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Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 2

May 26, 2014

Predictably, the custodian’s closet was locked.


you said.


‘There’s a…’

you said, pointing across the hall.

I smiled. ‘So there is.’

you hesitated. ‘Kinda…not p/c. To use it.’

‘Had we seen…ANY…wheelchairs. Did you?’

‘I did not.’

…were your nipples stiffening again?

Double-checking to ensure no one noticed us, we quickly slipped inside the ‘Disabled Washroom’. Was gonna do some *serious* disabling, uh-huh, and you can lay bets. Once inside and the door locked, I framed you against the door as you turned to me. Wanting nothing more than to rip the summer dress right off you, leaving you to skulk out of the museum like the ‘Venus’ (albeit WITH arms), I decided that valour was a better plan so only *slightly* ripped the fabric as I tore the dress from your shoulders. your *gasp* was stifled by my mouth locking onto yours, and your legs widened as I pushed hard cock against your pelvis.

Hiking dress above hips, I gripped your cheeks. Squeezing and digging in nails, you squirmed in my arms. Taking advantage of my busy hands, you used yours to unzip, then unleash me. Cupping balls with one hand, you stroked my length with the other. My fingers, hardly content to just squeeze bum, travelled inward, seeking rose. One index prodded while my other hand cupped cunt, squeezing. 2nd index found clit, and then it was a race to see which of your hot spots would bring you to ‘Exhibit O’, the next.


And then it *appeared*…that you peed on me.

‘Oh. Interesting.’ Cock continued to throb in your hand.

‘Didn’t mention that I can squirt. I don’t think,’ you gasped, using me to prop yourself from crumpling into your puddle.

Kneeling before you, I ran a finger in the wetness dripping down your legs.

‘I might’ve forgotten,’ I said, popping the finger in my mouth.

‘Mmm…oohhh…well. Now you know.’

I smiled. ‘Yum.’


Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 2
Copyright 2014 M2B

Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 1

May 26, 2014


I didn’t even bother glancing at you.

‘Oh, WELL-spotted.’

‘CUNT.’ you whispered, somewhat more forcefully.

‘Better.’ Worthy of an approving smile, at any rate.

The Gallery was all-butt vacant, save for the odd lurker. We certainly had the black leather-covered bench, which we were currently sitting on, to ourselves. The O’Keefe we were admiring in fact I had a copy of hanging in my upstairs hallway. I loved Georgia O’Keefe, and was thrilled to be sharing this experience with you.

The specific circumstances of which only added fuel to the exxxperience.

‘I want to suck you.’ you whispered, perhaps a little more loudly than was proper – but wastn’t that part of the fun.

‘Here. Now.’

A beat. ‘Yes.’

‘Well, by no small coincidence, I’d like to lift up that sheer summer dress – which I note that anyone looking carefully will note the predominance of naked nipple and denuded cunt – where I would go on my knees, part your legs, and dive STRAIGHT into that hairless muff.’

A pause. A LONG pause.

Appears I left you speechless. Maybe you were just holding your breath. You were certainly holding your knees tightly together.

‘Nothing to say.’

‘I just came.’

‘Just like that.’

‘It happens. Sometimes.’

‘And now…’

‘A wet spot.’

Cock throbbed against zipper. ‘How bad.’

You opened your legs just long enough.


‘Sloppy. Are we. Serves you for talking dirty in public.’

‘Wasn’t just me! I will say, you are the Master.’

‘At the risk of redundancy.’

You laughed when you realized.

Then you put a hand on my bulge.

‘Upping the ante? Has the game changed from strictly verbal?’

Squeezing. ‘I never made any promises about it being *just* verbal, love.’

I smiled; then grimaced at your grip. ‘You said ‘love’.’

‘Don’t let it go to your head. We passed a custodian’s closet on the first floor. Shall we?’

‘So you *don’t* want to cause a scene.’

‘Or be arrested. Not particularly.’

‘Put a damper on the whole outing. Might.’

‘Come,’ you said, taking my hand and standing. “Enough of this foreplay. I want to feel your cock inside me. ‘

‘I get to choose!’

‘Of course. Sir.’


Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 1
Copyright M2B 2014

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 9

October 5, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2b


Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I’d go about wresting control anymore. Particularly now that I’d been in the clutches of not one, but two beautiful damsels, well…

It was enough to put any Dommly Master to shame, much less one who…ok, I’ll just say it: rather *liked* the attention that I’d been getting?

