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cutting isis (part two)

March 26, 2010

Copyright 2009.  No part of this may be copied, edited, folded, spindled, or mutilated without the express written permission of the author.

Part two


The knife entered easily, slicing her abdomen like butter.  He tittered maniacally as her internal organs came into view – but he was surprised – and somewhat disappointed –  at how little blood there was.

Once she was eviscerated from tit to navel, he set the knife down.  Dipping his fingers in, he began gleefully mucking around.  Reaching for her intestines, he grabbed hold and, as carefully as he could, began pulling them out.

“Whatcha watchin’?” she yawned.

“Oh, hey, sleepy head.  Good nap?”

“Mmm.  What is this?  I don’t recognize it.””

“A fan of violence porn, huh.”

“I’ve seen my share.”

“It’s some riff on Jack the Ripper, I think – not shy about the gory stuff, either.”

Realizing she was not longer shackled, isis propped herself up on the bed.  Sean lay beside her, twiddling with the remote the way he’d been doing with her knives earlier.  Surveying her chest, she couldn’t help but admire how well Sean had dressed her after their ‘interlude’.

isis smiled.  “You really do know how to treat a girl.”

Sean glanced over at her and returned her smile.  “Thanks.”

“I see you couldn’t wait, though,” isis said, noticing the sticky sheen on her midriff.

“Sorry.  Don’t know what the devil came over me.”

“Kinkier than you realized, I guess.”

“I guess.”

“Still got a little life left in ya, though, it seems,” isis said, noticing Sean’s still hard cock.

Noticing where isis was looking, Sean snorted.  “Don’t flatter yourself.  Carnage is my aphrodisiac.”

“Hum,” isis replied.  Sitting up, she straddled Sean, positioning his cock at her taint.  “Looks like you could still use a bit of the…edge…taken off.”

“Hey – am trying to watch the movie!” Sean exclaimed, shifting isis as her cheeks slowly consumed his cock so he could still watch the tv.  “You’re a naughty bitch, aren’t ya?” he said, wrapping his hands around her neck.

isis steadied herself by holding onto Sean’s arms while she speared herself on him, taking care not to give the impression she was controlling the pressure he was exerting on her neck.  As their fucking intensified, so too did Sean’s grip.  Isis’ nipples arched higher as her oxygen flow slowly depleted, and just as she began seeing stars in a grey and fuzzy background, Sean grunted loudly.

Squirting his white stuff deeply inside isis’ ass, Sean finished off by hitting her hard across her face, causing her to fall backward and off the bed.

“Interrupt my movie, will ya,” Sean snorted, settling back to finish the movie in peace.

cutting isis (part one)

March 21, 2010

Copyright 2009.  No part of this may be copied, edited, folded, spindled, or mutilated without the express written permission of the author.

Part one


“Waiting for Christmas?”

isis smiled – a coy, seemingly omniscient smile.  With blindfold on and wrists snugged securely in cuffs attached to the metal bed frame, she gave no other sign; no indication that what was to come either frightened – or excited – her.

That made one of them.

“You’re in a hurry,” Sean replied coolly, attempting to match her calm.

isis clanked the cuffs petulantly.  “Just…wondering…how long you’re gonna take, is all.”

Sean smiled.  “Patience, my darling…all good things come.”


Sean’s cock was throbbing, truth to tell. T’was a strange, disquietening feeling, too – not that a throbbing cock was unfamiliar.  The stimulus for it, though; that was the trick. There she was…and there they were, about to do…all SORTS of wild and wonderful things, and it was Sean who – was having second thoughts?

…what was his problem?

The cuffs rattled again.  “*sigh*”

Such a plaintive little chirp; SOO adorable!

Maybe THAT was his problem.

He cared too much.

Would have to work on that.

isis had brought all her toys, and said to take his pick.  Knives of various lengths – some serrated, others sharp enough to cut through tin cans – were displayed in a valise beside us on the bed, along with various other implements of pleasure.  Sean had supplied the first aid kit, which she laughed at when she first saw it.

“Planning major surgery?” isis chided.  Had that been a look of hopefulness in her eyes?

