Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 2

Posted May 26, 2014 by phlye
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Predictably, the custodian’s closet was locked.


you said.


‘There’s a…’

you said, pointing across the hall.

I smiled. ‘So there is.’

you hesitated. ‘Kinda…not p/c. To use it.’

‘Had we seen…ANY…wheelchairs. Did you?’

‘I did not.’

…were your nipples stiffening again?

Double-checking to ensure no one noticed us, we quickly slipped inside the ‘Disabled Washroom’. Was gonna do some *serious* disabling, uh-huh, and you can lay bets. Once inside and the door locked, I framed you against the door as you turned to me. Wanting nothing more than to rip the summer dress right off you, leaving you to skulk out of the museum like the ‘Venus’ (albeit WITH arms), I decided that valour was a better plan so only *slightly* ripped the fabric as I tore the dress from your shoulders. your *gasp* was stifled by my mouth locking onto yours, and your legs widened as I pushed hard cock against your pelvis.

Hiking dress above hips, I gripped your cheeks. Squeezing and digging in nails, you squirmed in my arms. Taking advantage of my busy hands, you used yours to unzip, then unleash me. Cupping balls with one hand, you stroked my length with the other. My fingers, hardly content to just squeeze bum, travelled inward, seeking rose. One index prodded while my other hand cupped cunt, squeezing. 2nd index found clit, and then it was a race to see which of your hot spots would bring you to ‘Exhibit O’, the next.


And then it *appeared*…that you peed on me.

‘Oh. Interesting.’ Cock continued to throb in your hand.

‘Didn’t mention that I can squirt. I don’t think,’ you gasped, using me to prop yourself from crumpling into your puddle.

Kneeling before you, I ran a finger in the wetness dripping down your legs.

‘I might’ve forgotten,’ I said, popping the finger in my mouth.

‘Mmm…oohhh…well. Now you know.’

I smiled. ‘Yum.’


Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 2
Copyright 2014 M2B

Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 1

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Categories: bdsm, D/s, erotica, kink, sex


I didn’t even bother glancing at you.

‘Oh, WELL-spotted.’

‘CUNT.’ you whispered, somewhat more forcefully.

‘Better.’ Worthy of an approving smile, at any rate.

The Gallery was all-butt vacant, save for the odd lurker. We certainly had the black leather-covered bench, which we were currently sitting on, to ourselves. The O’Keefe we were admiring in fact I had a copy of hanging in my upstairs hallway. I loved Georgia O’Keefe, and was thrilled to be sharing this experience with you.

The specific circumstances of which only added fuel to the exxxperience.

‘I want to suck you.’ you whispered, perhaps a little more loudly than was proper – but wastn’t that part of the fun.

‘Here. Now.’

A beat. ‘Yes.’

‘Well, by no small coincidence, I’d like to lift up that sheer summer dress – which I note that anyone looking carefully will note the predominance of naked nipple and denuded cunt – where I would go on my knees, part your legs, and dive STRAIGHT into that hairless muff.’

A pause. A LONG pause.

Appears I left you speechless. Maybe you were just holding your breath. You were certainly holding your knees tightly together.

‘Nothing to say.’

‘I just came.’

‘Just like that.’

‘It happens. Sometimes.’

‘And now…’

‘A wet spot.’

Cock throbbed against zipper. ‘How bad.’

You opened your legs just long enough.


‘Sloppy. Are we. Serves you for talking dirty in public.’

‘Wasn’t just me! I will say, you are the Master.’

‘At the risk of redundancy.’

You laughed when you realized.

Then you put a hand on my bulge.

‘Upping the ante? Has the game changed from strictly verbal?’

Squeezing. ‘I never made any promises about it being *just* verbal, love.’

I smiled; then grimaced at your grip. ‘You said ‘love’.’

‘Don’t let it go to your head. We passed a custodian’s closet on the first floor. Shall we?’

‘So you *don’t* want to cause a scene.’

‘Or be arrested. Not particularly.’

‘Put a damper on the whole outing. Might.’