…apart from the car ride in the trunk. And having been dressed up in daph’s undergarments. Yes, apart from that (and the jury was still a bit out on that last point), things were actually…pretty sweet. All things considered.

‘There, there…show us where it *hurts*…’ daph said as she shower pelted down on her, cassie and I as they soaped and massaged my OH-so HURT musculature…it had been quite the car ride, to be fair, so turnabout being what it WAS…

‘Right…down…*there*…’ I groansighed. daph wasted no time gps’ing the spot, particularly as it stood, hard and throbbing between us. And from behind, cassie was doing her own kneading, gripping, and licking while on her knees, albeit from a different vantage. Her tongue felt SO good, grazing and tickling my rose. And then daph, too, was on her knees, stroking shaft and nibbling…EVER-so gently…on my full-ta burstin’ glans…

I’d taken some delight in acting like a dead weight while they dragged me into their dorm room from the car. Feigning unconsciousness – which actually wasn’t too far from the truth, given the amount of alcohol I’d consumed prior to the trip – it was fun watching them struggle with my limp form through squinty eyes.

‘GEEbus…who’s idea was this again?’ daph huffed as she and cassie managed to finally get me through the door and into the bedroom.

‘Yours,’ cassie quickly retorted as the both of them dropped me, like a sack of potatoes, onto the bed.

‘Fuck off…’ daph said, collapsing on the bed beside me. Was all I could do to suppress a grin – but I managed.

‘Look, we’re both tired, hot and sticky from the drive. Maybe if we get cleaned up we’ll start feeling better. And be a little less judgemental towards each other. We have a year where we’re gonna be living together, so…’

‘Make the best of it. Blah blah.’ daph’s eyes were closing. Ok, I peeked.


Judging from the rustle, I could tell that cassie was making good on her plans to get cleaned up. What I wouldn’t do to…oh, but there cock went, straining against zipper at even the THOUGHT of watching her strip. Were they planning on including me? If so, how was I gonna conceal my stiffie?

‘I still smell of him.’


Sure enough, cassie DID still have my essence, as evidenced when she piled her clothes overtop of me. Well, perhaps this wasn’t such a bad thing. Having her jeans overtop of my crotch helped to mask my hard-on, at least temporarily.

…her casually – or was it artfully? – draped bra and panties over my FACE, now…oh shit I needed to pull out and stroke!

‘I think he’s playing possum.’


‘What’s that.’

It’s when someone pretends to be asleep, or whatever, when they’re really not.’

‘Hmm…’ daph was up on one elbow. ‘You ‘playing possum, Mister-Master Alex?’

I could hear the mirth in her smile.

‘I wonder if…’

And then there was a boob in my mouth.

‘Hey! You’re totally getting the jump on me!’

Well, given that I had a bra and panties covering my face, and now that a BOOB was stuffed in my mouth (cassie’s nipple was curiously hard), guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a peek. And, sure enough, as I suspected daph was now busily stripping down, seemingly in an effort to best her sister once again.

…was I having the time of my life?

‘Let’s just SEE, Mister Mister…’ daph said, now fully denuded; her nipples just as hard as cassie‘s tasted. Or so I sensed. Hands were upon my trousers; then the zipper was down and…

Wasn’t long before I was dragged…kicking and screaming…(well, work with me, bayboze) into the bathroom. By two lovely, and apparently VERY horny ladies.

With a cock, HARD and ready to burst. Did I mention that?

Of course, back to where I began, cock was now halfway down daph’s throat, and as balls were gripped at one end, cassie was dutifully sucking on asshole while parting my cheeks…with fingernails, digging. Geeze these girls…

Wasn’t long before wad was ready for release and, before you could say ‘Twins, Basil!’ I’d cum in daph’s face. She was quick – but not quick enough – to capture as much of my cum in her mouth – something I was kinda surprised that she’d do, but then I had my answer.

‘Hah! Got him again!’

‘Aww…no fair!’

daph stood, draping her arms over my shoulders and, judging from cassie’s whine, giving her sister a triumphant look of satisfaction over besting her, yet again. I could only assume, given that daph’s chin was digging into my shoulder, and cassie, too, had removed her face from my ass.

‘Better luck next time, sis?’

