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e[lust] Forty-Seven: Heaven on a cracker…

June 15, 2013

Chintz Curtain Condoms

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 5

June 2, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


‘Well. Isn’t THIS a fine pickle.’

Daphne stood in the doorway of her room, one hand on the doorknob and the other twirling a set of car keys. The look in her EYES?

Certainly suggestive of territorialness, for one thing. Not that I could blame her. Daph’s sister and I were underneath the covers of her bed, after all.

‘Umm…thank you?’

‘Stuff it, Alex – IN your shorts.’ daph said, entering the room. ‘Assuming you’re wearing any.’

‘You see I’ve met your sister.’ Ok, not cool, Alex. Attempted humour at this point? Probably not gonna lighten the mood.

‘And helped yourself to the contents of my…is that my double-ended dildo? Shit, cassie! And my lube?’

‘It was HIS idea!’ Apparently cassie wasn’t going to be much help defending my case. Younger sisters? I tell ya. Good thing she’d been such a fine fuck.

‘Umm…where’s mom and dad,’ cassie asked, sitting up and drawing the bed sheets to her neck.

Deft shift of topic. I liked. Wonder how long it’d last.

Daph pursed her lips. ‘Still at the station…don’t ask. Something about YOUR car…and fingerprinting, and shit. Ok, maybe I was kidding about the fingerprinting. His fingerprints are all over the both of us now, anyway.’

daph was now by her bedside, where she sat down. Still in the beautiful crimson dress from the other night…well, actually, she was a little on the ‘glowy’ side, if you catch me. Kinda mussed; a little worse for wear.

Still beautiful, though.


‘You smell like him.’


‘Fuck OFF!’

Both girls glowered at each other, and I was wary of who might strike first. Considering I’d be in the line of fire, it was expedient to pipe up. Probably not a good time to ask daph if she’d been strip -searched. I’d just have to leave that to my imaginings.

‘Ok, cassie? Now who’s being…all right, girls. Not gonna try and explain. I think what’s going on is pretty obvious.’

‘You fucked my sister. IN my bed. Doesn‘t take a scientist, Alex.’

Or a doctor in training. Apparently. ‘And I’m guessing that even the suggestion of a threesome is out of the question SO…where to from here. Is the thing.’

Both girls ignored me. Thankfully.

‘How long before M/D get home.’ cassie had scrabbled out of bed and was putting on her undergarments.

‘Could be ANYTIME…*sis*.’ daph just seethed…first at cassie; then at me. ‘So get you ass in gear.’

‘I’m going! I’m going…’

‘you, too, stud muffin…’

Despite everything, I wanted daph again. Perhaps it was her still-ripe scent; maybe it was the fact of two sisters…whatever the case, early-evening hard-on was coming on again, however unseasonably. And early in the day. Didn’t know WHAT time it was, to tell the truth.

My, erm, ’growing interest’, seemed hardly lost on daph.

‘Can’t accuse you of discretion, can we, Alex,’ daph said, unceremoniously pulling back the bed sheet. Covering my cock as best I could, it really didn’t make any difference. ‘You smell of her.’

‘Well, no shii…I mean, c’mon! daph!

…uuh, how would you know what your sister smells like?’

Daph‘s smile was a little unsettling. ‘Shut up.’

Slapping my hands away, daph gripped my shaft. Bending it towards her mouth, she sucked me in in one fell swoop. As balls engaged while she baubled them, I closed my eyes – but not before catching cassie’s look – which was surprisingly non-plussed.

‘Come here…aah…often? Cassie?’

‘Huh? Whaa?‘ Her tone suggested surprise. ‘No…NO! I mean…what are you inferring?’

‘Heee meeeeeens u aahhhn meeeeeeeee…’

Daph should never try speaking with her mouth full.

‘I…dunno…I don’t know what you mean!’

As cassie had only managed to dress up to her waist, her boobies were still on display. And, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I could’ve SWORN I saw rise of nipple and pucker of areola.

‘Hmm? Well, if you say so, baby. Aaah…’

I was THIS CLOSE to cumming in daph’s mouth right when she stopped – and SMACKED cock, RIGHT in the glans.


‘Oww! SHIT! Daph!

Then, she did what any scorned lover with her hand already on the jewels might do.




My fondest wish being that she’d LEAVE my asshole alone, but…aah!


Her index, RIGHT up the cheeks.

‘After all this time…after what I said you meant to me…THIS…is what you do?’

‘Oh god o god o GOD…’

…actually? It felt…kinda good.

Wasn’t gonna tell daph that, tho’. As she bore down on me, I did catch cassie’s eye once again, giving her a wink. She’d begun playing with her nipples and squeezing her breasts while watching, so I suspected I’d not get any assistance from her even if I’d begged for it.

Then, daph finally let go.

And HIT me…SLAPPED me…in the face.

‘Puta! You want some of this, sis?’

Cass regained her composure, letting go of her tits. ‘Umm…no thank you?’

‘You sure.’

‘No, really, sis – he’s ALL…YOURS…oh, shit – is that M/D’s car?’

‘Ok, fucker,’ daph said, gripping me by the chin as cock was fit to geyser, ‘this is how it’s gonna be. You GET inside my closet and HIDE your sorry ass.’ I’ll figure out a suitable punishment later…’


‘No! You don’t get to talk!’ Standing up, daph lifted her dress, revealing that she was still sans undies. ‘Smell that? That was YOU…that was US…a few short hours ago? ‘cause apparently you’ve forgotten. Fucker. If you want to taste it…or any other part of me again, you’ll stfu and GO!

Cock squirted onto daph’s mussed bed sheets in spite of myself.