‘Come,’ you said, taking my hand and standing. “Enough of this foreplay. I want to feel your cock inside me. ‘

‘I get to choose!’

‘Of course. Sir.’


Exhibit ‘O’, Pt 1
Copyright M2B 2014

Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 9

Posted October 5, 2013 by phlye
Categories: bdsm, D/s, erotica, kink, sex

Copyright 2013 M2b


Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I’d go about wresting control anymore. Particularly now that I’d been in the clutches of not one, but two beautiful damsels, well…

It was enough to put any Dommly Master to shame, much less one who…ok, I’ll just say it: rather *liked* the attention that I’d been getting?

…apart from the car ride in the trunk. And having been dressed up in daph’s undergarments. Yes, apart from that (and the jury was still a bit out on that last point), things were actually…pretty sweet. All things considered.

‘There, there…show us where it *hurts*…’ daph said as she shower pelted down on her, cassie and I as they soaped and massaged my OH-so HURT musculature…it had been quite the car ride, to be fair, so turnabout being what it WAS…

‘Right…down…*there*…’ I groansighed. daph wasted no time gps’ing the spot, particularly as it stood, hard and throbbing between us. And from behind, cassie was doing her own kneading, gripping, and licking while on her knees, albeit from a different vantage. Her tongue felt SO good, grazing and tickling my rose. And then daph, too, was on her knees, stroking shaft and nibbling…EVER-so gently…on my full-ta burstin’ glans…

I’d taken some delight in acting like a dead weight while they dragged me into their dorm room from the car. Feigning unconsciousness – which actually wasn’t too far from the truth, given the amount of alcohol I’d consumed prior to the trip – it was fun watching them struggle with my limp form through squinty eyes.

‘GEEbus…who’s idea was this again?’ daph huffed as she and cassie managed to finally get me through the door and into the bedroom.

‘Yours,’ cassie quickly retorted as the both of them dropped me, like a sack of potatoes, onto the bed.

‘Fuck off…’ daph said, collapsing on the bed beside me. Was all I could do to suppress a grin – but I managed.

‘Look, we’re both tired, hot and sticky from the drive. Maybe if we get cleaned up we’ll start feeling better. And be a little less judgemental towards each other. We have a year where we’re gonna be living together, so…’

‘Make the best of it. Blah blah.’ daph’s eyes were closing. Ok, I peeked.


Judging from the rustle, I could tell that cassie was making good on her plans to get cleaned up. What I wouldn’t do to…oh, but there cock went, straining against zipper at even the THOUGHT of watching her strip. Were they planning on including me? If so, how was I gonna conceal my stiffie?

‘I still smell of him.’


Sure enough, cassie DID still have my essence, as evidenced when she piled her clothes overtop of me. Well, perhaps this wasn’t such a bad thing. Having her jeans overtop of my crotch helped to mask my hard-on, at least temporarily.

…her casually – or was it artfully? – draped bra and panties over my FACE, now…oh shit I needed to pull out and stroke!

‘I think he’s playing possum.’


‘What’s that.’

It’s when someone pretends to be asleep, or whatever, when they’re really not.’

‘Hmm…’ daph was up on one elbow. ‘You ‘playing possum, Mister-Master Alex?’

I could hear the mirth in her smile.

‘I wonder if…’

And then there was a boob in my mouth.

‘Hey! You’re totally getting the jump on me!’

Well, given that I had a bra and panties covering my face, and now that a BOOB was stuffed in my mouth (cassie’s nipple was curiously hard), guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a peek. And, sure enough, as I suspected daph was now busily stripping down, seemingly in an effort to best her sister once again.

…was I having the time of my life?

‘Let’s just SEE, Mister Mister…’ daph said, now fully denuded; her nipples just as hard as cassie‘s tasted. Or so I sensed. Hands were upon my trousers; then the zipper was down and…

Wasn’t long before I was dragged…kicking and screaming…(well, work with me, bayboze) into the bathroom. By two lovely, and apparently VERY horny ladies.

With a cock, HARD and ready to burst. Did I mention that?

