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May 18, 2013

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Twenty years on

May 12, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


She happened upon his picture in a purge of her computer profiles. How long ago it was! When was it again? How many things had changed.

Life was so different now. Julian, in Med School and Katrina, just finishing high school…

She remembered back to when. Back when he sent her all those silly stories, and when she was actually considering…could it be that she *was* actually considering?

…those stories: filled with imaginings of lust; of carnal interludes and all-things, well…’forbidden’, for lack of a better word. Yes, she had considered such things herself, way back when they first met. It was WHERE they first met that everything began, actually. That ‘Kink’ site, honest-to-god. Was it still in existence?

Not that it mattered anymore. Was all really just kids’ stuff, wasn’t it. Good fun; good for…an orgasm! (shh!) or two, haha, but when reality hit…

Hub was now a reasonably successful, middle-management accountant, and made a good living for them. Gave up his aspirations to be an ‘artiste’, well…LONG ago. Shortly after they got together, in fact. How dreams die…or, practically speaking, how ‘reality’ tends to settle in, making mincemeat of those ‘other plans’…

Still, it was a good life. Wasn’t it? A house in the ‘burbs; a steady paycheque…enough money to at least get the kids into college. What does it matter if the last time they had a proper vacation was…when was it again? But love: LOVE was the key. Saw them through thick and thin; gave her enough courage to get him past the point where he was finally able to emerge from the hospital, and with only a few scars to show for his troubles…and they now had matching ‘wrist bracelets’! Ones that never fully faded, in fact…they’d always have that.

He’d been a larger part of her life, at one time. Hell, when she thought about it, that’s all he ever really wanted – to be part of her life; to share her stories; help out when he could…and he did help, really he did. Those times when she was being stalked; even in later years when she cried on his shoulder over ‘family stuff’, when he’d really just stopped by to say hello. Yes, if he wasn’t offering moral support, it was…just about…BEING there. Someone to talk to…a *genuine* friend. An increasingly rarer commodity, particularly as life went on and it became so much more about kids, the mortgage, and just trying to make ends meet…

Good looking guy, too, for his age. Back then, at any rate. Been so long! Well, perhaps she’d keep the picture, if only for old-times sake. Maybe add it to her scrap-book! Yes, that’d be the thing to do, and no one’s the wiser.

Printing the picture, she then pulled her scrap-book out of the desk drawer. Finding just the right page, she applied glue stick to the picture’s backing next to the article from the paper.

‘March 27, 2030: [ ____ ] died peacefully surrounded by friends and family.’

…not ALL of his friends, she thought, closing the book and reaching for a tissue.

Lolita 2013, Part Four

May 5, 2013

She stood in daph’s doorway, with me, having just come out of daph’s closet. She seemed neither surprised, nor upset, at my presence, though – almost as if she was expecting me?

She was smiling demurely. ‘I’m Cassie.’

I returned her smile. ‘I know who you are. You’re daph’s sister.’

Her smile turned mischievous. ‘And I know who YOU are.’

‘You think.’ My expression remained unchanged; revealing nothing.

Cool as a cucumber, Alex.

I’d managed to make it in daph’s house through a back entrance JUST as her parents arrived home. Though I don’t think they saw me, I somehow managed to sneak into her room and hide myself. (I simply followed the scent of her perfume.) From the gist of the ensuing conversation I could hear out the open window beside the driveway, plus the fact that Mom, Dad, and daph’s heated exchange trailed off into closing doors of a vehicle that then drove off, I had to assume that, well…something was up.

Leaving me, here…to my own devices. As it were.

‘…so. You KNOW me,’ I repeated, moving to sit on daph’s bed.

‘daph isn’t so good at using passwords that can’t be easily guessed at…’

I spied the laptop sitting on daph’s beside table, blinking happily as Cassie moved closer to the bed. (‘Open me! READ me!’ it seemed to whisper…)

‘And you’re not above snooping in her personal profile to see what big sister is up to.’

‘Yeah. Like that.’ Her fingers trailed lazily on daph’s comforter, and she never took her eyes off me.

‘Thinking you might know more about me than I you.’

Cassie smiled wider. ‘There’s time to fill in the blank spots. daph and my parents will probably be out for a couple of hours, at least. Something about filling out a police report – about an…abduction? I think they said? Or maybe that my car was stolen.’

Might have to take this little Chiquita a mite more seriously – at least until I could figure her game.

‘You’ve got me. So what did you have in mind.’

Her smile turned coy; her eyes glinted with possibilities.

‘Blackmail? If necessary.’


‘IF necessary. This DOES sound serious.’

Cassie rolled on the balls of her naked feet.

‘Depends on how…obliging…you are.’

I shifted on the bed, bunching up a pillow behind my back.

‘Open to persuasion?’

‘I know what daph is into. And I know who you are to her.’

Busted. ‘So?’

‘I want that, too.’

‘…you want…*that*. Can you be any more vague?’

Going on her knees, Cassie felt under the foot of daph’s bed. Pulling out a suitcase, she opened it, keeping her eyes on me. As the suitcase lid faced in my direction, I didn’t know for sure what might be inside – but I had my suspicions.