“If you’re lucky,” Sean  quipped.

In truth?

All he wanted to do was fuck her senseless.

Ok – perhaps that’s not ALL he wanted to do, and – who knows?  Maybe fucking her once she reached unconsciousness – if that indeed be the outcome – might appeal to his more corpulent tastes.  Maybe even satisfy them.

At any rate, having her here, chained like a caged animal certainly brought out a side of Sean that he was previously unfamiliar with.

“Hello?  Anybody home?”

Anybody home, indeed.  Such a little dickens.


isis gasped, and Sean smiled.

“You chose ‘stubby’,” she said, exhaling.

“That I did.”

Tracing a line just underneath her left breast, Sean watched with a detached curiosity as her perfect flesh separated, revealing a beautiful, thin line of crimson.

The clanking in her cuffs had stopped.  In fact, she seemed to have become rather rigid as Sean finished the arc.

“You all right?” he asked.  Sean was nothing if not an empathic sadist.

isis released her lower lip from between her teeth long enough to moan softly, and Sean fought the urge to laugh.  Sick fuck.  Was getting more out of this than he’d anticipated.

Though isis hadn’t bled much – yet – Sean wanted things to be as sterile as possible.  Who KNOWS how sanitary she kept her toys anyway, and we certainly didn’t want any complications due to infections.  Grabbing an antiseptic wipe from his bag of healthy goodies, he ripped open the packaging and removed the moist towelette.

“Gah!” isis squealed as Sean swabbed the cut clean.

“Shh…” he cooed.

Hmm.  Sean’s cock was throbbing again, laying as it was against her isis’ thigh.  Was it because of her reactions, or in anticipation of the next incision?

The devil certainly was in the details…

Sean wondered what she’d look like sans nipples.  Just…lop ‘em off ‘n see.

naww!  What would he have to twist and torture, were he to do that?

No fun whatsoever.

Ok.  Defining boundaries here; that’s what Sean was doing.  Can mark, scar, torture and bruise – but leave all the bits in a healable state – for next time.  We certainly wanted there to be a next time, didn’t we.

You betchy.

The second breast was clearly a more intense experience for isis, if her moans between clenched teeth were any indication.  She writhed and twitched – this time with hips bucking – as Sean carved the crimson smile beneath the companion boob.  Despite all of the fun, Sean seemed to be softening a little.  Oh no!  Was he losing momentum, or merely bored?

Perhaps removing her nipples wouldn’t be such a bad idea, after all – if only to keep things *interesting*.

*Kidding* (…maybe…).

Doubting Thomass

March 19, 2010

Copyright 2008 .  No part of this may be copied, edited, folded, spindled, or mutilated without the express written permission of the author.


I sit expectantly, staring at my monitor, waiting, wondering and hoping.  Though I’m not touching it at the moment, my cock throbs upward to my chin, betraying me completely.  I’ve taken the liberty of pulling penis from my shorts, even though I haven’t been given permission.

Last night was good.  Fucking rights.  Stroking vigorously as He called me his little bitch; said all KINDS of dirty things to me.  Makes me throb just thinking about it.

Would touching myself be such a bad idea?  Not if I don’t mind an orgasm, like, right this instant!  But perhaps waiting would be better, for who knows what might be in store tonite.  Who KNOWS what He might want me to be, or do, for Him?

The Monitor beeps.  He’s on-line, and I grant him permission to view me through my webcam.  Here it comes!

“Good evening, Thomas.”

“H…hello, Sir.”

“How are you?”

“Wonderful, Sir.  How are you?”

“Horny.  Tell me.”

“Well, I’m sitting here, almost naked, and my cock is waiting for you.  Sir.”

“Lovely, precious cunt.  Have you been stroking ‘my’ cock?”

“No, Sir.  Though I’ve been tempted, I wanted to wait.”

“I notice you didn’t wait to undress, though.”

Shit.  Busted.

“No, Sir.  I’m sorry.  What can I do to make up for it?”

<…pregnant pause…>

“Brought the bra?”

Cock throb!  “Yes, Sir!  Right here!  May I put it on for you?”

“Thank you, sweetie.”