Of course, back to where I began, cock was now halfway down daph’s throat, and as balls were gripped at one end, cassie was dutifully sucking on asshole while parting my cheeks…with fingernails, digging. Geeze these girls…

Wasn’t long before wad was ready for release and, before you could say ‘Twins, Basil!’ I’d cum in daph’s face. She was quick – but not quick enough – to capture as much of my cum in her mouth – something I was kinda surprised that she’d do, but then I had my answer.

‘Hah! Got him again!’

‘Aww…no fair!’

daph stood, draping her arms over my shoulders and, judging from cassie’s whine, giving her sister a triumphant look of satisfaction over besting her, yet again. I could only assume, given that daph’s chin was digging into my shoulder, and cassie, too, had removed her face from my ass.

‘Better luck next time, sis?’

‘Maybe he has more in him. Let’s get him to bed!’

I suspected it was going to be a LONG night…

(…no complaints…)


e[lust] Fifty: yo.

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 8

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‘You stuffed him WHERE?’

‘In the trunk.’

‘Well, that explains why you insisted on putting our bags in the back seat.’


‘How’s he gonna breathe?’

Cassie smiled, manoeuvring around a truck to pass it as she and daphne sped in Cassie’s car toward the University

‘You didn’t seem quite as concerned about that when you first brought him home. Stealing my car in the process.’

daph paused, gripping her seat rest when cassie zoomed around another vehicle.

‘Crazy bitch driver! Ayeee! I SHOULD be behind the wheel!’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘One more turn like that and I’ll BE behind the wheel, but not intentionally.’


‘He’s fine. I left him with the rest of the tequila…I mean, he’s got liquid and…’

‘Where’d you get…you stole Papi’s booze?’

‘We’d almost finished it anyway. Big whup.’

‘Apart from the fact that you’re not old enough to drink…’

‘Nor are you…’

‘ANYWAY. You think he’s ok back there?’

‘Geeze you’re a fussy britches! Ok, already…we can check, if you’d like.’

‘I think that’d be best. He IS my Master, after all.’

‘*snort*. Yeah. Ok, daph. What EVER.’

Pulling off the highway, cassie found a quiet side street and parked. Both girls exited the car, and cassie popped the trunk.

Alex blinked up at them, squinting.

‘Hey. You ok in there.’ cassie winked and smiled, having echoed what she’d asked him earlier.

Alex only smiled with his eyes. Or it LOOKED like a smile. At any rate.

daph rocked on the balls of her feet.

‘Nice use of…MY cuffs.’

She sounded both impressed and chuffed.

‘I thought so.’

cassie didn’t take the bait.

‘Ball gag a bit much?’

‘Ya think?’

‘Might’ve given him something…else to wear…are those my panties?’

‘We were in a hurry?’

‘Not so much of a hurry to find…MY fave bra!’

‘But he looked so GOOD in it!’

‘Nice rope work on his ankles. How’d you manage…?’

‘…he was drunk?’

‘Would have to have been. Pissed to the gills, I’d say…did he wet himself?’

‘Looks like…no, wait.’

cassie pulled Alex’s panties down.

‘Nope. Cum.’

‘Eww! My poor panties…he’s still hard, though. Wanna see if…?’

cassie’s eyes widened at her sister, then back at Alex’s stiff cock.


Yeah, THAT was playing it cool. MmmHmm…

daph’s smile was a wry one.

‘You know.’

cassie’s quim started twitching at the very thought of uttering the words.

‘Suck? Fuck? He’s not in a very comfortable position to do either, really.’

‘Let’s take him over to the grass under those trees, then.’

NOW cassie’s clit was humming!

‘But…what if someone sees us?’

‘Shh! No one’s around…we’ll be fine!’ daph exclaimed. ‘C’mon…grab his legs!’

Heaving Alex out of the trunk, it was a wonder he was still unconscious – assuming he was, that is. Once on the grass, daph slipped up her skirt to reveal her undie-less state.

‘What? Alex is already my fave panties!’ daph said when cassie stared at her sister’s gradual denudement. ‘You waiting for Christmas? Dibs!’

