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e[lust] e-dition forty-nine

August 15, 2013

cheekyminx Photo courtesy of Love Hate Sex Cake

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part Seven

August 4, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


‘Hey. You ok in there?’

The doors of the closet opened and there Daph’s sister stood, staring down at me wearing only a towel and a wry smile.

‘Been better,’ I replied, un-cramping my legs from a squatting position and slowly standing up.

‘Whoa there, big fellah,’ cassie said, grasping my arm and helping me out of the closet. ‘Don’t want to bruise anything, huh.’

‘Where’s daph.’ I’d been dozing, and only gradually awakened to the realization that I was even more poorly attired than cass.

‘Talking with my folks. We’re gearing up to head to University tomorrow, so…yeah. Umm…what were your plans with her supposed to be, exactly?’

‘You mean, before the police and before meeting you and everything.’

‘Yeah. Like that.’

‘Well, I guess I would’ve accompanied daph to school. Think I could trouble you for a glass of water or something? Kinda parched after being in the closet and all.’

‘I’ll see what I can do. Don’t go anywhere.’


I didn’t miss the chance to check out Cassie’s behind when she exited daph’s room, her towel barely covering her beautifully prodigious ass. As I was starting to harden again, I thought it best to tuck in again under daph’s bedsheets, at least until cassie returned and a better plan was formulated.

Returning in only a minute with a bottle in hand, cassie smiled again, still wearing only the towel as she quietly shut the door behind her.

‘Tequila is all I could find without interrupting my parents and daph,’ she said, wasting no time slipping out of her towel and joining me under the sheets. ‘Sorry. No glasses. Swig?’


Boner was on FULL alert with cassie’s naked thigh brushing against mine. I took the bottle from her and had a sip, trying not to choke.

‘It’s a…bit…strong. Like Papa likes it.’

‘It’s…ok…’ I said, swallowing and passing the bottle back to cassie. ‘Your turn.’

Wiping the rim of the bottle, Cassie batted her eyes and took…a much bigger swig than me. Then, in a move I really shouldn’t have been surprised to see, she dabbed some tequila on her index finger. She then proceeded to rub her dampened finger around her puckered aureoles.

‘Your turn,’ Cassie said, setting the bottle down upon daph’s night stand.

…who was I to argue?

Taking Cassies’ shoulders in hand, I lowered my mouth to her left breast. Extending my tongue, I rotated it around her nipple. Cassie closed her eyes and held her breath while clenching her legs, and her hand automatically reached for my cock. As I gobbled more and more of her tit into my mouth, she began stroking up and down my shaft.

‘I really need to finish packing,’ she gasped. ‘Owww!’ she moaned when I increased the pressure of my teeth around her boob. Gripping her other breast in my hand, I squeezed – almost as hard as she was on my cock. While visions of running my tongue from cunt to crack caused my own cheeks to clench, I felt my balls gearing up for geyser.

‘First things…aah…FIRST…’ I exclaimed, releasing the pressure from inside my sack onto her fingers and all over her tum.

‘Aah…ahh…hey! No fair!’ Cassie exclaimed. ‘No orgasm for me?’

Gripping her hair and thrusting my tongue deeply inside her mouth, upon release I smiled.

‘You said you needed to get ready.’

‘Maybe later then?’ Cassie pouted. Looking down at her tits, her eyes widened.

‘So this is what you like doing.’ she said, admiring the teeth and fingernail marks.

‘That…is what I like doing. Pretty much.’

‘You’re gonna be fun to have around while daph and I try to focus on school work.’

‘Still planning on taking me with you, are you.’

Cassie smiled and pulled back the sheets. ‘You prefer the police come and get you, don’t be shy.’

‘No, no…I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be a menage-a-tois, is all.’

‘You’re not the only one. Guess we’ll need to stop by your hotel to pick up your things, too, huh.’

‘That’d be good.’

Going on all fours, Cassie winked at me. ‘Either eat it or fuck it. Before we go.’

‘Or the consequences, I’m guessing, will be dire.’

‘The police are on speed-dial.’

‘Why am I not surprised,’ I said, going on my knees behind Cassie and spreading her cheeks between my fingers.