‘Maybe he has more in him. Let’s get him to bed!’

I suspected it was going to be a LONG night…

(…no complaints…)


Lolita 2013, Part Four

May 5, 2013

She stood in daph’s doorway, with me, having just come out of daph’s closet. She seemed neither surprised, nor upset, at my presence, though – almost as if she was expecting me?

She was smiling demurely. ‘I’m Cassie.’

I returned her smile. ‘I know who you are. You’re daph’s sister.’

Her smile turned mischievous. ‘And I know who YOU are.’

‘You think.’ My expression remained unchanged; revealing nothing.

Cool as a cucumber, Alex.

I’d managed to make it in daph’s house through a back entrance JUST as her parents arrived home. Though I don’t think they saw me, I somehow managed to sneak into her room and hide myself. (I simply followed the scent of her perfume.) From the gist of the ensuing conversation I could hear out the open window beside the driveway, plus the fact that Mom, Dad, and daph’s heated exchange trailed off into closing doors of a vehicle that then drove off, I had to assume that, well…something was up.

Leaving me, here…to my own devices. As it were.

‘…so. You KNOW me,’ I repeated, moving to sit on daph’s bed.

‘daph isn’t so good at using passwords that can’t be easily guessed at…’

I spied the laptop sitting on daph’s beside table, blinking happily as Cassie moved closer to the bed. (‘Open me! READ me!’ it seemed to whisper…)

‘And you’re not above snooping in her personal profile to see what big sister is up to.’

‘Yeah. Like that.’ Her fingers trailed lazily on daph’s comforter, and she never took her eyes off me.

‘Thinking you might know more about me than I you.’

Cassie smiled wider. ‘There’s time to fill in the blank spots. daph and my parents will probably be out for a couple of hours, at least. Something about filling out a police report – about an…abduction? I think they said? Or maybe that my car was stolen.’

Might have to take this little Chiquita a mite more seriously – at least until I could figure her game.

‘You’ve got me. So what did you have in mind.’

Her smile turned coy; her eyes glinted with possibilities.

‘Blackmail? If necessary.’


‘IF necessary. This DOES sound serious.’

Cassie rolled on the balls of her naked feet.

‘Depends on how…obliging…you are.’

I shifted on the bed, bunching up a pillow behind my back.

‘Open to persuasion?’

‘I know what daph is into. And I know who you are to her.’

Busted. ‘So?’

‘I want that, too.’

‘…you want…*that*. Can you be any more vague?’

Going on her knees, Cassie felt under the foot of daph’s bed. Pulling out a suitcase, she opened it, keeping her eyes on me. As the suitcase lid faced in my direction, I didn’t know for sure what might be inside – but I had my suspicions.

‘Perhaps a demonstration. These are daph’s things…daph’s…’toys’…’

An idea where she was going with this began forming. ‘Go on.’

‘I want to try them…want YOU to try them. On me.’

I smiled, trying not to have it turn into a wide-eyed grin. Cock, on the other hand, wasn’t being quite as discreet. Good thing I was seated so I could conceal myself under my hands and forearms.

‘…first: you’re…how old?’

Cassie smiled. ‘Came along one year after daph. So…’

‘Old enough.’


‘Good enough. Let’s see whatcha got.’

cassie, paused, alternating her gaze between the trunk she continued to kneel in front of and meeting my eyes. Standing up again, she said…’you mean…you mean like…?’

Shrugging and then unbuttoning her blouse, it appeared cassie had given this some advance thought. As nipples and auroleas the same color as daph’s came into view, engorged glans protested loudly at the sight of cassie’s somewhat larger breasts. Biting her lips in that OH-so coyly arousing way that girls do, next off was cassie’s skirt, revealing – surprise of surprises – no panties, but a lovely triangle of dark, bushy fur below midriff.


‘No, that wasn’t ENTIRELY my meaning…’ I said, pausing for effect while not being disappointed by the crimson hue that colored cassie’s face, ‘but…no matter. You’re naked now. What I meant was, what would you like to TRY.’

‘Oh. OH! Well, of course,’ cassie smiled nervously, her nipples arching atop stippled auroleas. ‘I was…thinking…’ she said, dipping into the suitcase, ‘…this?’

A sturdy, but well-worth checking the flexibility of, riding crop was now held, gingerly, in cassie’s hands, as if in reverence.

