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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part Seven

August 4, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


‘Hey. You ok in there?’

The doors of the closet opened and there Daph’s sister stood, staring down at me wearing only a towel and a wry smile.

‘Been better,’ I replied, un-cramping my legs from a squatting position and slowly standing up.

‘Whoa there, big fellah,’ cassie said, grasping my arm and helping me out of the closet. ‘Don’t want to bruise anything, huh.’

‘Where’s daph.’ I’d been dozing, and only gradually awakened to the realization that I was even more poorly attired than cass.

‘Talking with my folks. We’re gearing up to head to University tomorrow, so…yeah. Umm…what were your plans with her supposed to be, exactly?’

‘You mean, before the police and before meeting you and everything.’

‘Yeah. Like that.’

‘Well, I guess I would’ve accompanied daph to school. Think I could trouble you for a glass of water or something? Kinda parched after being in the closet and all.’

‘I’ll see what I can do. Don’t go anywhere.’


I didn’t miss the chance to check out Cassie’s behind when she exited daph’s room, her towel barely covering her beautifully prodigious ass. As I was starting to harden again, I thought it best to tuck in again under daph’s bedsheets, at least until cassie returned and a better plan was formulated.

Returning in only a minute with a bottle in hand, cassie smiled again, still wearing only the towel as she quietly shut the door behind her.

‘Tequila is all I could find without interrupting my parents and daph,’ she said, wasting no time slipping out of her towel and joining me under the sheets. ‘Sorry. No glasses. Swig?’


Boner was on FULL alert with cassie’s naked thigh brushing against mine. I took the bottle from her and had a sip, trying not to choke.

‘It’s a…bit…strong. Like Papa likes it.’

‘It’s…ok…’ I said, swallowing and passing the bottle back to cassie. ‘Your turn.’

Wiping the rim of the bottle, Cassie batted her eyes and took…a much bigger swig than me. Then, in a move I really shouldn’t have been surprised to see, she dabbed some tequila on her index finger. She then proceeded to rub her dampened finger around her puckered aureoles.

‘Your turn,’ Cassie said, setting the bottle down upon daph’s night stand.

…who was I to argue?

Taking Cassies’ shoulders in hand, I lowered my mouth to her left breast. Extending my tongue, I rotated it around her nipple. Cassie closed her eyes and held her breath while clenching her legs, and her hand automatically reached for my cock. As I gobbled more and more of her tit into my mouth, she began stroking up and down my shaft.

‘I really need to finish packing,’ she gasped. ‘Owww!’ she moaned when I increased the pressure of my teeth around her boob. Gripping her other breast in my hand, I squeezed – almost as hard as she was on my cock. While visions of running my tongue from cunt to crack caused my own cheeks to clench, I felt my balls gearing up for geyser.

‘First things…aah…FIRST…’ I exclaimed, releasing the pressure from inside my sack onto her fingers and all over her tum.

‘Aah…ahh…hey! No fair!’ Cassie exclaimed. ‘No orgasm for me?’

Gripping her hair and thrusting my tongue deeply inside her mouth, upon release I smiled.

‘You said you needed to get ready.’

‘Maybe later then?’ Cassie pouted. Looking down at her tits, her eyes widened.

‘So this is what you like doing.’ she said, admiring the teeth and fingernail marks.

‘That…is what I like doing. Pretty much.’

‘You’re gonna be fun to have around while daph and I try to focus on school work.’

‘Still planning on taking me with you, are you.’

Cassie smiled and pulled back the sheets. ‘You prefer the police come and get you, don’t be shy.’

‘No, no…I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be a menage-a-tois, is all.’

‘You’re not the only one. Guess we’ll need to stop by your hotel to pick up your things, too, huh.’

‘That’d be good.’

Going on all fours, Cassie winked at me. ‘Either eat it or fuck it. Before we go.’

‘Or the consequences, I’m guessing, will be dire.’

‘The police are on speed-dial.’

‘Why am I not surprised,’ I said, going on my knees behind Cassie and spreading her cheeks between my fingers.

Twenty years on

May 12, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B


She happened upon his picture in a purge of her computer profiles. How long ago it was! When was it again? How many things had changed.

Life was so different now. Julian, in Med School and Katrina, just finishing high school…

She remembered back to when. Back when he sent her all those silly stories, and when she was actually considering…could it be that she *was* actually considering?

…those stories: filled with imaginings of lust; of carnal interludes and all-things, well…’forbidden’, for lack of a better word. Yes, she had considered such things herself, way back when they first met. It was WHERE they first met that everything began, actually. That ‘Kink’ site, honest-to-god. Was it still in existence?

Not that it mattered anymore. Was all really just kids’ stuff, wasn’t it. Good fun; good for…an orgasm! (shh!) or two, haha, but when reality hit…

Hub was now a reasonably successful, middle-management accountant, and made a good living for them. Gave up his aspirations to be an ‘artiste’, well…LONG ago. Shortly after they got together, in fact. How dreams die…or, practically speaking, how ‘reality’ tends to settle in, making mincemeat of those ‘other plans’…

Still, it was a good life. Wasn’t it? A house in the ‘burbs; a steady paycheque…enough money to at least get the kids into college. What does it matter if the last time they had a proper vacation was…when was it again? But love: LOVE was the key. Saw them through thick and thin; gave her enough courage to get him past the point where he was finally able to emerge from the hospital, and with only a few scars to show for his troubles…and they now had matching ‘wrist bracelets’! Ones that never fully faded, in fact…they’d always have that.

