Reunited, 7


‘This wasn’t your first rodeo.’

‘Honestly, I hadn’t done it…before we started talking about it.’

‘Except for the licking.’


‘How long. After.’

‘Not long. Long enough…?’


‘Train. And learn.’

‘You’ve done well.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

‘This was my first.’



‘I know, right?’

‘Once tried…’

‘Can’t go back…’


‘I don’t feel guilty.’

‘No reason to.’

‘A bitch might be better, though.’

‘For you, maybe.’

‘Double-ended dildo? Be honest: don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.’

‘Not with mine.’

‘Another, then.’


‘Bitch pussy.’

‘I’M your bitch pussy.’

‘And you hate sharing.’

‘Most of the time.’



‘You’re going to guilt me.’

‘No…t necessarily…’

‘We’re in this. Together.’

‘All in.’

‘In everything.’


‘Getting hard again. This time, I want *your* bitch pussy.’

‘Yes, Sir! Or…ass…’

Up-end and we’ll see which hole fills first.’


Reunited 7
Allusions & Pillows Talk
Copyright 2018 M2B

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