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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Prologue

February 5, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B

(continuation of ‘Lolita Twenty-Twelve’, final chapter)


I was waiting for you when you opened the door to the ladies room.

‘Whaa…what are you DOING? And what are you doing…’here’…?’

‘Shh! Quickly!’ I whispered. Taking your arm and causing you to stumble a little in your heels, I ushered you into a stall, entering first.

Closing the door behind you by pushing you back against it, you started, visibly flustered by my sudden appearance.

‘Someone will know…someone will NOTICE…!’ you said, obviously breathless – and not just a little excited, judging from the blush on you face and the outline of your nubs behind the semi-sheer black dress you were wearing.

‘You’ve just finished dinner…the reception is still in full-swing…I KNOW you came without escort, so…if we’re quick…’

Unzipping my pants, I pulled them down along with my shorts. Sitting on the toilet and placing my legs up against the back of the stall so they wouldn’t be seen, my cock was now standing erect before you. Hesitating for a moment, you then reached under your beautiful black dress.

Pulling your panties down, you had to brace youself against my legs in order to get them over your pumps.

‘Ooh, chucha!’ you exclaimed. Lifting one leg, you straddled yourself overtop of me. Ruffling your dress so that it cascaded around us, your cunt slid, hotly, around my cock. ‘Ungh!’ you groaned, nestling into me and putting your hands on my shoulders.

You smiled, then, meeting my adoring (and not just a little lustful) gaze, and our lips met. I sucked your tongue into my mouth, squeezing you tightly.

‘You…crazy…puta…’ you gasped, between our tongues.

The door to the washroom opened then, as the sounds of two ladies gabbing echoed around us. As we were in the last stall, hopefully the fact that you were facing the wrong way wouldn’t be noticed – but no matter. Apart from needing to be as silent as possible, you managed to ease up, and down, on me, rocking and bucking as quietly as we could.

Taking care not to damage them, I carefully slipped the straps of your dress off your shoulders. Pulling the dress down further, my cock hardened all the more at the sight of your stiff nipples atop your plump breasts. Drawing you close, I licked your left nipple before sucking your entire breast into my mouth. You gasped – somewhat audibly – and you raised a hand to your mouth. As the ladies’ chattering stopped in that instant, we also stopped – holding our breath. It was hard not to giggle, but we somehow managed to suppress it.

As your hips ground and gyrated against me, the ladies who had interrupted us continued their banter in Spanish, one of them taking up residence in the stall beside us, clattering the door behind her, obviously intoxicated. They chattered away to the rushing sound of her piss as it flooded her bowl, apparently still obvlivoius to the heat and passion steaming from our cubicle.

Still hard – in fact, all the harder owing to the excitement over potentially being discovered – I could control myself no longer. Pulling your hips down, I thrust inside you as deeply as I could.

It was then, when you moaned much more audibly than the first time, that the conversation between the two ladies stopped completely.

Another pregnant pause; our collective breath stilled – actually, your cheek against mine, your hot breath in my ear, your nipples rubbing against my shirt…


Another pause, followed by the sound of toilet paper dispensing and application to nethers. Something more was said in Spanish from the lady in the cubicle to the other lady which I didn’t understand, and then a toilet flush, whereupon I whispered into your ear ‘what did she say?’

‘She said she thinks there might be something going on in here…’ you replied; a gentle whisper in my ear.

Just then, a face appeared under the stall.

‘Por Dios! Daphne!’

It was at that moment that I came, flooding your insides with my cum and gripping you with all my might. You shuddered, too, my groin now covered in a mixture of my cum and your juices.

We stumbled and fumbled with our clothes as the two ladies exited the washroom, talking with worry and excitement in their voices.

‘I think we’d better get you out of here,’ you said, your panties back on, the dress only slightly worse for wear.

‘I love you, daph,’ I said, smoothing out my clothes, the dampness from our love-making now sticky inside my shorts.

‘I love you, too,’ you said, adjusting your straps as you pulled the dress back over your breasts.

‘Now, let’s go before someone else comes in!’

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen

February 4, 2013

(continuation of Lolita Twenty-Twelve), Part One

Copyright 2013 M2B


The bullet formed a crimson halo when it exited through his head and lodged into the back of the couch. daphne remained motionless until the reverberations from the gun stilled around her, then relaxed her grip on the glock and dropped her hands to her sides. The towel she’d wrapped around her after showering had dropped when she fired, and droplets of water continued to fall from her hair, down her shoulders and onto her breasts. Both her nipples and clit were on fire, but those were the only outward indications of the act she’d just initiated. Her pulse was normal; she hadn’t even spoiled her shower by breaking a sweat.

