Roleplay (outside of the ‘comfort zone’)

We meet as strangers
In a dark and smellydamp alley

‘Daddy,’ you say but before you’re
Able to utter another syllable I
Press my index to your lips

‘Shhh, bebe: this is ‘role play’,
Remember? Now, unbutton that
Trench coat…I want to see just
Exactly what ima ‘about to defile
Before so doing’

And, though you’re shivering
You do as asked, revealing
Your recently pierced nipples
I take my hard cock out of my

Pants and begin stroking, just
Admiring you and I can see that
You’re blushing which, naturally
Makes me throb all the more

‘Take it…hold it…squeeze…’ I
Command and you comply
You’re emitting short little gasps
While I begin caressing your
Shoulders, allowing the coat

To drop at your feet…pressing
You back against the cold, hard
Brick your shivering intensifies
Cock is now against your slick
And swollen mound as I lock

My mouth on yours ‘you’re
Mine,’ I snarl, attempting to
Strike fear in you and I think
It’s effective ‘Daddy…’ you
Repeat, breaking from the

Game but I’ll allow it ‘yes, bebe’
I reply ‘ru gonna fuck my cunt
Or asshole’ you ask around my
Tongue I’m squeezing your tits
Now and you’ve positioned my

Cock under your quim ‘maybe
Both – if you’re lucky…and we
Aren’t caught and arrested by
The police…’ you moan, this
Time out of fear or anxiety, I

Suspect ‘turn around,’ I say
And, parting your cheeks, I
Slide inside your pre-greased
Asshole ‘Yesss!’ You exclaim
‘Fuck me…please, Daa…’ ‘uhh..
Uhh…’ I admonish but not too

Sternly: I am rather distracted
Now at the feel of your poop
Chute…your face smushed
Against the cold brick along
With your naked tits and it’s

Not long before your bumhole
Is fully anointed …pulling out I
Slide straight up your cheeks
And then, turning you around
Roughly I lift you and you wrap

Your legs over my hips whereupon
Cock slips inside cunt and my
Reaming continues ‘who’s a
Slut?’ I snarl ‘I am, Daddy’

‘Who owns you’ ‘you do, Daa’

Who knows where it comes
From but I fill you, again and
Once we finally disentangle I
Collect your trench coat and

When you’re securely ensconced
Once again, we walk, hand in
Hand back to the car…

‘Ice cream?’ I ask as we buckle
In ‘yes, Daddy!’ And we’re off
To rejoin the outside world once
More – however temporarily


Tutti Fruity (o Daddy)
Copyright 2017 M2B

*disclaimer: this is a work of fiction; all parties are at the age of consent

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