Climbing over Alex’s groin and raising his cock upright, daph sighed as his mushroom head slipped in followed by shaft. She began rocking and pinching her nips as cassie also stripped down. Pausing to consider, she decided to see if Alex’s tongue was in any whys useable. Nestling over his face, cassie gyrated and pulled her lips apart.


‘Wha…something….aah…wrong, sis?’ daph asked, her cheeks slapping against Alex’s balls and his cock straight up her slit.

‘MY end doesn’t seem to be working so good.’

‘Luck of…thaaaaa…drawwwwww…sissy…’


But no matter how much she gyrated on Alex’s face…nuttin’. Nada. No cigar; no tongue.


The same could not be said of daphne.

‘Aww…did he? Did YOU?’

Pausing in the suspended animation of ‘le petit mort’, daph’s eyes were closed.

‘I did…

Don’t think he did, though,’ Daphne said, climbing off Alex’s still hard cock and letting it slap against his torso.

‘I want!’ Shoving daph aside, cassie hopped on, backwards, Alex’s now sisterly-slick cock. Bouncing up and down, what really turned cassie on was watching daphne play with her nipples as she watched Alex’s cock sliding in and out of her sister’s cunt. As cassie’s gyrations increased, daph slipped a finger inside her own quim. Soon she was matching the number of times cassie humped Alex with her index finger until…


‘Think I got some,’ cassie exclaimed, gripping her tits as she pumped a few extra times.

‘Did not! Let’s see!’ daph was unimpressed.

‘Ha. Looks like MY juices, sis…’

‘Well, you’d know. Wouldn’t you. Maybe we should continue on our way?’

‘Yeah. I guess.’

‘C’mon. Let’s bundle up ‘The Dom’ and get moving…’


e[lust] e-dition forty-nine

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cheekyminx Photo courtesy of Love Hate Sex Cake

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part Seven

Posted August 4, 2013 by phlye
Categories: bdsm, dark thoughts, erotica, sex

Copyright 2013 M2B


‘Hey. You ok in there?’

The doors of the closet opened and there Daph’s sister stood, staring down at me wearing only a towel and a wry smile.

‘Been better,’ I replied, un-cramping my legs from a squatting position and slowly standing up.

‘Whoa there, big fellah,’ cassie said, grasping my arm and helping me out of the closet. ‘Don’t want to bruise anything, huh.’

‘Where’s daph.’ I’d been dozing, and only gradually awakened to the realization that I was even more poorly attired than cass.

‘Talking with my folks. We’re gearing up to head to University tomorrow, so…yeah. Umm…what were your plans with her supposed to be, exactly?’

‘You mean, before the police and before meeting you and everything.’

‘Yeah. Like that.’

‘Well, I guess I would’ve accompanied daph to school. Think I could trouble you for a glass of water or something? Kinda parched after being in the closet and all.’

‘I’ll see what I can do. Don’t go anywhere.’


I didn’t miss the chance to check out Cassie’s behind when she exited daph’s room, her towel barely covering her beautifully prodigious ass. As I was starting to harden again, I thought it best to tuck in again under daph’s bedsheets, at least until cassie returned and a better plan was formulated.

Returning in only a minute with a bottle in hand, cassie smiled again, still wearing only the towel as she quietly shut the door behind her.

‘Tequila is all I could find without interrupting my parents and daph,’ she said, wasting no time slipping out of her towel and joining me under the sheets. ‘Sorry. No glasses. Swig?’


Boner was on FULL alert with cassie’s naked thigh brushing against mine. I took the bottle from her and had a sip, trying not to choke.

‘It’s a…bit…strong. Like Papa likes it.’

‘It’s…ok…’ I said, swallowing and passing the bottle back to cassie. ‘Your turn.’

Wiping the rim of the bottle, Cassie batted her eyes and took…a much bigger swig than me. Then, in a move I really shouldn’t have been surprised to see, she dabbed some tequila on her index finger. She then proceeded to rub her dampened finger around her puckered aureoles.

‘Your turn,’ Cassie said, setting the bottle down upon daph’s night stand.