‘Hasta la vista, motherfucker,’ daphne whispered, approaching the body just to make sure the bullet stayed true. Sure enough, though his cock still stood erect in his hand as he sat motionless on the couch, a quick check of the jugular was all the proof daphne needed that rigor mortis would soon be setting in. Apparently he was expecting his ‘love gun’ to take charge – as it had done so many times in the past – as opposed to the gun daphne was holding.

Aah, the element of surprise: worked every time.

Dipping a finger into the blood tricking down her Uncle’s forehead, daphne popped it into her mouth.

One bastard down; one to go.


‘daphne! what the…?’

‘Shut up and fuck me,’ daphne said, straddling lou and pulling at his belt. daphne’s clothes were splotched in red, but it was her hands that looked the worst, caked and encrusted with blood as they were.

Things hadn’t gone as well with ‘Uncle #2′ as they had first time ’round. Put up a bit of a fight, the trooper.

Not that it’d done him any good. In the end. Just messier. Worst part was there’d been no time to clean up afterward.

COMPLETELY messed up her coiffure.

No matter. daphne focused herself once she’d extracted lou’s semi-hard dick from his pants, pausing to calm her heart and steady her nerves while wiping a wisp of hair behind her ear. A memory flash, like a gunshot, blinded her momentarily, so she closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around lou’s glans and she began pumping his shaft with her hands.

*Guns…no guns…guns gone…*


daphne bucked involuntarily against lou’s knees, the phantom cock splitting her cunt having torn straight through her jeans and cum-soiled panties. How she longed to have something hard and inanimate inside her, pushing…forcing its way…something to focus on…something *else* to focus on…

…not a gun, though. Need to get *that* image…RIGHT out of her mind. Shit. Crazy motherfucking idea.

‘Gun’ was now in pieces and scattered on the highway home from Uncles’ homes – their final resting places, and may the police not find any clues connecting her to the scenes of the crime. Her parents had reassured her that this was for the best, though – the only way to permanently extract themselves from the Cartel’s insidious grasp. No fucking way they were going to infiltrate daph’s familiy’s business. Killing the two relatives that connected them was the only way to extracate themselves permanently.

And daph, at the tender age she was, would never be suspected of the crime. Or so her parents had said.

Here’s hoping they were right.

daphne’s lower lips were uncomfortably swollen, and she reached inside her jeans down to her muff, locating her clit. Stroking it with her index finger, she doubled-down on lou’s cock, pushing as much of it as she could down her throat.

‘Aah,’ lou moaned, looking up at daphne briefly before collapsing again in the back seat of her car. His balls were tight under daphne’s chin, and it wasn’t long before…


And daphne’s mouth filled with cum.

‘Not long enough. NOT LONG ENOUGH!’ daphne yelled, pulling lou’s pants down to his knees and pressing her fingers between his cheeks.

‘Cum for me again, little boy…cum for me AGAIN!’ daphne snarled, pulling her own jeans and panties down and then scrabbling overtop of lou’s still-hard cock and pushing him inside.

‘Ooh…yuck…’ daphne said, looking down at her blood-soaked shirt. Pulling it off, her nipples puckered in the coolness of the early morning air. Her hair was a flurry cascading over lou’s chest; the position she was in overtop of him wasn’t all that comfortable, but she rode him like a maniac, attempting to focus on the feeling between her legs.


Lou stared up at daphne, wide-eyed and…almost afraid, never having seen her like this before. He was unable to do little more than just lay there, while daphne bucked his groin like she was on a wild stallion. His greatest fear was that he’d go soft inside her, fearful of the consequences…


daphne locked her mouth onto lou’s, biting his upper lip as she came. Her body seized up at that moment, and though there were certain emotions running around inside still fighting to be given voice, she tamped them down, gripping lou’s body against her as hard as she could.


‘…you ok?’

Alex was staring at daphne, breaking her reverie as she drove them toward her home. Back in the present, they’d just come from the wedding, and the insides of daphne’s legs were still sticky with Alex’s cum from their tryst in the bathroom.

‘Umm…sorry. Yeah; fine. Just…distracted.’

‘I get it,’ Alex smiled, patting daphne’s leg as he returned to looking out the window. ‘Close call tonite, huh. Think that’ll blow back on us?’

daphne simply stared, focusing on the road. ‘…blow…back…err…no, it’ll be fine. I’m sure. No worries.’

‘All right then.’ Alex smiled, returning his gaze to daphne. He couldn’t help noticing her pensive look, however. What was that about?

Choosing discretion as the better part of valor, Alex said nothing, simply releasing his grip on daph’s leg and joining her as they both stared at the blackened tarmac stretching into infinite darkness.