‘Well.’ I said with mock surprise. ‘I didn’t realize daph was into, erm, ‘equestrian pursuits.’

‘Actually? It’s mine.’ cassie said, turning the crop in her hands as she studied it. ‘For HORSE riding? I took some lessons a couple of years ago, and after that, daph, well…comandeered it. Seems. But I knew where it went.’

My smile remained as I watched cassie carefully. Self-consciousness seemed to overtake as I stared, and she dropped the crop in her hand to one side and covered her muff with the other.

‘I see.’

Cassie was obviously becoming more and more flustered, making me wonder how she’d imagined this scenario playing itself out. Did she think I’d simply jump her, beating her with the crop and then fucking her, or maybe doing both at the same time? Oh, the possibilities!

I decided, considering it appeared Cassie was at least looking for me to make the first move, I’d oblige – the only consideration being the fact that, as she drew closer, so much harder would it be to contain my straining cock.

‘Come,’ I said, patting the bed. ‘Join me.


Needing no further encouragement, Cassie came to daph’s bedside and sat down near me. She was still visibly flushed, with nipples hard and – was that a whiff of damp vagina I smelled, from between her legs?

Deciding that valour, at least in the initial phase, would help ease things, I put my hand behind her head. Drawing her close, she gasped, then closed her eyes. Her mouth opened against mine, accepting my tongue. Falling back on the bed, her legs spread apart, bent at the knees and with her feet still on the floor. Taking the riding crop from her hand, I began slowly drawing it between her legs.

‘Aah…’ cassie moaned, lifting a hand to my head. Pulling me closer, the intensity of our kissing increased as I ran the end of the crop between her lips. She bucked, and shivered, her nipples hard. Pressing the crop in an inch or two, cassie drew up her legs. I thought about pulling down my pants and pushing cock inside ass at that point, but kept control, not wanting to frighten her unduly.

‘Hit…me…’ cassie whispered, one of her fingers pointing toward her tits. ‘Please…’

Considering her request, I pulled back from her mouth. Her eyes opened in surprise.

‘Roll over,’ I commanded – and, with barely a pause (but with eyes open even wider), she obliged me.

Cassie’s ass was also bigger than daph’s. She was definitely more Rubenesque than her sister, but that simply made me all the harder. The bigger the cushion…


I tested the crop for resilience on the bed as cassie gasped.

‘That was just a test drive.’ I said, reassuringly. Then…


I brought the crop down firmly across her cheeks. She bounced.


‘AAH!’ cassie moaned. ‘Yes!’

THWACK! THWACK! Hard, and harder – much like my cock, actually.

Scarlet lines became visible, even despite the lovely mocha color of cassie’s skin.



I could take the strain no more. Setting the crop down as cassie turned her head to look at me, I quickly slid out of my jeans and shorts. Going overtop of her, I slid my precum-slick’d glans along her crack, nestling shaft along it. Pushing glans against her lips, cassie gasped as I pushed inside. Holding that position as I picked up the crop, I began riding her ass while gripping her hair with my free hand. cassie pushed her arms under her, drawing herself up to meet my thrusts, and I continued hitting her – albeit not as hard – along her side and arm with my crop hand.

‘Are you a virgin?’ I asked, gasping between thrusts.

‘I…aah…was…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…’ cassie gasped, then shuddered, an orgasm shaking her body.

Just as she came, I did, too, pulling out in time to coat her crack and cheeks with my cum.

‘Appears I got your cherry, baby,’ I groaned, rolling over onto the bed beside cassie.

‘You’re welcome,’ she giggled, twitching her bum and moving to wrap her arms around me.







Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part Three

April 6, 2013

Lolita 2013, Part Three

Copyright 2013 M2B


I was hot, sweaty, and nearly out of air when you finally opened the car trunk.

‘Sorry about that!’ you exclaimed, hesitating a little before sitting on the edge of the trunk and putting a hand on my leg. ‘You ok?’

‘Sheesh! Yeah, I’ll live, daph,’ I exclaimed, filling my lungs with the still-warm, pre-evening air while stretching out as best I could.

‘Quick thinking, though, suggesting I jump in the trunk when the police showed up. Close call, huh.’

You smiled down at me while glancing around nervously, your dress and hair delightfully rumpled. You’d parked on a quiet side-street and, fortunately, no one was around.

