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fine lines

March 18, 2010

…between fantasy/realty…fiction/truth…and S/M…where does one end and the other begin?

Sadly, answers won’t be found within this blog. Within every kernel of fiction will be a grain of truth (and vice-versa); extracted from every drop of pleasure will be the whisper of pain…

Butt, it’s ALL good.

Isn’ tit…

scar tissue

March 17, 2010

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


a Master does not love his slave any less

for the scars she bears

the scars He creates

are meant as an adornment

to be worn with pride

and to indicate possession

scars created

by another

if done from love

are acceptable

because the past

is past

scars rent from

anger, or lack of control

are to be deplored, however

even if the sub

had no choice

not that the sub

is thought badly of

or blamed

quite the contrary

but the person who

does the damage

should have the same damage

done to them

…or worse…

a loving Master cares, nurtures, and supports.

a caring Master cries over damage done, particularly

if it was done in haste, without caring,

…and without love.


March 15, 2010

You’re MINE.

Those tits.  That ass.  Your quivering clit between dripping cunt lips – ALL mine.

I will have you, on all fours, hands gripping cheeks to spread them, allowing me access to two of the three holes I covet most.  I will inhale your essence,  on my knees behind you as I dip nose toward rose.  My tongue, hungry as it always is to explore, will rest at taint, undecided of which hole to invade first.

Ready?  Willing?  Able?  Why, yes, my precious cunt:  I AM…

beauty marks

March 15, 2010

Purples.  Reds.  Yellowish tinges ’round the healing…

It’s all good – and something that genuinely turns me on.  Not just seeing the marks (for one usually has to wait, sometimes several hours, before the best results reveal themselves), but in their very creation.  And while creation, and subsequent enjoyment of said, may well be (read: IS) an acquired taste, for the purposes of this journal I will be assuming I’m ‘playing’ to an appreciative audience – one that need not require a handbook on the psychology behind S/M – though subsequent posts may well examine the phenomenon, too.  For now,  the rainbow that I’m personally celebrating here is one I hope is shared by others.  With that in mind:

Skin.  The softness of it.  The warmth to the touch.  The feel under the fingers; the malleability between the teeth – could ANYTHING be more delicious?

A lick, to begin.  A gentle nuzzle of lips – against cheek,  with breath, warming while heart rates climb and breath is caught in throats.  It’s enough to raise cock and stiffen nipple…

Well, how did I get here?

March 15, 2010

…a most interesting posit, and so glad you asked.  As importantly (and true to my habit of lateral thinking), what AM I doing here?

It’s been a process of progress (or vice-versa); limping in fits and starts (as opposed to emerging, fully formed).  Perhaps progress is even a little presumptuous, but since one has to begin somewhere, this works as well as any.

…funny:  SOO many concepts and considerations have swirled through my head concerning how to approach this journal while slumber was kept at bay, but now that I’m actually down to it…thoughts  – and particularly lucid, eloquent ones – are elusive.  Or perhaps I’ve become uncharacteristically shy about revealing my true self – or at least the part of my true self that I dare only reveal in a place such as this; who knows.  Perhaps I should have another lie down ‘n see if, against the comfort of my pillow, better thinks come my way.

Worth a try…

Another day

March 15, 2010

…with dick in hand, and not much else to show for it.

Whether to wank, or simply roll over and catch some zees?  Aye, be that the question.

Either way, could be the beginning (or end) of a beautiful day…