‘Perhaps a demonstration. These are daph’s things…daph’s…’toys’…’

An idea where she was going with this began forming. ‘Go on.’

‘I want to try them…want YOU to try them. On me.’

I smiled, trying not to have it turn into a wide-eyed grin. Cock, on the other hand, wasn’t being quite as discreet. Good thing I was seated so I could conceal myself under my hands and forearms.

‘…first: you’re…how old?’

Cassie smiled. ‘Came along one year after daph. So…’

‘Old enough.’


‘Good enough. Let’s see whatcha got.’

cassie, paused, alternating her gaze between the trunk she continued to kneel in front of and meeting my eyes. Standing up again, she said…’you mean…you mean like…?’

Shrugging and then unbuttoning her blouse, it appeared cassie had given this some advance thought. As nipples and auroleas the same color as daph’s came into view, engorged glans protested loudly at the sight of cassie’s somewhat larger breasts. Biting her lips in that OH-so coyly arousing way that girls do, next off was cassie’s skirt, revealing – surprise of surprises – no panties, but a lovely triangle of dark, bushy fur below midriff.


‘No, that wasn’t ENTIRELY my meaning…’ I said, pausing for effect while not being disappointed by the crimson hue that colored cassie’s face, ‘but…no matter. You’re naked now. What I meant was, what would you like to TRY.’

‘Oh. OH! Well, of course,’ cassie smiled nervously, her nipples arching atop stippled auroleas. ‘I was…thinking…’ she said, dipping into the suitcase, ‘…this?’

A sturdy, but well-worth checking the flexibility of, riding crop was now held, gingerly, in cassie’s hands, as if in reverence.

‘Well.’ I said with mock surprise. ‘I didn’t realize daph was into, erm, ‘equestrian pursuits.’

‘Actually? It’s mine.’ cassie said, turning the crop in her hands as she studied it. ‘For HORSE riding? I took some lessons a couple of years ago, and after that, daph, well…comandeered it. Seems. But I knew where it went.’

My smile remained as I watched cassie carefully. Self-consciousness seemed to overtake as I stared, and she dropped the crop in her hand to one side and covered her muff with the other.

‘I see.’

Cassie was obviously becoming more and more flustered, making me wonder how she’d imagined this scenario playing itself out. Did she think I’d simply jump her, beating her with the crop and then fucking her, or maybe doing both at the same time? Oh, the possibilities!

I decided, considering it appeared Cassie was at least looking for me to make the first move, I’d oblige – the only consideration being the fact that, as she drew closer, so much harder would it be to contain my straining cock.

‘Come,’ I said, patting the bed. ‘Join me.


Needing no further encouragement, Cassie came to daph’s bedside and sat down near me. She was still visibly flushed, with nipples hard and – was that a whiff of damp vagina I smelled, from between her legs?

Deciding that valour, at least in the initial phase, would help ease things, I put my hand behind her head. Drawing her close, she gasped, then closed her eyes. Her mouth opened against mine, accepting my tongue. Falling back on the bed, her legs spread apart, bent at the knees and with her feet still on the floor. Taking the riding crop from her hand, I began slowly drawing it between her legs.

‘Aah…’ cassie moaned, lifting a hand to my head. Pulling me closer, the intensity of our kissing increased as I ran the end of the crop between her lips. She bucked, and shivered, her nipples hard. Pressing the crop in an inch or two, cassie drew up her legs. I thought about pulling down my pants and pushing cock inside ass at that point, but kept control, not wanting to frighten her unduly.

‘Hit…me…’ cassie whispered, one of her fingers pointing toward her tits. ‘Please…’

Considering her request, I pulled back from her mouth. Her eyes opened in surprise.

‘Roll over,’ I commanded – and, with barely a pause (but with eyes open even wider), she obliged me.

Cassie’s ass was also bigger than daph’s. She was definitely more Rubenesque than her sister, but that simply made me all the harder. The bigger the cushion…


I tested the crop for resilience on the bed as cassie gasped.

‘That was just a test drive.’ I said, reassuringly. Then…


I brought the crop down firmly across her cheeks. She bounced.


‘AAH!’ cassie moaned. ‘Yes!’

THWACK! THWACK! Hard, and harder – much like my cock, actually.

Scarlet lines became visible, even despite the lovely mocha color of cassie’s skin.



I could take the strain no more. Setting the crop down as cassie turned her head to look at me, I quickly slid out of my jeans and shorts. Going overtop of her, I slid my precum-slick’d glans along her crack, nestling shaft along it. Pushing glans against her lips, cassie gasped as I pushed inside. Holding that position as I picked up the crop, I began riding her ass while gripping her hair with my free hand. cassie pushed her arms under her, drawing herself up to meet my thrusts, and I continued hitting her – albeit not as hard – along her side and arm with my crop hand.

‘Are you a virgin?’ I asked, gasping between thrusts.

‘I…aah…was…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…’ cassie gasped, then shuddered, an orgasm shaking her body.

Just as she came, I did, too, pulling out in time to coat her crack and cheeks with my cum.

‘Appears I got your cherry, baby,’ I groaned, rolling over onto the bed beside cassie.

‘You’re welcome,’ she giggled, twitching her bum and moving to wrap her arms around me.