‘I’ll say. We still have to be careful, though. Was all I could to convince the cops not to escort me home like they wanted. That doesn’t mean we’re safe yet.’

Cock rose at the realization that I still had your panties in my pocket – to say nothing of the fact that you weren’t wearing them – and the way the sun was hitting you, I could just make out the curve of your mound. I wondered if you were moist, and I shifted my hips so I could reach into my pocket.

‘So,’ I groaned, propping myself up stiffly while fingering your still-wet panties, ‘what’s the plan?’

‘Well, I have to go home. No way around it,’ you smiled, noticing my gaze. ‘The police would be on me fast if I didn’t arrive there straight away, and besides, my folks are worried sick. So the police said.’

‘Hmm,’ I puzzled, drooping a little. ‘Understood, love. Guess I’d better get used to my confines…at least until we arrive home. Not that I have a clue what we’ll do then…’

‘…yeah…’ you said. ‘No, I expect the jig will be up by then and you’ll be sent off to prison or something.’ You smiled, and crossed your arms, letting one hand drift over your mound while trying not to stare at my increasingly uncomfortable bulge.

‘What to DO?’ I asked, a slight shake in my voice – not so much from fear (though that certainly was a factor) as from excitement, watching you watch me. Unzipping my pants, I finally released my cock, much to its relief.

Glancing around once again, you paused briefly before bending down. ‘Geeze, Alex, don’t you think we’re in enough trouble already?’ you said while raising me vertically and sucking me into your mouth.

‘…well, if this is the end, how about a ‘last supper’?’ you smiled, a glint in your eye as you looked at me sideways.

‘daph!’ I exclaimed, my hips writhing under your head. ‘A bit sacrilegious…aah…aren’t you?’

‘Mmm,’ you replied, cock now fully in mouth as your bobbed up and down on it. ‘I’ll say a few extra ‘Hail Marys’ at bedtime, ok?’

‘And I’ll…aah…make sure you do…’

Pulling your dress up over your hips, I dug my nails into your hips as you sucked. As you leaned into me, I pressed my fingers in-betwixt your cheeks, applying some cunt juice to your rose.

Just as I pressed inside your bum-button, I came, filling your mouth with cum.

‘Mmm!’ you said, allowing my sticky liquid to dribble from your mouth onto my crotch.

‘A last supper, indeed…’ you smiled, wiping your mouth with your hand.

‘See what’s come over me? What you’ve done?’

‘Saints preserve us,’ I sighed, I quipped, my legs cramping up again.

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part two

March 6, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B

daphne shifted gears without a hitch. Her previous look of distraction clouded over into…something else. Something…darker.

‘How could you? What were you thinking?’

Alex glanced over at her, a smile of incredulity crossing his face.

‘Wasn’t the only one there, you know. What happened to ‘no worries’?’

‘Know? Do I ever. Perhaps you remember my AUNT, poking up from under the stall?’

Alex smiled.

‘Oh, I noticed, all right. She was so cute, all red in the face. Wasn’t my point, though.’

daphne paused as we slowed for a traffic light. ‘Point being? Apart from the one…which is currently the source of the damp spot between my legs…’

daphne tried stifling a smile while rubbing her sticky thighs together.

‘You were right there, split by my cock, love,’ Alex said, glancing out the window as the light changed and daphne fired up the engine once again. ‘We’re close…’

‘Yeah, I remember where you said you were staying. Luxurious.  Here we are.’

Screeching into the parking lot, the cool night air hit us as daphne and Alex exited her car. A few short steps and they were into Alex’s motel room – modest, but affordable accommodations, for only a few thousand pesos per hour.

Crashing onto the bed, it was all Alex could do not to fall asleep right then and there. It had been a long day, after all.

daphne stood over Alex, a look of incredulity still crossing her face.

Taking her cue, Alex replied in as gentlemanly a way as possible. ‘Umm…great seeing you? Thanks for the lift?’

Incredulity changed to shock as fast as it had taken for daphne to change gears.

‘Thanks? THANKS? Not knowing what my Aunts have told my other relatives? Not knowing what’s going to happen when I return home? THANKS? That’s what you’re offering?’

Alex tried to offer a pout, but with daphne standing there, all a-fluster and in that hot – and by now, presumably rather sticky and sweaty – crimson dress, it was all he could do not to unzip, to allow boner its freedom.

