head. Looking up at me, she stopped – but held my cock within her mouth.

I smiled, and gently stroked her hair. ‘Can we…’ I paused, trying to find the right words. ‘I really…REALLY…like you, and, um…’

‘Mmm?’ Carmen said, allowing my cock to pop out of her mouth. She didn’t break eye contact with me as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft, however. One of her hands wrapped firmly around my base while the other tickled my balls, lazily trailing down toward my crack.

‘Shit. You’re mot making this easy, you know. Can we…’ I said, inching back against my pillows to give myself a little more space and breathing room.

‘You like me…but don’t like me doing this?’ Carmen said, moving her hands away.

‘I think you’re very…VERY…hot, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate your Master’s offerings. It’s just…when we were talking…on the plane…I became attracted to as a real person…not a piece of meat, if you’ll pardon my poor phraseology. Yes, I want to be intimate with you…but I’d rather make love, than simply fuck you.’

Carmen finally broke eye contact.


As my cock softened. Yes, this DESPITE our respective nakedness…her stiff nipples…her shaved and slick pussy…

…to say nothing of the fact that only a few short hours ago my glans was being tickled by the insides of her asshole…

Oh – cock was stiffening again.

‘Could we…would it be too much of an imposition of I…asked…’ I said, reaching toward Carmen’s collar. She started, but didn’t resist, when I unclasped it. Carmen caught it in her fingers when it slid between her breasts, and then, meeting my eyes again, simply smiled.

‘I…just want to…make LOVE…to you…’ I said.

Setting the collar aside, Carmen grabbed me then, pulling me overtop of her. Wrapping her legs around my lower back, my now fully engorged cock nuzzled her midriff.

‘I feel that,’ Carmen sighed, positioning my glans between her pussy lips. I rammed inside her, as forcefully as I could given the circumstances – those being that I merely wanted us…to connect, as two people. No D/s…no Master/slave…merely simple carnal desire, expressed when two people are attracted to one-another…

…and given that we’d known each other for less than forty-eight hours…

Yes. The stuff of Harlequin Romances, to be sure (or as sure as I could be, given that I’d mever read one…)


We made love then…me, sucking on her nipples; not biting…fingers gently caressing, no nails digging in…thrusts, firm and determined, but meeting her pelvis, not pummelling her into submission…

As I thought of daphne, and the sweet love I wanted to make to her…(preferably without a penis…)

It was time to finally see daphne. I needed to go to her; become one with her.

With HER.