…who was I to argue?

Taking Cassies’ shoulders in hand, I lowered my mouth to her left breast. Extending my tongue, I rotated it around her nipple. Cassie closed her eyes and held her breath while clenching her legs, and her hand automatically reached for my cock. As I gobbled more and more of her tit into my mouth, she began stroking up and down my shaft.

‘I really need to finish packing,’ she gasped. ‘Owww!’ she moaned when I increased the pressure of my teeth around her boob. Gripping her other breast in my hand, I squeezed – almost as hard as she was on my cock. While visions of running my tongue from cunt to crack caused my own cheeks to clench, I felt my balls gearing up for geyser.

‘First things…aah…FIRST…’ I exclaimed, releasing the pressure from inside my sack onto her fingers and all over her tum.

‘Aah…ahh…hey! No fair!’ Cassie exclaimed. ‘No orgasm for me?’

Gripping her hair and thrusting my tongue deeply inside her mouth, upon release I smiled.

‘You said you needed to get ready.’

‘Maybe later then?’ Cassie pouted. Looking down at her tits, her eyes widened.

‘So this is what you like doing.’ she said, admiring the teeth and fingernail marks.

‘That…is what I like doing. Pretty much.’

‘You’re gonna be fun to have around while daph and I try to focus on school work.’

‘Still planning on taking me with you, are you.’

Cassie smiled and pulled back the sheets. ‘You prefer the police come and get you, don’t be shy.’

‘No, no…I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be a menage-a-tois, is all.’

‘You’re not the only one. Guess we’ll need to stop by your hotel to pick up your things, too, huh.’

‘That’d be good.’

Going on all fours, Cassie winked at me. ‘Either eat it or fuck it. Before we go.’

‘Or the consequences, I’m guessing, will be dire.’

‘The police are on speed-dial.’

‘Why am I not surprised,’ I said, going on my knees behind Cassie and spreading her cheeks between my fingers.

e[lust] 48…fete!

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Icarus Photo courtesy of It Girl Rag Doll

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Lolita Twenty-Thirteen, Part 6

Posted July 6, 2013 by phlye
Categories: bdsm, D/s, erotica, sex

Copyright 2013 M2B


While Alex cowered – and rightfully so – inside my closet, cassie peered through a crack in the Venetian blinds. As for me, I couldn’t help pressing the fabric covering my mound into my slit while staring at cassie’s luscious, naked ass. How long had it been?

TOO long.

…but now, she was sullied with HIM: His cum; His kisses…HIS body odor…

It was enough to make a subby half-sister jealous.

And aroused. And…possessive?


If it weren’t for the fact that I, too, was also covered in his scent; HIS cum, mingling with the juices that oozed from my cunt and made the silk of my crimson dress even messier…I might even be downright…angry. *Damn* I needed a shower!

…but how could I be seriously angry at my beautiful little sister? Especially when the feelings coursing through me were so…ohm…mmm…

Un-platonic. Decidedly. Whether we had the same daddy or not.

Didn’t mean I couldn’t use the situation to my advantage, however.

‘Well, are they coming or what.’

‘They’re just standing outside, by the car. Talking. With a policeman who I guess escorted them home.’

Cassie’s free hand – the one not holding open the blinds – was down below, much like mine. And, though she was facing away, I had a pretty good idea where her fingers were situated.

Reaching behind my back, I unzipped my dress. Already my stiff nipples felt like a shock ran through them as the air rushed around me, much like my cunt…ooh! Did I just ‘say’ that?…and…CLIT!…and my dress slipped to the floor.

‘You stink.’ But goose flesh appeared on the back of Cassie’s arms as I approached, placed my hands on her shoulders, and pressed my mound into her butt.

‘We BOTH stink. Of HIM.’

‘ssss…’ Cassie hissed, closing here eyes. ‘Wonder what he’s thinking, staring at us behind the slats of your closet doors.’

‘Doing his times-tables, I imagine.’ I pressed my lips into Cassie’s shoulders.

Cassie started. ‘Whaa…?’

‘Never mind. What do you *think* he’s thinking about.’