‘We’ll come up with an explanation, love, so let’s not spoil the rest of the evening, ok?’ Alex said, patting the bedspread beside me. ‘C’mon…’

daphne crossed her arms, considering. ‘Well, if this IS to be my last night on earth…’

Alex smiled, holding out his arms. ‘That’s my girl…’

daphne fell into Alex, then, the weight of her body crushing against Alex’s hard cock as their lips met. While sucking daphne’s tongue into his mouth, Alex squeezed her tight buns, firmly gripping the dress covering her cheeks. Pulling the dress upward, Alex slipped his hands inside daphne’s panties, pulling them down. She gasped as fingers trailed between cheeks, grazing rose as they headed toward daphne’s previously slicked slit, pleased to find it still warm and hot. Sticking fingers inside, Alex began stroking where cock was soon to re-enter.

Rolling to one side, daphne quickly found Alex’s zipper. Unzipping his pants, she pulled down his shorts, taking cock in hand. By this time the straps of daphne’s dress were off her shoulders, and with Alex’s free hand he pulled the zipper on her dress down, releasing her breasts. Gnawing her cheek, then down her neck, soon Alex’s mouth was on her left breast as he greedily sucked daphne’s nipple into his mouth.

‘I’m going to be in so…much…tru…truuu…aah…’ daphne attempted to say.

‘Shh…’ Alex whispered, releasing daphne’s tit briefly before resuming his sucking, licking and biting. ‘Not while I’m eating.’

Going on all fours, daphne pulled Alex’s pants and shorts off while stripping off her dress. daphne’s panties were still halfway down her legs as she slowly pressed her mound against Alex’s cock, rubbing sensuously, a look of bliss crossing her face and half-closed eyes. Grabbing her forcefully as she started, Alex flipped daphne over onto her back, pulling off her panties as he did so. daphne’s legs instinctively wrapped around Alex’s torso, just above his ass as he rubbed between slit and cheeks.

‘…in…IN…’ daphne insisted, eyes a-flutter and nipples taut. In Alex went, too, pressing glans against rose as daphne’s eyes opened wide. ‘Aah!’ she exclaimed, and Alex could see a look of hesitation, fear and excitement in her gaze.

‘Relax, I’ll be…GEN…tle,’ Alex moaned, parting daphne’s bum.

‘Oh…my…god…’ daphne moaned, in time to Alex’s ass-fucking. As she didn’t seem to be in any particular distress, though, Alex pressed his advantage, pounding cock between cheeks with determined possessiveness.

The bed squeaked as they fucked, with Alex taking turns sucking on daphne’s tongue and chewing on her tits. He rammed her as hard as he could, taking care to ensure she wasn’t in any *undue* pain.

‘I…love…you…’ Alex gasped, breathlessly, their momentum at this point AT the point where he was about to explode.

‘I…I…aah…’ was about all daphne could muster in reply. It was enough.

Pulling out, Alex came, squirting his cum on daphne’s tum and between her breasts. Collapsing on top of her and kissing her deeply again, Alex’s cum on daphne’s tits matted his chest hair as the sweat of the two lover’s bodies caused them to cling together.

After what seemed like an eternity, Alex rolled to daphne’s side, pulling her toward him. They snuggled then, kissing softly and stroking each other gently.

Groggily pulling back the covers, they eased into the bed, collapsing into each others arms once again.

‘So,’ daphne whispered, kissing Alex on the lips. ‘What ARE we going to do?’

Squeezing daphne tightly, Alex kissed her forehead. ‘Have a good night’s sleep, my love. We’ll figure tomorrow out when it comes.’

daphne looked at Alex with concern but, noting that his eyes were already closed, decided not to press the issue further.

At least until sunrise.

Detective Ramirez set down the phone and got up from his desk.

‘The APB we have out on the abducted girl. Her car was spotted at the ‘Muchacho Motel’ just outside the city.’

Setting down the report he’d been working on, Agent Sanchez grabbed his holster and strapped it around his waist.

‘Let’s go.’


Alex kissed daphne, passionately, as they lay, naked in bed, the sun just beginning to stream in as dawn broke. They hadn’t gotten much sleep, but Alex, for one, really hadn’t wanted to. Everything he wanted was finally in his arms – all the grace, beauty, warmth…a heart pulsing wildly, matching his own. He wanted it to last. Forever.