He’d been a larger part of her life, at one time. Hell, when she thought about it, that’s all he ever really wanted – to be part of her life; to share her stories; help out when he could…and he did help, really he did. Those times when she was being stalked; even in later years when she cried on his shoulder over ‘family stuff’, when he’d really just stopped by to say hello. Yes, if he wasn’t offering moral support, it was…just about…BEING there. Someone to talk to…a *genuine* friend. An increasingly rarer commodity, particularly as life went on and it became so much more about kids, the mortgage, and just trying to make ends meet…

Good looking guy, too, for his age. Back then, at any rate. Been so long! Well, perhaps she’d keep the picture, if only for old-times sake. Maybe add it to her scrap-book! Yes, that’d be the thing to do, and no one’s the wiser.

Printing the picture, she then pulled her scrap-book out of the desk drawer. Finding just the right page, she applied glue stick to the picture’s backing next to the article from the paper.

‘March 27, 2030: [ ____ ] died peacefully surrounded by friends and family.’

…not ALL of his friends, she thought, closing the book and reaching for a tissue.

streaming consciousness (part one)

July 16, 2010

Copyright 2009.
All rights reserved.


i would have her
and unvarnished
if not actually

despoiled, perhaps
most definitely
if that were her natural state
but that’s the rub

vs nurture
like yin and yang
they’re inseparable

she is animal
feral and wild
hiding behind a wall
of defensiveness

and she’s a wonder of nature
perfect, and complete
in herself
albeit wth apologies

if only
she could recognize that
she need not be
anything other than


if there were a way
of showing her
breaking down the walls
and defences

my destiny would be
to lead the way

tuesday (the third)

July 16, 2010

Copyright 2009.
All rights reserved.


An apology
Or acknowledgement
Not Acquiescence
But Acceptance

Of your part
In this play
Just this once
Just for today

To show me
That you care
That this isn’t just

Give a damn!
Give a shit!
Throw me a line
Make me feel that

You really care
You’re really there
I’m not just in it

By myself
All alone
On a string
Just one more

Being dangled
Knocked about
In the net
Leave me no doubt

You’re worth the time
You’re worth my love
Or at least a


tuesday (the second)

July 16, 2010

Copyright 2009.
All rights reserved.


I wait for you
Break for you
Prostrate for you

For you

I die for you
Cry for you
To tell the truth
I’ve lied for you

All for you
Always was
But now I wonder
If the cause

Is truly worth it
My eyes opening
For the first time

Do you care?
Are you aware?
Or am I just
Someone else
For you to bury

Drop in your hole
Pit of despair
A self-made prophecy
Neither here

And never there

Tuesday (the first)

July 16, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.


You don’t fucking deserve me
You fucking laid me waste
You’ve taken me for granted
Seems, in your absolute haste

To throw down to your fan club
Giving credit, where it’s doo
You left the one person, in the dust
Who loved – nay, utterly worshipped you

So – whatever
Just one more soul
Who made the mistake
Dropped into a hole

Always more
Where that came from
They’re all dime-a-dozen
Easy go, and easy cum

When superficiality
is all that matters
Who cares who hates or loves ya
And whose blood that gets spattered

It’s all about the superficial
Matters knot when life’s torn apart
Always easier to kill another’s soul
When one doesn’t have a heart

So, onward! And forward!
There’ll be no looking back
When it’s all about the conquest
The thrill’s in the attack

Leaving others to pick up the pieces
And clean up in your wake
The lesson learned as follows:
When they give; you’ll gladly take

Poor excuse for wasted space

June 17, 2010

Knew you were volatile from the get-go. Even if your reputation didn’t precede you, it’s written loud ‘n clear wherever one bothers to look.

Talk about despoiled beauty. Like a fucking ‘WARNING! WARNNG! WARNNG!’ sign, all OVER what I assume was once a reasonably attractive body.

Well, neither your body – nor any thoughts of attempting friendship – (much less a modicum of civility, of which you are woefully incapable) fools me anymore. No illusions left; no doubt in MY mind how wasted you are. Oh, presumably you’re good for a quick fuck but, after that?

…toss off ‘n toss ya. What other reason would there be?

All I wanted to do was be friendly – yes, even with the cautions I’d received about you and your fickle and capricious ways. But what do YOU do? Get all emotional and pissy, as is your wont.

‘Don’t talk to me! Stop commenting on my pix! I’m gonna sic one of my *bitch boys* on you!’

Blah blah BLAH…fucking *cunt*.

Fuck YOU! Go to hell! There’s a table (or a rack) awaiting you there.

And it’s well-deserved.

early distant warning

May 22, 2010

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

I’ll tear you apart
tear out your heart
pull on your strings
and make your heart sting

make you scream
the stuff of bad dreams
no relief; no release
no panacea from the grief

that you’ve chosen
you thrilled for
craved and have killed for
and now, here it is

the spoils; the soils
the decay we’ve begun
as your old world has spun
out of control

control that’s no longer your own
reaping seeds that you’ve sewn
it’s the end of the day
so cum; let us play

climb into the darkness
show me your inner core
while revealing your innermost
to be hidden no more

I keep *looking*

May 10, 2010

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


For someone who’ll find me

For someone who’s *looking* for me

Someone who can put up with me

In this

This cyber space

Is it a lost cause?

Is it a lost race?

Should I just give up

If only to save face?

It has its ups

It has its downs

Like a fast food meal

Easy to wolf the calories


So here I remain

held fast, for the next fix

a self-confessed cyber junkie

In this purgatory of pixels

fine lines

March 18, 2010

…between fantasy/realty…fiction/truth…and S/M…where does one end and the other begin?

Sadly, answers won’t be found within this blog. Within every kernel of fiction will be a grain of truth (and vice-versa); extracted from every drop of pleasure will be the whisper of pain…

Butt, it’s ALL good.

Isn’ tit…