My cock bobbed excitedly as I donned the bra, fitting it snugly around my chubby boobies.

“There.  May I ask how I look, Sir?”

“Lovely, cunt.  You make yours VERY horny.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Play with My boobies.”

That was my cue to lie back and enjoy!  Closing my eyes, I began squeezing my tits for Sir, feeling the silky smoothness of Mom’s bra in my fingers.  Oh, it felt good!  Oh, I wanted to be fucked!  By MY Sir!


Opening my eyes, his message awaited.

“How are you feeling tonite, love?”

“Deleriously happy to please you, Sir.”

“Nice.  Got toys?”

“Right here.”  Grabbing a foot-long dildo, I showed it to Sir.  “I’m already lubed, Sir.  Just waiting for you to give the word.”

“Given how horny I am for you, my love, I will ignore your second presumptuous act of the evening.”


Another pause.

“It’s good that you’re ready to fuck My ass, dear sweet Thomas, but you realize that watching you lube up is another of My prerogatives?”

“Yes, Sir – sorry, Sir.  I just wanted – well, you know – for everything to be perfect.”

“You ARE perfect, Thomas, and I love you.  Doesn’t mean that everything you do is perfect.”

“I know, Sir, and I do apologize.  Please let me make it up to you.”

“I see you’ve gone a bit limp.  That will never do.  Please correct that.”

“Oh, thank you, Sir!”

I wasted no time pumping myself up again, knowing how it pleased Sir.  Wasn’t long before my glans throbbed again; a drop of pre-cum glistening, and I was JUST on the verge…

“Not yet, love.”

Shit no – please!

“Sorry, Sir – getting carried away again.”

“Would carry YOU away, my love, if I could.  Meantime, show me how much of that dildo will fit in My ass, ok?”

“Thank you, Sir!”

Oh, the glans going in was always the best part!  I’d made sure to use plenty of lube, though, and soon, half of the foot-long was happily ensconced between my very well-rounded cheeks.

“Ride your cunt for me, bitch.  Pump that lovely fat ass of Mine.  Make me proud.”

In and out I pumped, my own cock longing for ass of its own to taste as it slapped against my belly.  Being so close to cumming even before Sir came on, I didn’t know how much more I could take, but take it I did.  Sir just let me, too, not saying a word, not ‘beeping’ for me to do anything – no interruptions at all as more of the dildo escaped from view.

“Oh…oh…aah…”  was the most eloquent I could be.  “Fuck!  Please!  Shit!”

Harder and harder I slammed the dildo, wishing Sir was fucking me, but not only was he not there, he still wasn’t saying anything!


“Bad bitch.  Speak when you’re spoken to.”


And I couldn’t.  Try as I might, I would taste Master’s wrath tonite, for my jism sprayed like a cracked hose upward onto the bra, to spite my prayers to hold on.

“Oh, Sir – I’m sorry!  I just couldn’t!  Please forgive me!”


…but he had gone.

Master’s screen was blank, and I was left, the dildo throbbing inside Master’s ass, with me… alone, and wondering.

Surrender (Part one)

March 19, 2010

Copyright 2008.   No part of this work may be reproduced without the written permission of the author.


The entire time she was being eaten, Linz’s mind was elsewhere.

Her fingernails contained samples of skin and blood from where she’d been digging into her slut’s scalp, pounding his face and tongue as far inside her cunt as it would go.  And yes, it felt nice.  Of course she enjoyed it.

While it lasted.

She was looking for something else, though.

“Turn around,” she commanded.

Reluctantly, Linz’s fuck toy extracted his face from her crotch and faced away from her, silently and obediently.  Her claw marks covered his entire back, and she smiled at her handiwork.  She’d stopped just short of his ass, though, preferring to leave his cheeks unspoiled today.  She knew how much he wanted her to gouge him there, and decided to let him suffer instead.

Besides, she had other things on her mind – better things, she surprised herself by admitting.  Moving quickly to finish off, the quiver she felt wasn’t the result of the tonguing she’d just received.  Nor was it from the thrashing she proceeded to give her slut’s bony ass with her leather riding crop.  Hell, it wasn’t even the sight of the foot-long dildo buried so deeply that only a couple of inches stuck out from between his cheeks …

No, Linz quivered for quite another reason, and from quite another longing.