‘I…love…’ daphne sighed, between kisses.

Alex’s cock…and every other part of him – was in complete agreement. It could be seen in his eyes, without so much as a word.

Planting kisses on daphne’s cheek, Alex continued down her neck, and between her breasts. Taking a nipple between his fingers, Alex held it firmly, increasing pressure as he met daphne’s gaze. Just as her eyes widened and her pelvis lurched, Alex released, smiling. Then, to the melodious sound of daphne’s gasping, Alex PINCHED…and daphne started.

‘Owww…that hurt,’ daphne pouted, her bottom lip extended. ‘So much for ‘love’…’

Alex smiled. ‘What do you mean? So much for love,’ he said, feigning indignity. ‘You knew what I was like, going in, right?’

daphne paused, biting her lower lip while carefully eyeing Alex’s fingers on her breast.

‘Yeah. I guess. Carry on, then…Sir.’

‘Say ‘please’.’

‘Owww! Aaaah…’puh-LEEZE…Sir Alex…’

daphne’s thighs squeezed together as Alex increased the pressure on her nipple.

‘That’s more like it.’

Cupping daphne’s breast, Alex began kneading it while drawing circles ’round the circumference of her aurolea with his index finger. daphne’s gaze alternated between watching Alex’s hand – perhaps mistrustfully? – and meeting his eyes, possibly for signs of intent.

Like Alex would give anything away.

‘Mine,’ Alex stated, squeezing firmly.

‘Gaa…YOURS…Sir…’ daphne winced, drawing her legs up, seemingly in a protective stance.

‘I love you, too, you know,’ Alex said, kissing daphne on the forehead. ‘More than you can imagine.’

‘I know…I know…’

Of a sudden, daphne was off in a distant place – one Alex was wary of, but one he’d hoped to have warded off, for at least a few more blissful moments.

‘How long, d’ya think.’

‘Mmm?’ daphne met my Alex’s again, then lowered hers.

‘Your relatives…your dad…the Colombian Mafia…’ Alex cajoled.

daphne managed a half-smile. ‘Oh, I don’t think the MAFIA would be called out…just for YOU…’

‘No. Not…for ME.’

‘Mmm. Well…to be honest? Theyr’e probably closing in on us as we speak, love. If I know my Dad. To say nothing of the rest of my relatives.’


As cock went flaccid, Alex’s eyebrows raised. After a brief moment pondering, he sat up. Scrabbling for his glasses and putting them on, he shifted his weight over the side of the bed and reached for the clothes the two lovers had abandoned barely moments before. ‘Guess we might want to consider going.’

Placing daphne’s clothes beside her on the bed, Alex began dressing in his. Noticing daphne hadn’t moved, he paused.


‘Where do you think we’ll go? Where can we possibly?’

Zipping up his jeans, pulling his tee over his head and adjusting his glasses, Alex replied ‘you remembered your passport?’

‘PASS…well, yes, but…I mean…where? THERE? I mean…away…I just…don’t…’

Standing up after pulling on his runners, Alex motioned with his finger toward daphne’s clothes.

‘Yes. It’s insane. I know. We could be stopped…anywhere…en route. We could be stopped at the airport. I am fully aware of how this COULD end, daphne. I’ve read ‘Romeo and Juliette’. Saw ‘Natural Born Killers, too.’

daphne simply glared, momentarily uncertain. Could he know?

Naah…not possible. ‘Now’s not a time for jokes, love.’

daphne had managed to slip her dress over her head and had pulled it down by this point. Looking around, she said ‘where…are my panties?’

Smiling, Alex patted his pocket. ‘In a safe place.’

‘Bra, too?’

‘No, I thought we’d leave that here for the authorities to find. It’s got both our DNA on it, after all.’

‘Asshole!’ daphne laughed.

‘Yes, probably some cum from there dripped down, too. I licked up as much as I could.’

daphne swatted Alex then as he got up to peer out of the venetian blinds. ‘Shh, now. Ok, it looks like the coast is clear…at least for the moment.’

‘Such a drama queen,’ daphne said, smiling while gripping Alex’s buns while looking over his shoulder. ‘You’re SURE the army, and the navy…and the entire Colombian Drug Cartel aren’t just outside our door, waiting…’

‘Army! NAVY!’ Alex snorted. ‘Drug Cartel, now…maybe…’

Swatting Alex again, daphne turned and picked up her purse.

