Reunited, Pt 6

Throwing further caution to the wind, we jumped into the shower. We really needed cooling down, and what was another few minutes? Our luck had held out so far…

‘Daughter…’ I asked while soaping your ass and tits.

‘Visiting friends.’ You cupped my ass, drawing me into you. Cock pressed vertically against your tum.


Our lips were everywhere: lip to lip; against cheeks; down our necks…

‘Camping with the squirt. Everyone decided to take advantage while I was gone…ok, they didn’t want to cook, so made sure they didn’t have to…’

‘Sounds foolproof,’ I said, bending my cock horizontally.

‘Unless something happens requiring a sudden return…’

‘Now *that’s* reassuming…’

You laughed and bit my shoulder.

I paused, with my cock just under your tum.

‘Oooh, Sirrr…please…don’t taunt…’

‘Turn around, then.’

Turning and placing your hands against the shower wall, you wiggled your ass teasingly. I wasn’t having any of it and shoved cock straight up.

‘Oooh! Yesssss…’

Gripping your hips, I thrust like a madman. Grunting like a crazed animal, I shot my load into your poop chute.

‘Oh, Maaa…ster…’ you gurgled under the shower spray.

‘We need to talk about your attitude, my love…’ I panted, then slapped your ass.

You laughed while gasping.



Reunited, Homeward Bound
AKA: Courting disaster (Pt 6)
Copyright 2018 M2B

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