Finally shooing slut out the door post orgasm with a kiss blown hastily (‘fuck off and leave,’ she’d said, noting the look of disappointment in slut’s eyes when he replied ‘Yes, Mistress’ and making a mental note to discipline him later), Linz wasted no time peeling out of her leather and chains.

Jumping into the shower, the sting of the cold water did nothing to lessen her burn.

…nothing would.  Nothing short of what lay ahead – if that would even do it.

Silly guurl – of COURSE it would.  It always did, at any rate – to spite sometimes hating herself for it.

The bastard.

She almost missed the buzz of her cell upon stepping out of the shower, but managed to catch it just in time.

“Sorry – was in the shower,” Linz said regaining her composure, knowing who it was without having to check her call display.  Her nipples stiffened, and her snatch ached involuntarily while she dabbed her body awkwardly with a towel.

Control, she thought.

Easier to maintain in others than it was in herself, it seemed.

“Sorry…” he echoed in a mocking tone.  A pause.  “Are you ready?”


“I’m downstairs.  Waiting.”


“uuh, ok – give me 5?”

A shorter pause.  “I’m coming up.”

God, she hated it when he did this – giving her no advance notice, and no time to prepare.

Hated it and loved it.  Sent shivers down her spine.

And then she realized: all she needed to do was unlock the door and go on all fours.

Piece of cake.   A fait accompli, as the French might say.  Let her eat cock!


“Saw your slut exiting before I called.  Looks sweet.”

Linz crouched at his feet, blindfolded and wrists resting at her lower back, awaiting her shackles.  She knew better than to reply unless asked a direct question, though, so remained silent.

“Did you…extract…from him what you desired?” he asked, kneeling and affixing his cuffs.

“No…I couldn’t.”

*SLAP*!  His bare hand against her upturned arse shocked Linz’s system, and it was all she could do not to cry out.

“That’s twice tonite you haven’t said ‘Sir’.”

“Sorry…Sir,”  Linz gasped.  “And sorry for not waiting to be asked a question.  What I meant was…I was thinking of you, and just…couldn’t…think of…or do…anything else.”

“Too sweet.”

Linz could hear him as he moved to sit down directly behind her, and her holes throbbed in anticipation.  Moaning slightly at the touch of his thumb against her asshole, she bit her lower lip, bracing herself.

“Such a fine ass,” he said.  “Tell me again why haven’t I violated it?”

“Because you know how…uncomfortable…that would make me feel…Sir,” Linz replied, squirming as his hands pried her cheeks open.

“Yes – SUCH a nice Master, aren’t I.  Especially knowing how keen I am to claim your rosebud.  What reason do I have for being so nice?”

“Because I’m a hot piece of ass and you…aah…god!”

The burn BOILED inside Linz when she felt his tongue against her rosebud.  Alternating between her shaved pussy and dark hole, he slathered her nethers liberally with his saliva.  So dirty!  So arousing!  How she longed to feel his cock buried deeply in her cunt, to feel him slamming his hips against her ass…

But he didn’t – and wouldn’t.  He’d made it plain what truly turned him on, and that was it.  No, he wouldn’t violate her without permission, but neither would he give her what she wanted until he had gotten what he craved.

Fair was fair.

Meantime, she would simply have to content herself with the orgasmic aftershocks brought on by his tongue and hands as he dug his nails deeply into her cheeks.

The price she paid…


March 19, 2010

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

‘Where are we?’

‘In the depths of our imagination, love.’

‘There’s that word again.’  *shiver*

‘What…’love’?  Hmm…gets you EVERY time, does it?’

‘Seems to.

…why am I naked?’

‘Well, since it’s my fantasy…need I say more?’

‘But I have a say in things?’

‘Of course.  So if you’re uncomfortable, well…look again.’

‘A bra and panties.  Nice.’

‘I aims to please.’

‘Just one problem.’


‘I don’t normally WEAR a bra.’

‘Suit yourself.’



‘Gone.  Just like that. Neat trick.’

