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e[lust] 48…fete!

July 16, 2013

Icarus Photo courtesy of It Girl Rag Doll

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 6

July 6, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


While Alex cowered – and rightfully so – inside my closet, cassie peered through a crack in the Venetian blinds. As for me, I couldn’t help pressing the fabric covering my mound into my slit while staring at cassie’s luscious, naked ass. How long had it been?

TOO long.

…but now, she was sullied with HIM: His cum; His kisses…HIS body odor…

It was enough to make a subby half-sister jealous.

And aroused. And…possessive?


If it weren’t for the fact that I, too, was also covered in his scent; HIS cum, mingling with the juices that oozed from my cunt and made the silk of my crimson dress even messier…I might even be downright…angry. *Damn* I needed a shower!

…but how could I be seriously angry at my beautiful little sister? Especially when the feelings coursing through me were so…ohm…mmm…

Un-platonic. Decidedly. Whether we had the same daddy or not.

Didn’t mean I couldn’t use the situation to my advantage, however.

‘Well, are they coming or what.’

‘They’re just standing outside, by the car. Talking. With a policeman who I guess escorted them home.’

Cassie’s free hand – the one not holding open the blinds – was down below, much like mine. And, though she was facing away, I had a pretty good idea where her fingers were situated.

Reaching behind my back, I unzipped my dress. Already my stiff nipples felt like a shock ran through them as the air rushed around me, much like my cunt…ooh! Did I just ‘say’ that?…and…CLIT!…and my dress slipped to the floor.

‘You stink.’ But goose flesh appeared on the back of Cassie’s arms as I approached, placed my hands on her shoulders, and pressed my mound into her butt.

‘We BOTH stink. Of HIM.’

‘ssss…’ Cassie hissed, closing here eyes. ‘Wonder what he’s thinking, staring at us behind the slats of your closet doors.’

‘Doing his times-tables, I imagine.’ I pressed my lips into Cassie’s shoulders.

Cassie started. ‘Whaa…?’

‘Never mind. What do you *think* he’s thinking about.’

‘The sight of two beautiful sisters touching each other?’

‘Yeah. Maybe.’

MAN Cass had soft boobies. Mmm…boobies! But, it’s true. Mine were…ARE…nice, but…hers?


Cassie turned, eyes wide at my nakedness, but hesitating only briefly before wrapping her arms around my waist.

‘Mom and Dad…’

‘Shhh…’ cassie always closed her eyes when we kissed, but I never did. Our nipples pressed together as our tongues met, and I was reminded that my body wasn’t the only thing that hadn’t had a good cleaning in a day or so.

‘You…*taste*…like him, too!’

‘Shut up and kiss me – oh, fuck – they’re heading inside! Quick!’

Taking Cassie by the hand and heading for the door, we both bound – buck-naked – for the bathroom. ‘High time’ – literally – and it was all I could think of to do, at any rate.

Slipping inside, closing and locking the door, I whispered to Cassie. ‘Get the shower started!’

Needing no further encouragement, soon the room was filling with steam after Cassie turned the taps and adjusted the temperature.


And I was right behind her. With Cassie, directly under the spray and my arms on her hips, I tried to tamp down the urge to go on my knees and spread her cheeks. At least until we were both a little freer of Alex’s scent, at any rate…

‘Mmm…shhh!’ Cassie said, as much to herself as anyone else.

‘I got this, baby girl.’ Reaching for the shampoo, I poured some in my hand. Setting the bottle down, I rubbed my hands together as Cassie bent under the shower head, getting her hair nice and wet. Her cheeks pressed against my mound, this time seemingly intentionally but, again, I chose to ignore the fucking FIRE that seeped from my swollen lips so I could focus on lathering her hair.

‘Bend into me, darlin,’ I said, wrapping my arms under Cassie’s and pulling her closer. She leaned her head into my shoulders as I lathered, her eyes, once again, closed – and fluttering. I smiled; my heart pounded; I was breathless, kneading her scalp…

Probably should’ve brushed my teeth first. Oh well; might as well enjoy the moment…

‘Cassie? Daphne?’

Shit. Mom.

‘shh!’ I whispered. ‘Just say it’s you,’ I mouthed to cassie’s look of terror.

‘It’s…it’s just me, Mom.’

‘Where’s Daphne?’

‘I duno…she’s home? I haven’t seen her…aah…’

Probably not the best time to stick my fingers inside Cassie’s twat.

Probably not.


But I did, anyway.

‘…you ok in there, love?’

‘I’m…aahh…(*stop it*!),’ Cassie whispered as my fingers pressed further inward, ‘I’m ok…I’ll be out soon!’

‘I’ll go make us some lunch, then. And when you see daphne, I want to talk to her!’

‘Okahhhhhh…! Mom…’

I was on my knees now, my fingers out of cassies’ cunt…and *parting* her cheeks.

‘Jesus, Sis…Oh…no…don’t…aah…’

But…I did. Licking around the periphery…gently grazing rose before PRODDING…gripping her cheeks and then DIGGING in with my fingernails…


Shampoo that hadn’t already washed away had seeped down Cassie’s forehead and into her eyes. THAT would sting…when she opened her eyes, at any rate…meantime, her hands pressed against the shower wall, just under the spray that continued to anoint us…

…a shudder, rocking around my hands, mouth and tongue…and Cass buckled. Drawing her down onto me, I continued to lick, nibble, and CHEW her ass as it enveloped my face. It was all Cass could do to steady herself on the sides of the tub, but her shuddering continued, until we both felt another of her orgasms rock the both of us…

And, with that – in fact, without any other stimulus – I, too, came, my clit, a little cock pushing out from my slick mound. I spasmed, gripping cass all-the tighter and thinking about that rat-bastard Alex’s cock, rammed STRAIGHT up my asshole…



‘Damn! My EYES!’

I smiled, directing Cassie’s face into the shower spray…

‘DAPH!’ cassie gurgled and sputtered…a *little* louder than I would’ve liked…