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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part two

March 6, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B

daphne shifted gears without a hitch. Her previous look of distraction clouded over into…something else. Something…darker.

‘How could you? What were you thinking?’

Alex glanced over at her, a smile of incredulity crossing his face.

‘Wasn’t the only one there, you know. What happened to ‘no worries’?’

‘Know? Do I ever. Perhaps you remember my AUNT, poking up from under the stall?’

Alex smiled.

‘Oh, I noticed, all right. She was so cute, all red in the face. Wasn’t my point, though.’

daphne paused as we slowed for a traffic light. ‘Point being? Apart from the one…which is currently the source of the damp spot between my legs…’

daphne tried stifling a smile while rubbing her sticky thighs together.

‘You were right there, split by my cock, love,’ Alex said, glancing out the window as the light changed and daphne fired up the engine once again. ‘We’re close…’

‘Yeah, I remember where you said you were staying. Luxurious. ┬áHere we are.’

Screeching into the parking lot, the cool night air hit us as daphne and Alex exited her car. A few short steps and they were into Alex’s motel room – modest, but affordable accommodations, for only a few thousand pesos per hour.

Crashing onto the bed, it was all Alex could do not to fall asleep right then and there. It had been a long day, after all.

daphne stood over Alex, a look of incredulity still crossing her face.

Taking her cue, Alex replied in as gentlemanly a way as possible. ‘Umm…great seeing you? Thanks for the lift?’

Incredulity changed to shock as fast as it had taken for daphne to change gears.

‘Thanks? THANKS? Not knowing what my Aunts have told my other relatives? Not knowing what’s going to happen when I return home? THANKS? That’s what you’re offering?’

Alex tried to offer a pout, but with daphne standing there, all a-fluster and in that hot – and by now, presumably rather sticky and sweaty – crimson dress, it was all he could do not to unzip, to allow boner its freedom.

‘We’ll come up with an explanation, love, so let’s not spoil the rest of the evening, ok?’ Alex said, patting the bedspread beside me. ‘C’mon…’

daphne crossed her arms, considering. ‘Well, if this IS to be my last night on earth…’

Alex smiled, holding out his arms. ‘That’s my girl…’

daphne fell into Alex, then, the weight of her body crushing against Alex’s hard cock as their lips met. While sucking daphne’s tongue into his mouth, Alex squeezed her tight buns, firmly gripping the dress covering her cheeks. Pulling the dress upward, Alex slipped his hands inside daphne’s panties, pulling them down. She gasped as fingers trailed between cheeks, grazing rose as they headed toward daphne’s previously slicked slit, pleased to find it still warm and hot. Sticking fingers inside, Alex began stroking where cock was soon to re-enter.

Rolling to one side, daphne quickly found Alex’s zipper. Unzipping his pants, she pulled down his shorts, taking cock in hand. By this time the straps of daphne’s dress were off her shoulders, and with Alex’s free hand he pulled the zipper on her dress down, releasing her breasts. Gnawing her cheek, then down her neck, soon Alex’s mouth was on her left breast as he greedily sucked daphne’s nipple into his mouth.

‘I’m going to be in so…much…tru…truuu…aah…’ daphne attempted to say.

‘Shh…’ Alex whispered, releasing daphne’s tit briefly before resuming his sucking, licking and biting. ‘Not while I’m eating.’

Going on all fours, daphne pulled Alex’s pants and shorts off while stripping off her dress. daphne’s panties were still halfway down her legs as she slowly pressed her mound against Alex’s cock, rubbing sensuously, a look of bliss crossing her face and half-closed eyes. Grabbing her forcefully as she started, Alex flipped daphne over onto her back, pulling off her panties as he did so. daphne’s legs instinctively wrapped around Alex’s torso, just above his ass as he rubbed between slit and cheeks.

‘…in…IN…’ daphne insisted, eyes a-flutter and nipples taut. In Alex went, too, pressing glans against rose as daphne’s eyes opened wide. ‘Aah!’ she exclaimed, and Alex could see a look of hesitation, fear and excitement in her gaze.

‘Relax, I’ll be…GEN…tle,’ Alex moaned, parting daphne’s bum.

‘Oh…my…god…’ daphne moaned, in time to Alex’s ass-fucking. As she didn’t seem to be in any particular distress, though, Alex pressed his advantage, pounding cock between cheeks with determined possessiveness.

The bed squeaked as they fucked, with Alex taking turns sucking on daphne’s tongue and chewing on her tits. He rammed her as hard as he could, taking care to ensure she wasn’t in any *undue* pain.

‘I…love…you…’ Alex gasped, breathlessly, their momentum at this point AT the point where he was about to explode.

‘I…I…aah…’ was about all daphne could muster in reply. It was enough.

Pulling out, Alex came, squirting his cum on daphne’s tum and between her breasts. Collapsing on top of her and kissing her deeply again, Alex’s cum on daphne’s tits matted his chest hair as the sweat of the two lover’s bodies caused them to cling together.

After what seemed like an eternity, Alex rolled to daphne’s side, pulling her toward him. They snuggled then, kissing softly and stroking each other gently.

Groggily pulling back the covers, they eased into the bed, collapsing into each others arms once again.

‘So,’ daphne whispered, kissing Alex on the lips. ‘What ARE we going to do?’