‘Neat.  Nice tits.’

‘Thanks.  Grew ‘em myself.’

‘My compliments to the farmer.’

‘Good genetics played their part, too.  So why aren’t you naked?’

‘Was waiting for you to ask.’


‘Poof.  Nice.’

‘I likes ta work it; work it.  Has to, actually.’

‘Seems to be paying off.  Not getting easier in this ‘middle age’ we find ourselves in.’

‘Got that right.  Face the other way and I’ll give you a back massage.’

‘Just a massage?  Promise?’

‘Hey – it IS my fantasy, but the gentleman in me can’t help but incorporate at least a little reality into it.’

‘You mean, like observing my wishes, or acting against them?’

‘SUCH a cynic. When have I EVER done something you didn’t want?’

‘Maybe not in person, but I do seem recall certain e-mail exchanges…’

‘Wondered if those’d come back to haunt me.  Memory like an e-lephant, huh.’

‘That omnipresent e-lephant, yes – didn’t we agree that it’s not going to go away?  Nice touch, by the way…your hands are warm…’

‘…if a little sore and feeling vaguely arthritic, thanks!’

‘Oh, I’m sorry – don’t mean for this to be an ordeal.  This is your fantasy, after all…’

‘Call it the price I pay for chivalry.’

‘And here I thought it was just an excuse to touch me.’

‘There might be a little truth to that, too, yes.  Is that a complaint?’

‘…mmm…might be – don’t stop!’

‘…you said…

‘Yes, I did.  And EVERYTHING I believe in – if it isn’t actually being challenged – is screaming at me, at least putting up the alarm…saying…slippery slope!  Slippery slope!’

‘Mmm…very perceptive – even if it IS within the confines of my imagination.’

‘You did say I had a voice in this, didn’t you.’

‘Yes – just  wasn’t expecting it to be so…’

‘…much like me?’



‘You like.’

‘I like.’

‘Despite your misgivings.’

‘Just shush and keep workin’ it; workin’ it…’

‘Yes, dear…’

swordplay (part one)

March 19, 2010

Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

Part one


You started at the touch of the cool steel against your lower back. Just an experiment, I’d reassured you; a test of tolerances.

Sure; sure.

We both knew what the true purpose of this was, even if it hadn’t been expressed in words. There was something going here – a rite of passage; a voyage of discovery – that both of us wanted – nay, desired.


‘Just be careful where you’re pointing that thing,’ you said, half-gasping. I smiled, deviously.

‘Of course.’ I’d long desired a glimpse of you this way –bent over the bed – bare buns-up; kneeling. Who would’ve thought our little on-line discussions would’ve resulted in such an encounter, though? Yes, we had common tastes; yes, our mutual interest in kink had produced many a fruitful confab, but this?

…rather unexpected.

The afternoon had begun casually enough. Just a coffee date; we both had the day off and had wanted to get-together for the longest time, anyway. Friends from way back, there was always something more there – more than just a shared interest in the erotic, too. Perhaps it was because of that shared interested that we wound up here today, but whatever the case, when I arrived at your doorstep, you happily ushered me in, giving me one of your characteristically warm and firm hugs.

‘So good to see you,’ you said as we embraced.

‘Likewise,’ I replied, holding you as firmly as you held me.

As we lingered over the last of our coffee, the intellectual part of our discourse seemed to have reached an end. We’d mostly bantered inanely anyway, with at least one of us distracted by certain ‘other’ thoughts.

Daring to break the ice – and being the less introverted of we two – I popped the question first. ‘So you really have one,’ I said.

You paused, perhaps unsure whether to answer or just caught off-guard by such a brazen question. ‘…err…yes,’ you smiled, shyly.

‘Gonna make me beg?’

Pausing with your hands still around your mug, you looked at me, then looked away. Getting up from the table, you offered your hand. Noting the confusion written across my face, you said ‘it’s in…in the…bedroom.’

‘Aah,’ ‘I replied, standing. ‘Where else would it be.’

Couldn’t help but notice how…reverentially?…you stared at it, the summer sun gleaming off the blade as the sword lay, unsheathed, on the bed.

‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ you whispered.

‘Mmm,’ I said, feigning heightened interest as best I could. While not entirely clear what the attraction was, I was nonetheless curious to know where things might lead.

‘So…so, what do you like to do with it?’

You paused, reflectively.  ‘Well…I like the feel of it…the power it possesses…the sense of…danger…associated with it…’

‘Danger, huh. In what way?’

‘The concept of a sword being dangerous isn’t obvious? Sorry – didn’t mean for that to sound so…accusatory…’

‘That’s ok – no offense taken. No, I just meant, in the context of our discussions, I thought perhaps I’d get a better idea…that maybe you’d be…showing me…’

You sat, motionless, as if deeply contemplating.

‘It…IS…sexual,’ you said. ‘At least for me…’

‘Ok, I’ll buy that. But…how…?’

‘Well,’ you said, taking a deep breath, ‘the thought of being…caressed…with it…so dangerous, yet…’

‘Caressed. In what way?’

Hesitating, you seemed to finally make up your mind.

‘I need to prepare.’

…and this is where we first came in, with you kneeling, naked, over the bed, and me, sitting beside you, the flat side of the sword resting laterally just above your bare buttocks. Goosebumps covered the backs of your arms and legs, and I admired just how pale your skin was. Always was attracted to redheads – and naked, prone redheads, in particular. I just never expected that it would be ‘us’, together, like this.

‘Shall I keep going? Anywhere in particular you’d like me to…you know…’

‘Just…do what feels natural,’ you said, your voice quivering.

I paused, lifting up the sword. ‘You ok?’

‘Just…I just…yes, I’m fine. A little nervous is all.

‘Sorry.  It’s not you, it’s…me. It’s me.’

Setting the sword down on the floor, I reached over and caressed your shoulders.

‘Hey. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you – and this was your idea, remember?’

‘Yes, yes of course,’ you replied. Turning your head toward my hand, you nuzzled me with your cheek. ‘And I appreciate that – more than I can say.’

‘Thanks, love. You know I care about you very deeply. This isn’t just about me getting into your pants.’

‘It isn’t? O darn!’ you said, chuckling.

‘Hey,’ I said, gripping your shoulder. ‘Joke all you like, darlin’.’

You turned over, lying on your back. You started to cover your breasts, but then, looking into my eyes, took my hands in yours instead. ‘Yeah, well, for a situation where the intent isn’t to get in my pants, I’d say you’ve done a pretty poor job, wouldn’t you?’


I couldn’t help but stare at the fiery red triangle dangling just over the side of the bed. Sensing that you couldn’t be terribly comfortable, I said ‘why don’t you swing your legs over…like so…’

‘Thanks,’ you replied.

I kissed you then, and though you seemed startled at first, you wrapped a hand around my head to draw me closer. Unable to resist any longer, I gripped one of your tits, squeezing firmly. You moaned inside my mouth, but not from discomfort, I sensed, so I squeezed harder. Your nipple stiffened in my fingers, as your tongue battled it out with mine.

‘Oh, darling,’ I said, moving my hand to your muff. Your legs parted to accept my fingers, and I quickly found your clit. Your mound was slick and moist, and soon I had three fingers inside you, with my pinkie tickling your rose. I pressed into both holes as you gasped, and I moved my mouth to a tit. Sucking and licking, your areola became a mass of bumps in my mouth. I finger-fucked you as you bucked against my hand, and it was then that I remembered the sword beside the bed.

Wondering if you’d fantasized about masturbating with it, my gyrations inside your cunt became more pronounced as the thought began to excite me.

‘Would you like to be fucked by the sword?’ I whispered, licking between your tits. ‘Is that what turns you on?’

Your only reply was a moan, so I continued my finger fucking. You were so wet that soon all but my thumb was inside, and I slammed against you mercilessly.

‘Do you want to be fucked by the sword?’ I repeated. When you didn’t reply, I extracted my hand from your cunt. As you watched me through widening eyes, I reached down and picked up the sword. Lifting it above us, you eyed it carefully, breathing shallowly as I held it overhead. Slowly and carefully, I set it down, the tip just under your chin and the hilt grazing your cunt. As I pressed the hilt against your mound, you closed your eyes. Squeezing your legs together around the sword, you spasmed, causing the bed springs to complain.

