Reunited, Pt 5

We’d snuck back to your place.

How dangerous was that? But, anyway: your idea; your wheels. I was simply along for the ride.

‘You’ll make us crash,’ you’d said while I felt up your skirt while we drove.

‘Did you see that movie?’ I asked. ‘’Crash’. The Cronenberg one; not the stupid one.’

‘Don’t think so.’

‘Ok actually, I didn’t actually see the stupid one. Just assumed since the authors must’ve known about the Cronenberg one.’

‘Mmm…you’re making me wet…’

‘Am I. That explains the state of your panties…’

We were driving along a very wooded area and I wondered how close we were. Plus where we were going. You wanted to surprise me.

‘Safe to assume…they ‘crashed’? In the film.’ You smiled but kept your eyes on the road – this, despite writhing around the hand which was slick with pussy. Fuck you were wet.

‘Many, many times – all quite premeditated – at least, after the first one. Was the result of a situation much like this,’ I said, pinching your clit.

‘Aaaah…look, either we stop and finish on the side of the road or you allow me to get us home…I mean, to our surprise destination, in one piece. Oops.’

‘So that’s where,’ I said, removing my hand from between your thighs. ‘Huh. Meeting the family and all that.’

‘I’m out of town, remember? No…no one’s home. Hopefully. We’ll see when we get there.’

‘I want to fuck you in the backseat.’


‘In your driveway.’



And so it went.


Reunited, Pt 5
Copyright 2018 M2B

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