Squeezing daphne tightly, Alex kissed her forehead. ‘Have a good night’s sleep, my love. We’ll figure tomorrow out when it comes.’

daphne looked at Alex with concern but, noting that his eyes were already closed, decided not to press the issue further.

At least until sunrise.

Detective Ramirez set down the phone and got up from his desk.

‘The APB we have out on the abducted girl. Her car was spotted at the ‘Muchacho Motel’ just outside the city.’

Setting down the report he’d been working on, Agent Sanchez grabbed his holster and strapped it around his waist.

‘Let’s go.’


Alex kissed daphne, passionately, as they lay, naked in bed, the sun just beginning to stream in as dawn broke. They hadn’t gotten much sleep, but Alex, for one, really hadn’t wanted to. Everything he wanted was finally in his arms – all the grace, beauty, warmth…a heart pulsing wildly, matching his own. He wanted it to last. Forever.

‘I…love…’ daphne sighed, between kisses.

Alex’s cock…and every other part of him – was in complete agreement. It could be seen in his eyes, without so much as a word.

Planting kisses on daphne’s cheek, Alex continued down her neck, and between her breasts. Taking a nipple between his fingers, Alex held it firmly, increasing pressure as he met daphne’s gaze. Just as her eyes widened and her pelvis lurched, Alex released, smiling. Then, to the melodious sound of daphne’s gasping, Alex PINCHED…and daphne started.

‘Owww…that hurt,’ daphne pouted, her bottom lip extended. ‘So much for ‘love’…’

Alex smiled. ‘What do you mean? So much for love,’ he said, feigning indignity. ‘You knew what I was like, going in, right?’

daphne paused, biting her lower lip while carefully eyeing Alex’s fingers on her breast.

‘Yeah. I guess. Carry on, then…Sir.’

‘Say ‘please’.’

‘Owww! Aaaah…’puh-LEEZE…Sir Alex…’

daphne’s thighs squeezed together as Alex increased the pressure on her nipple.

‘That’s more like it.’

Cupping daphne’s breast, Alex began kneading it while drawing circles ’round the circumference of her aurolea with his index finger. daphne’s gaze alternated between watching Alex’s hand – perhaps mistrustfully? – and meeting his eyes, possibly for signs of intent.

Like Alex would give anything away.

‘Mine,’ Alex stated, squeezing firmly.

‘Gaa…YOURS…Sir…’ daphne winced, drawing her legs up, seemingly in a protective stance.

‘I love you, too, you know,’ Alex said, kissing daphne on the forehead. ‘More than you can imagine.’

‘I know…I know…’

Of a sudden, daphne was off in a distant place – one Alex was wary of, but one he’d hoped to have warded off, for at least a few more blissful moments.

‘How long, d’ya think.’

‘Mmm?’ daphne met my Alex’s again, then lowered hers.

‘Your relatives…your dad…the Colombian Mafia…’ Alex cajoled.

daphne managed a half-smile. ‘Oh, I don’t think the MAFIA would be called out…just for YOU…’

‘No. Not…for ME.’

‘Mmm. Well…to be honest? Theyr’e probably closing in on us as we speak, love. If I know my Dad. To say nothing of the rest of my relatives.’


As cock went flaccid, Alex’s eyebrows raised. After a brief moment pondering, he sat up. Scrabbling for his glasses and putting them on, he shifted his weight over the side of the bed and reached for the clothes the two lovers had abandoned barely moments before. ‘Guess we might want to consider going.’

Placing daphne’s clothes beside her on the bed, Alex began dressing in his. Noticing daphne hadn’t moved, he paused.


‘Where do you think we’ll go? Where can we possibly?’

Zipping up his jeans, pulling his tee over his head and adjusting his glasses, Alex replied ‘you remembered your passport?’

‘PASS…well, yes, but…I mean…where? THERE? I mean…away…I just…don’t…’

Standing up after pulling on his runners, Alex motioned with his finger toward daphne’s clothes.

‘Yes. It’s insane. I know. We could be stopped…anywhere…en route. We could be stopped at the airport. I am fully aware of how this COULD end, daphne. I’ve read ‘Romeo and Juliette’. Saw ‘Natural Born Killers, too.’

daphne simply glared, momentarily uncertain. Could he know?

Naah…not possible. ‘Now’s not a time for jokes, love.’

daphne had managed to slip her dress over her head and had pulled it down by this point. Looking around, she said ‘where…are my panties?’

Smiling, Alex patted his pocket. ‘In a safe place.’

‘Bra, too?’

‘No, I thought we’d leave that here for the authorities to find. It’s got both our DNA on it, after all.’

‘Asshole!’ daphne laughed.

‘Yes, probably some cum from there dripped down, too. I licked up as much as I could.’

daphne swatted Alex then as he got up to peer out of the venetian blinds. ‘Shh, now. Ok, it looks like the coast is clear…at least for the moment.’

‘Such a drama queen,’ daphne said, smiling while gripping Alex’s buns while looking over his shoulder. ‘You’re SURE the army, and the navy…and the entire Colombian Drug Cartel aren’t just outside our door, waiting…’

‘Army! NAVY!’ Alex snorted. ‘Drug Cartel, now…maybe…’

Swatting Alex again, daphne turned and picked up her purse.

‘Oh THERE’S my bra!’ she exclaimed, opening her purse and pulling it out.