‘Oh THERE’S my bra!’ she exclaimed, opening her purse and pulling it out.

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Prologue

February 5, 2013

Copyright 2013 M2B

(continuation of ‘Lolita Twenty-Twelve’, final chapter)


I was waiting for you when you opened the door to the ladies room.

‘Whaa…what are you DOING? And what are you doing…’here’…?’

‘Shh! Quickly!’ I whispered. Taking your arm and causing you to stumble a little in your heels, I ushered you into a stall, entering first.

Closing the door behind you by pushing you back against it, you started, visibly flustered by my sudden appearance.

‘Someone will know…someone will NOTICE…!’ you said, obviously breathless – and not just a little excited, judging from the blush on you face and the outline of your nubs behind the semi-sheer black dress you were wearing.

‘You’ve just finished dinner…the reception is still in full-swing…I KNOW you came without escort, so…if we’re quick…’

Unzipping my pants, I pulled them down along with my shorts. Sitting on the toilet and placing my legs up against the back of the stall so they wouldn’t be seen, my cock was now standing erect before you. Hesitating for a moment, you then reached under your beautiful black dress.

Pulling your panties down, you had to brace youself against my legs in order to get them over your pumps.

‘Ooh, chucha!’ you exclaimed. Lifting one leg, you straddled yourself overtop of me. Ruffling your dress so that it cascaded around us, your cunt slid, hotly, around my cock. ‘Ungh!’ you groaned, nestling into me and putting your hands on my shoulders.

You smiled, then, meeting my adoring (and not just a little lustful) gaze, and our lips met. I sucked your tongue into my mouth, squeezing you tightly.

‘You…crazy…puta…’ you gasped, between our tongues.

The door to the washroom opened then, as the sounds of two ladies gabbing echoed around us. As we were in the last stall, hopefully the fact that you were facing the wrong way wouldn’t be noticed – but no matter. Apart from needing to be as silent as possible, you managed to ease up, and down, on me, rocking and bucking as quietly as we could.

Taking care not to damage them, I carefully slipped the straps of your dress off your shoulders. Pulling the dress down further, my cock hardened all the more at the sight of your stiff nipples atop your plump breasts. Drawing you close, I licked your left nipple before sucking your entire breast into my mouth. You gasped – somewhat audibly – and you raised a hand to your mouth. As the ladies’ chattering stopped in that instant, we also stopped – holding our breath. It was hard not to giggle, but we somehow managed to suppress it.

As your hips ground and gyrated against me, the ladies who had interrupted us continued their banter in Spanish, one of them taking up residence in the stall beside us, clattering the door behind her, obviously intoxicated. They chattered away to the rushing sound of her piss as it flooded her bowl, apparently still obvlivoius to the heat and passion steaming from our cubicle.

Still hard – in fact, all the harder owing to the excitement over potentially being discovered – I could control myself no longer. Pulling your hips down, I thrust inside you as deeply as I could.

It was then, when you moaned much more audibly than the first time, that the conversation between the two ladies stopped completely.

Another pregnant pause; our collective breath stilled – actually, your cheek against mine, your hot breath in my ear, your nipples rubbing against my shirt…


Another pause, followed by the sound of toilet paper dispensing and application to nethers. Something more was said in Spanish from the lady in the cubicle to the other lady which I didn’t understand, and then a toilet flush, whereupon I whispered into your ear ‘what did she say?’

‘She said she thinks there might be something going on in here…’ you replied; a gentle whisper in my ear.

Just then, a face appeared under the stall.

‘Por Dios! Daphne!’

It was at that moment that I came, flooding your insides with my cum and gripping you with all my might. You shuddered, too, my groin now covered in a mixture of my cum and your juices.

We stumbled and fumbled with our clothes as the two ladies exited the washroom, talking with worry and excitement in their voices.

‘I think we’d better get you out of here,’ you said, your panties back on, the dress only slightly worse for wear.

‘I love you, daph,’ I said, smoothing out my clothes, the dampness from our love-making now sticky inside my shorts.

‘I love you, too,’ you said, adjusting your straps as you pulled the dress back over your breasts.

‘Now, let’s go before someone else comes in!’