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Curveball, Pt 3

October 15, 2017

‘You like my ass.’

Even absent the upward inflection, Travis felt compelled to mumble in the affirmative.

‘My big…FAT…ass.’

A pause. ‘Yes.’

‘You paused.’

Amy had managed to denude Travis to a state equal to hers, but they remained in her living room apart from that. Miles Davis ‘So What’ played softly on Amy’s stereo while she rested on her haunches and sucked on Travis’ scrotum, one ball at a time.

‘I meant no disrespect.’

‘Ever the gentleman. Wanna fuck it?’

Scrotum-seize – this, after only a few minutes since his first orgasm.

‘Look…Amy,’ Travis began, attempting to still her by gripping her head…

‘…mmm…harder…’ which Amy most certainly did with her mouth.

‘No, I…aaah…please…’

Amy looked up at Travis with incredibly endearing puppy eyes. Too irresistible!

‘Come. Let’s sit on the couch,’ Amy said, taking Travis’ hand.

‘Look…I like you,’ Travis stammered, searching for the right words while trying to still his pounding heart.

‘My curves? My passion? My, erm…enthusiasm?’ Amy’s smile was devilishly disarming.

‘Yes, but…I mean…are you always like this? I mean, so early in the game?’

‘Huh,’ Amy replied, with eyes cast downward. ‘Normally guys would leap at the opportunity to fuck around, no strings…I dunno. Maybe it IS me.’

‘No, no – you’re fine…you’re hot,’ Travis said, taking Amy’s hand while trying not to stare at her 42DD’s with sand dollar aureolas and hard, button-sized nipples. Her mocha complexion covered her entire body, and Travis was definitely having a hard time focusing.

‘So is there a problem? You like me… you’re obviously turned on…ohhh…maybe you’ve never been with a nympho before…’

‘A…what? No… I mean, yes… I don’t know…the point is…’

‘Maybe you need a little more time to think about this.’

Amy’s final words echoed in his head as Travis sat, now in his window-fogged car, just outside her apartment.


After slightly less than fifteen minutes, Travis hit ‘redial’ on his cell.


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Curveball, Pt 2

October 15, 2017

Travis had no expectations for his date as he arrived on Amy’s doorstep. Her cheery ‘hello’ when she buzzed him in via the intercom had given nothing away. They’d talked about simply moving coffee to a more intimate locale; Starbucks was always so noisy. They could barely hear each other half the time, and it was always busy.

‘Well, hey,’ Amy said after opening the door.

Travis gulped. ‘Uhhh…hi…?’

Instead of her usual jeans and a tee, Amy was sporting a completely see-through teddy – the parts that covered her, at any rate – which wasn’t much. The upper part featured holes where her nipples and aureolas were, and the crotch exposed her freshly denuded cunny.

‘You, umm…shave.’ Smooth, Trav – ‘real’ smooth.

‘It’s not just for underarms,’ Amy smiled mischievously. ‘C’mon in and take your clothes off. If you’d like.’

Cautiously, Travis entered Amy’s apartment. She’d lowered the lights and several candles burned in strategic locations.

‘Atmosphere in the spirit of All Hallows,’ Amy said, wrapping her arms around Travis’ waist from behind. ‘You seem…surprised.’

‘I…err…I’m just a little…this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.’

‘Desperate? Too eager? Like I’m throwing myself at you or something?’ Amy had released her grip.

‘No…it’s not that. I…’ Travis stammered, turning. Amy was now completely naked; her teddy at their feet.

‘Maybe you think it’s cos of my size,’ Amy said, going on her knees. ‘Maybe you’re not attracted,’ she said, unzipping Travis’ jeans. ‘Whup – cancel that thought. May I, Sir?’

Travis’ hard and throbbing cock, followed by his load, emptied down Amy’s throat before he had a chance to say ‘Hallowe’en apples!’


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Curveball, Pt 1

October 15, 2017

‘I’m tellin’ ya, man – fat chicks. Consider it.’

Zack had obviously had one beer too many – but it only slurred his speech; hadn’t slowed his misogyny one syllable.

Travis was halfway through his pint, pretending to take interest in his best friend’s tales of sexual prowess while secretly nursing his own thoughts on the matter.

‘You’re seeing her again? What’d you say her name was?’

Zack motioned the bartender with two fingers.

‘Amy,’ Travis said, taking another swallow. ‘No – no more for me. I want to be…sober. More sober.’

‘Hawww!’ Zack laughed. ‘Don’t want your libido dampened by suds – I get it. But, as I was saying, I met this one chick – momma! Huge udders…ginormous booty! Not normally my thing, man, but – boy could she smother!’

‘Yeah, yeah…Amy’s…nice…curvy, too…’ Travis was focusing on his empty glass.

‘You’re getting some, right? Thanks, mate!’ Zack said when the barkeep placed two more pints in front of the two friends.

‘No, I…’ Travis began. O well. ‘It’s our 3rd…maybe 4th date…she invited me over this time…’ he continued, taking another sip. For courage.

‘Sounds promising! I want all the details – and if she doesn’t work out…’ Zack wriggled his eyebrows as he quaffed half his pint in a couple gulps.

‘Two words: B..B…W…’

Zack was way gone. Hopefully the bartender would call him a cab.

‘Yeah, yeah…catch ya…’

As Travis bade him farewell, Zack called out. When Travis turned, Zack was miming an hourglass shape – followed by a masturbating motion.

Classy to the last drop, Travis thought, smiling.


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