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Reunited, 7

June 5, 2018


‘This wasn’t your first rodeo.’

‘Honestly, I hadn’t done it…before we started talking about it.’

‘Except for the licking.’


‘How long. After.’

‘Not long. Long enough…?’


‘Train. And learn.’

‘You’ve done well.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘This was my first.’



‘I know, right?’

‘Once tried…’

‘Can’t go back…’


‘I don’t feel guilty.’

‘No reason to.’

‘A bitch might be better, though.’

‘For you, maybe.’

‘Double-ended dildo? Be honest: don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.’

‘Not with mine.’

‘Another, then.’


‘Bitch pussy.’

‘I’M your bitch pussy.’

‘And you hate sharing.’

‘Most of the time.’



‘You’re going to guilt me.’

‘No…t necessarily…’

‘We’re in this. Together.’

‘All in.’

‘In everything.’


‘Getting hard again. This time, I want *your* bitch pussy.’

‘Yes, Sir! Or…ass…’

Up-end and we’ll see which hole fills first.’


Reunited 7
Allusions & Pillows Talk
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Reunited, Pt 6

June 5, 2018

Throwing further caution to the wind, we jumped into the shower. We really needed cooling down, and what was another few minutes? Our luck had held out so far…

‘Daughter…’ I asked while soaping your ass and tits.

‘Visiting friends.’ You cupped my ass, drawing me into you. Cock pressed vertically against your tum.


Our lips were everywhere: lip to lip; against cheeks; down our necks…

‘Camping with the squirt. Everyone decided to take advantage while I was gone…ok, they didn’t want to cook, so made sure they didn’t have to…’

‘Sounds foolproof,’ I said, bending my cock horizontally.

‘Unless something happens requiring a sudden return…’

‘Now *that’s* reassuming…’

You laughed and bit my shoulder.

I paused, with my cock just under your tum.

‘Oooh, Sirrr…please…don’t taunt…’

‘Turn around, then.’

Turning and placing your hands against the shower wall, you wiggled your ass teasingly. I wasn’t having any of it and shoved cock straight up.

‘Oooh! Yesssss…’

Gripping your hips, I thrust like a madman. Grunting like a crazed animal, I shot my load into your poop chute.

‘Oh, Maaa…ster…’ you gurgled under the shower spray.

‘We need to talk about your attitude, my love…’ I panted, then slapped your ass.

You laughed while gasping.



Reunited, Homeward Bound
AKA: Courting disaster (Pt 6)
Copyright 2018 M2B

Reunited, Pt 5

June 4, 2018

We’d snuck back to your place.

How dangerous was that? But, anyway: your idea; your wheels. I was simply along for the ride.

‘You’ll make us crash,’ you’d said while I felt up your skirt while we drove.

‘Did you see that movie?’ I asked. ‘’Crash’. The Cronenberg one; not the stupid one.’

‘Don’t think so.’

‘Ok actually, I didn’t actually see the stupid one. Just assumed since the authors must’ve known about the Cronenberg one.’

‘Mmm…you’re making me wet…’

‘Am I. That explains the state of your panties…’

We were driving along a very wooded area and I wondered how close we were. Plus where we were going. You wanted to surprise me.

‘Safe to assume…they ‘crashed’? In the film.’ You smiled but kept your eyes on the road – this, despite writhing around the hand which was slick with pussy. Fuck you were wet.

‘Many, many times – all quite premeditated – at least, after the first one. Was the result of a situation much like this,’ I said, pinching your clit.

‘Aaaah…look, either we stop and finish on the side of the road or you allow me to get us home…I mean, to our surprise destination, in one piece. Oops.’

‘So that’s where,’ I said, removing my hand from between your thighs. ‘Huh. Meeting the family and all that.’

‘I’m out of town, remember? No…no one’s home. Hopefully. We’ll see when we get there.’

‘I want to fuck you in the backseat.’


‘In your driveway.’



And so it went.


Reunited, Pt 5
Copyright 2018 M2B

Reunited, 1

June 3, 2018

I’d rented a hotel room as close to your home as possible. Discretion dictated I dare not come closer. As it was, even being in the same state as you was dangerous enough.

X and I had finally separated after the last and final time she was willing to put up with my refusal to sever ties, and so be it. I refused to sacrifice the one and only thing in my life that wasn’t completely tedious and mind-numbing – in a word: you…*us* and, in fact, this meant that I was actually free to go where I would. All financial and logistical considerations notwithstanding.


When you arrived, we’d prearranged that yours would be in the persona of bebe. You even dressed the part – helped that it was summer so you could wear halters and shorts without drawing too much scrutiny, but there you were, standing in My threshold: hair in a ponytail and wearing a minimum of makeup.

‘Daddy.’ You were visibly flushed, and I suspected it wasn’t strictly owing to the heat.

‘My love,’ I said, smiling. Your nipples were showing and I could smell that you were absent panties.


Holding the door open, you entered, and I admired your ass while closing the door behind you.

You couldn’t wait. Even with specific instructions. First off was your halter, releasing your glorious breasts. Nipples seemed even harder in the open air. Then down came your shorts. You appeared even bushier than ever, and I looked forward to getting your pubes caught in my teeth.

‘I present…’ you said, going on your knees, ‘and offer…if it pleases…’

‘Improvise,’ I replied, but you were already pulling my shorts down. I’d gone commando so cock sprang out immediately.

I was in your mouth and your hands gripped my cheeks, digging nails in while you sucked. Soon you were swallowing my cum while one hand cupped balls and a finger went straight up my ass. Any wonder I came so quickly.

You were over my knees before you could finish swallowing. My hand struck your bottom again and again, so much so that I worried about the noise.

God your ass was fine… another orgasm was building and I suspected it would anoint your tits – if we were lucky.

Or not. Drawing you onto the bed, you lay, face down and Vetruvian. Glad something was remembered.

Still slick and sticky from cum and saliva, your bum sweat offered only a modicum of resistance as I slid up and down between your cheeks.


That last sounded awfully cheeky, but I would save any disciplining for later.


Cock plunged deeply into your ass, and I began fucking you hard.

‘My bebe,’ I moaned. ‘My property…how I’ve fantasized about this…’

I took a little longer to cum this time after having just done so minutes earlier.


‘I’m home,’ I said as we lay in each other’s arms, an overhead fan barely keeping the sweat at bay.

‘Yes, Sir,’ you said, kissing my nipple.

‘I have something for you,’ I said.

‘Oh?’ You lifted your head, gazing at me with a drowsy intensity.

‘In the drawer, on top of Gideon’s bible.’ My smile was irrepressible.

Rolling over, you opened the small night table drawer.

‘Oh, Master!’ You exclaimed, extracting the collar.

‘It’s beautiful…’

Tears streamed down your face as I affixed it around your neck. The clasp ‘snicked’ with a sound of permanence – and, in fact, I’d thrown away the key.



Reunited (once moar), Pt 1
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