‘The sight of two beautiful sisters touching each other?’

‘Yeah. Maybe.’

MAN Cass had soft boobies. Mmm…boobies! But, it’s true. Mine were…ARE…nice, but…hers?


Cassie turned, eyes wide at my nakedness, but hesitating only briefly before wrapping her arms around my waist.

‘Mom and Dad…’

‘Shhh…’ cassie always closed her eyes when we kissed, but I never did. Our nipples pressed together as our tongues met, and I was reminded that my body wasn’t the only thing that hadn’t had a good cleaning in a day or so.

‘You…*taste*…like him, too!’

‘Shut up and kiss me – oh, fuck – they’re heading inside! Quick!’

Taking Cassie by the hand and heading for the door, we both bound – buck-naked – for the bathroom. ‘High time’ – literally – and it was all I could think of to do, at any rate.

Slipping inside, closing and locking the door, I whispered to Cassie. ‘Get the shower started!’

Needing no further encouragement, soon the room was filling with steam after Cassie turned the taps and adjusted the temperature.


And I was right behind her. With Cassie, directly under the spray and my arms on her hips, I tried to tamp down the urge to go on my knees and spread her cheeks. At least until we were both a little freer of Alex’s scent, at any rate…

‘Mmm…shhh!’ Cassie said, as much to herself as anyone else.

‘I got this, baby girl.’ Reaching for the shampoo, I poured some in my hand. Setting the bottle down, I rubbed my hands together as Cassie bent under the shower head, getting her hair nice and wet. Her cheeks pressed against my mound, this time seemingly intentionally but, again, I chose to ignore the fucking FIRE that seeped from my swollen lips so I could focus on lathering her hair.

‘Bend into me, darlin,’ I said, wrapping my arms under Cassie’s and pulling her closer. She leaned her head into my shoulders as I lathered, her eyes, once again, closed – and fluttering. I smiled; my heart pounded; I was breathless, kneading her scalp…

Probably should’ve brushed my teeth first. Oh well; might as well enjoy the moment…

‘Cassie? Daphne?’

Shit. Mom.

‘shh!’ I whispered. ‘Just say it’s you,’ I mouthed to cassie’s look of terror.

‘It’s…it’s just me, Mom.’

‘Where’s Daphne?’

‘I duno…she’s home? I haven’t seen her…aah…’

Probably not the best time to stick my fingers inside Cassie’s twat.

Probably not.


But I did, anyway.

‘…you ok in there, love?’

‘I’m…aahh…(*stop it*!),’ Cassie whispered as my fingers pressed further inward, ‘I’m ok…I’ll be out soon!’

‘I’ll go make us some lunch, then. And when you see daphne, I want to talk to her!’

‘Okahhhhhh…! Mom…’

I was on my knees now, my fingers out of cassies’ cunt…and *parting* her cheeks.

‘Jesus, Sis…Oh…no…don’t…aah…’

But…I did. Licking around the periphery…gently grazing rose before PRODDING…gripping her cheeks and then DIGGING in with my fingernails…


Shampoo that hadn’t already washed away had seeped down Cassie’s forehead and into her eyes. THAT would sting…when she opened her eyes, at any rate…meantime, her hands pressed against the shower wall, just under the spray that continued to anoint us…

…a shudder, rocking around my hands, mouth and tongue…and Cass buckled. Drawing her down onto me, I continued to lick, nibble, and CHEW her ass as it enveloped my face. It was all Cass could do to steady herself on the sides of the tub, but her shuddering continued, until we both felt another of her orgasms rock the both of us…

And, with that – in fact, without any other stimulus – I, too, came, my clit, a little cock pushing out from my slick mound. I spasmed, gripping cass all-the tighter and thinking about that rat-bastard Alex’s cock, rammed STRAIGHT up my asshole…



‘Damn! My EYES!’

I smiled, directing Cassie’s face into the shower spray…

‘DAPH!’ cassie gurgled and sputtered…a *little* louder than I would’ve liked…

e[lust] Forty-Seven: Heaven on a cracker…

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