She was finally at peace

The strife, angst and turmoil, the up and down roller coaster ride that had been the last half decade

Finally slowed to a stop…oh, he did seem to pop up on occasion but even that was becoming rarer

It helped that she’d blocked him everywhere, and he undoubtedly still kept peeking in using whatever clandestine means he had available

But she didn’t have to know about it…life continued apace and didn’t she have someone new in her life now…how sweet was that? ♥️

Quite the little darling and someone who took no shit (but sure knew how to dole it out, especially when provoked)

Yes…life was sweet now…calm and complete…

She’d never return to the nightmare she’d finally extricated herself from…why would she?

‘HE’ was never gonna change…so it was left to her to do…

And she did. Oh did she.

With a vengeance. 👹

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