Just as you came, the edge of the blade sliced, ever-so gently into your breast. Your eyes opened at the feel of it, then closed as another spasm rocked your body.

‘Love by the sword – ‘die’ by the sword,’ I chuckled, collapsing beside you while leaving the shiny shaft lying across your quivering, sweat-soaked body.


March 19, 2010

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.


I felt badly, is what.  Sitting naked in front of my monitor, with fingers drying but still sticky, a post-orgasmic rush of guilt washing over me.

This wasn’t right; THIS was…dishonouring!  Unfaithful!

…oh, the things he got me to do.  My nipples were still stiff!  The fucker…treating me like so much fuckmeat…having me put on a show like some stripper whore…

‘Remove your sweater,’ he asked.  Why did I do it?  Was it because of the warmth between my legs…the desire to BE desired…or simply because I was curious to see where things were headed?

As if that was a mystery!  I knew full well, from previous examples, what he had in mind.  And yet, I went along with it.

‘Take off your bra’ came next.  Big surprise there!  And, whether he could tell from the other side of his monitor or not, the first signs – the first visible signs – of my arousal were about to be revealed.  Yes, even if the bumps on my areolas wouldn’t be obvious, surely my stiff nipples would give me away.

…still, he said ‘nothing’.  Well, of COURSE he said nothing – he was on the other side of the monitor – might’ve been a billion miles away, even!  For all the difference it made.

To HIM, at any rate.  Meanwhile, here I was…topless.

And excited – FUCKING excited!  God it felt good….AND bad…oh, shit…should I stop now?

‘Play with your nipples.’

So predictable.  They did feel like the cliché about pencil erasers, though – hard and…well, hot!  As the rest of me was getting…

What came next was so obvious, I was almost standing up before he asked.

‘Turn around, and pull down your pants.’

Considering my zipper was already down, I was already halfway there.  Fuck I wanted him – wanted his cock inside me!  Ooh, just the sound of that – admitting it aloud – caused the burn inside to almost well up to the point of explosion.  I could cum in an instant – and, now, with my jeans down at my knees…

‘I WANT you!’ I yelled.  For all the good it did.  I mean, not only was he unable to hear, I was facing away from the monitor…which actually wasn’t a bad thing, really.  Could say whatever the fuck I wanted to, and he’d be none-the-wiser.  I think…

‘Spread your cheeks.’

Had to crane my head around to continue reading, but that was more for the timing as much as anything. I mean, really:  what ELSE was he gonna ask?

Spreading my cheeks, I kneaded them, too –not so much that he would notice, but it sure felt good to me.  Facing away from the camera also meant he couldn’t see the reaction on my face – which was good because I was biting my lower lip and obviously flushed in my other reddening cheeks. 

‘Wet a finger and insert it.’

…erm, in which hole?  Guess I either had to ask by turning toward the keyboard and typing in my query, or take a wild stab in the…dark.  *heh*.  Like I really needed to.

Licking several of my fingers, I began rubbing up and down my crack.  Wishing I could see his reaction – if only to gauge it against my throbbing heartbeat – I sloooooowly pressed my middle finger inside.  Mmm DAWGGY that felt good!  And, OH-so dirty!  Yes, though asshole had known a few intrusions in its time, I never seemed to get over the feeling of…violation…invasion…degradation…

…it was ALL good!

‘The dildo.’

…except perhaps for that –particularly if I was right in where he expected me to place it.

‘Ensure it’s well-lubed.’

…yep: my suspicions were, erm, ‘bang-on’.  As my clit throbbed – as much in anticipation as from neglect – I squeezed some lube from the tube I had waiting.  Soo predictable – SOO not disappointed!

Anticipating what was next, I nuzzled the pink rubber end into MY pink, rubbery end.  Oh god – I came!  Just like that!  Well, truth was, there would be more where that came from, and like he’d know: that good ol’ ‘thank gawds I’m facing away’ thang again…

‘If you came, there will be consequences…’